RIP Feroze Khan

I woke up to the news of Feroz Khan’s passing away. And my day turned dark…

I wasn’t a huge fan. I found Vinod Khanna much hotter – but Feroz Khan had style like no one did. Not the Big B, not Dharmendra, no one. But I had a very girly crush.

Yes, I know he was too old for me alreadyΒ  – hell – I just realised he was 75 when he passed away – but he was exactly the kind of guy to sweep a girl off her feet. Fast cars, good comebacks, sexy horses, the guitar, the style….

He walked on and filled up the screen with his presence. And now his son can’t fill his shoes. Actually other than Hrithik I don’t know any star son who is filling his father’s rather ample shoes.

I leave you with a song that was special to me because he was in it, I loved singing it and sang it darn well and even had someone strum it for me just that way…. Enjoy. Don’t you just love the words? Har kisi ko nahin milta…. yahan pyaar, zindagi mein…

RIP Feroz Khan. You’ve had a place in Hindi cinema no one will ever fill….

So tell me – what was your favourite Feroz Khan movie/song. I feel like reliving all of that today…


32 thoughts on “RIP Feroze Khan

  1. Errr…Slight correction, he was 69 to be precise, not 75. Yes, Fardeen has not filled up his dad’s shoes, but he certainly doesn’t lack in style.

    Me: well i liked him at some point.. but he’s already looking all jowly and old and the err.. illegal substances are telling on his face.

  2. Hmm…interesting, the amount of blog-love shown to FK…he never stood out in my memories of older film stars…He was fairly well known in B’lore, and I went to school with someone related to him – all that seems to stick is his fashion sense (which falls into YIKES territory for me) – fav movies – Oh Qurbani of course.


  3. I liked his style and the movies he directed. The others never did justice to him.

    Still remember listening to *all* the songs of Jaanbaaz in the night at hostel’s balcony on my walkman after smoking some bhaang from the chillum….

    Me: Yes πŸ™‚ thats prolly the best way to listen to his music….

  4. My favorite is ‘Kya khoob lagti ho, badi sundar dikhti ho’. And of course ‘Aap jaisa koi’ is great too. I did not have crush on him, but thought he was underrated artist in Bollywood.

    I loved Shashi Kapoor far better than, until he bloated up like a balloon.

    Me: oh yes – he was terribly good looking. so was Vinod Khanna. FK was only stylish – not the best looking.

  5. Even death is an opportunity to squeeze out a post. Good good. You didn’t write that his death was an end of an era?

    Me: an opportunity to ‘squeeze out a post’…. what does that mean? celeb deaths usually see a spate of tributes and recognitions…..

  6. i admired Sanjay Khan more than FK but two of his songs “kya dekhte ho” from the movie Qurbani and “jo tumko ho pasand wahi baat kahenge” have me my old favs other than ofcourse “har kisi ko”. his death came as a shock.. a realization that we are getting older.

    Me: Am I the only person who hasnt heard of Jo Tumko Ho Pasand?

  7. it was sad news indeed.
    I mean he wasn’t the best actor, but he had some serious style! and truly an icon.

    apart from ‘Har kisi ko’ and ‘Jab jab teri soorat’ from Janbaaz,
    I really like ‘Hojata hai kaise pyaar’ from Yalgaar!

    Rest in Peace FK.

  8. I think Fardeen Khan is a very good looking guy but anyone who you has seen the father and son together can never say Fardeen matches up to his Dad even in style. Feroze Khan, without a perfect physique and with a bald head, had oodles of style!

    Me: you know, it wasnt so much his looks (Fardeen’s) as his self assurance. I think it came from being a star kid. A sense of entitlement that us nobodies cant and wouldnt aspire to…

  9. The one song I’ll always remember him for is ‘Aakhir tumhe aana hain’ from ‘Yalgaar’ starring Sanay Dutt & Nagma.
    I was a piddly 8 year old when that movie released & watched it home on “cable TV” (unsupervised of course! πŸ˜‰ ) & remember being completely bowled over by Sanjay Dutt’s charm. He was smokin hot then & that song definitely figures in my top 10 all-time bollywood sensuous numbers.

    RIP Feroze Khan. (Greatbong also has a lovely post on him)

  10. Feroze Khan was the original. Fardeen unfortunately is a faded xerox of his father. He just doesn’t have the same charisma and I don’t quite think he;s got all that great a sense of style.

