I need you guys to vote!!

Hello all of you. I’ve participated in this contest over at the Indus Ladies site and considering the number of hits I get, I have very few votes! Do go over and vote for me. Because as of now I seem to be losing to a blogger I must admit I have never heard of!

So please – all of you who enjoy this blogΒ  – even those of you who don’t like me but must come here for your dose of controversy πŸ˜‰ this would be a good time to pay me back for the entertainment! Pass on the word and get others to vote for my post too. Polling is open until the 4th of May – so go, go, go!!!!

And on that shameless note of campaigning – I leave you with the list of other entries. Enjoy.

Edited to add: And for all of you who thought it was unfair of me to suspect another participant – well, its sad that you thought I’d do something unfair despite having read me for so long. Here the organisers have discovered and banned the participant and given an apology. I rest my case.


60 thoughts on “I need you guys to vote!!

  1. that site lets people vote multiple times… u think shes sitting there clicking way every second?
    just asking!

    Me: πŸ™‚ I cant comment on that. But I must admit to being surprised at a relatively unknown blogger and a post that doesnt really inspire me being so far ahead in numbers. I really thought Tharini would give me stiff competition – and her post is just lovely. I voted for her.

  2. done. but the poll application is really dumb! this is not a fair voting platform yaar, this is just a clickfest!! everyone can sit at home and keep voting away to glory and test their clicking strengths.

    Me: I agree – its very unfair 😦

  3. Hey MM,

    Came across your thebratbeanandthebedlam blog a few months ago and landed here. Have been a lurker all these days, decided to delurk today.
    Love your posts and being a working mother of two i can identify with most of the stuff you write. Just went into indusladies and voted, seen the poll results so far..no..you are not a losing blogger πŸ˜‰ you seem to be quite close to the first position and we still have 6 more days to go..am sure you will get lot many votes. Good luck!! Once again great blog…

  4. … and welll it doesn’t let you vote twice…. says we have already counted your vote@@@

    Me: thats strange. some people say they are voting more than once. and some say they cant. must be some cookie thingummy (damn! I hate displaying my ignorance!)

  5. MM,
    have voted for you. I enjoy your blog. First thing in the morning, even before I check my mails, I check your blog. (I have voted for Tharini also.. couldn’t chose between the two of you.. so voted for both πŸ™‚

  6. My my! Loving the competitive, pluggin’ MM:-)

    Me: of course – if I win – I buy a new fridge, chill some beer and offer you a mug. is that good enough incentive?
    Voted. And the some. Its a small price to pay for the entertainment:-)

    The blogger heading the polls lost my vote with this gem:
    “Because a woman is never complete until she become a mother. When she becomes mother of her own child, she is a complete woman…”
    *searching frantically for punching bag*

    Me: *points in the direction of the voting software that allowed things to reach such a pass where the writers of such gems reach the top*

  7. i’ve voted for tharini already…can i vote for more posts that i like?

    once i realised that the clicks determine the winner, it sort of defeated the purpose… 😦

    u seem close…all the best

    Me: 😦 yes – that depressed me.

  8. Eh it lets you vote twice, and i did vote for you and parul. Even checked out the aunty who seems to be winning and emm…err… ok let me not be mean lest the stars decide to take my case!!!

    *scurries off to vote again*

  9. voted twice πŸ™‚
    dont mean to be mean πŸ˜› but wasnt able to read the winning post beyond the first para

  10. I voted for Tharini too. Loved her post. And also, I just saw which post you had submitted. I cried when I read that post of yours in your blog, what with having 2 Annas. Since they wouldn’t accept my 2nd vote, I made Shanku and Amma to vote for you. Ok? πŸ