    My fav FK (Senior) song is ‘Laila mein laila’ from Qurbani though I don’ think he was in this song. My mom says we’d gone to some resteraunt where this song was playing when I was about the Bean’s age and had started dancing to it and everyone had watched me and then clapped when i was done πŸ™‚

  11. I saw the news in ‘Bangalore mirror’,none of the English news channels had anything on him in the morning. There were some references in the entertainment news- but very little. I remember that he used to come sozzled to award ceremonies and we laughed at his acceptance speeches. Now I know that he was very ill and I am sorry for my insensitive behaviour…true, har kisi ko nahin milta yahan pyar zindegi mein… I liked Qurbani and the song many have mentioned from Reshma aur shera. He was a style ikon before the concept became commonplace in the Indian entertainment industry…he was always well turned out…I like that about him. I do hope his pet project (remake of qurbani) sees the light of day. Here is a chance for son Fardeen to prove himself, a good storyline is ready here, all he has to do is get a good director who understands his father’s sensibility.

  12. so true of him…his style remains unmatched even now!!!
    fardeen is not even near him…
    i loved janbaaz, qurbani.

  13. Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we had shoulders, smooth as raven’s claws…

    Me: no more money, no more fancy dress… πŸ˜€ I see a morrison fan!

  14. ‘Jo tumko ho pasand’ (safar) is one and ‘dil ki girah khol do’ (raat aur din) is another..
    As it seems I am quite a sucker of music of the 50’s and 60’s. πŸ™‚

  15. Delurking here for the first time and I can’t believe that it is not the countless beautiful and impressive posts (which I religiously devour and appreciate) that made me do that, but this one comment about ‘squeezing in a post’! I can’t stop myself from wanting to ‘squeeze’ the necks of such judgemental people.

    That apart – I have to let you know this blog is the first thing that I open when I reach home after a long tiring day, here in the UK. Compliments to the author and the lovely, mad family!

    Me: why thank you πŸ™‚ on the brighter side – it did make you delurk so its totally worth it!! I guess what people dont realise is that this blog is just a place I come home every evening to write. I dont claim to be writing literature. its..well, its home for me. a place i can just write and be myself without trying to achieve anything.

  16. Qurbani and Aap jaisa Koi of course…
    And when I was a wee itty bitty thing I used to sing “aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye, to BAAP banjaaye ;-P”
    I couldn’t believe when I saw the article about his death yesterday…I felt sad. He had a sense of style, years ago he could explain through his song Pyaar Do, Pyaar Lo what tripping could feel like…remember the eggs exploding against the sky??

    Me: yep – for non-druggies like me its an amazing video. i still wonder what it would be like but its an amazing shot he gave…

  17. I was just going through the comments…HMM Mr. Squeeze Out a Post – is he a regular? Is he one of them infamous trolls??

    Me: I have no idea and I gave him benefit of doubt. it made me laugh because so many of us loved him and feel the loss – great bong and amrita too ‘squeezed’ posts out of the death. i dont mind being in such august company!

  18. Hritik’s father was not really a star. I say he created his own shoes πŸ™‚ What you say about Fardeen Khan is so true.

    (I am getting more votes for you btw. Its one per machine, I use 4 regularly for myself πŸ˜€ )

    Me: That too – although i didnt start out liking him.i admire that man for making me like him because that aint an easy job!

  19. How do you listen to Aap Jaisa Koi without getting a massive attack of goosies?

    Shiny, shimmery, luverly Zeenu darrlink. Nobody does it better.

    Freoz’s ishtyle will always be fondly remembered.

    Me: I was the aap jaisa koi girl all through college 😦 damn i’m old!! And yes – nobody does it better than Zeenie baby

  20. i thought he was super in Qurbani- especially the title song and Hum tumhe chahteay hain aisay (zeenat amaan lookin smokinnn) . His later life stuff made me feel he had turned a bit sleazy so I stick to that character of him and block out the rest. god i loved that film πŸ™‚

  21. aaarghh i meant kiya dekhtey ho form qurbani- hum tumhay chahtey is vinod khanna (who would have been my choice in the movie!) hence the sublimnal move to him…

  22. I had a twist your gut kind of a crush on a Feroz Khan lookalike, so yes, I’m in a sort of mourning…

    And yes, he was damn smoking hot. Fardeen’s not a patch. Like Sunny and Bobby, and Akshaye and Rahul. The fathers are all originals.

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  24. He was india’s Clint Eastwood. Apart from the films directed by him I throughly enjoyed Khote Sikkey where he sang Jeevan Mein tu darna nahin. Whenever you talk of style and glamour quotient nobody can beat FK.

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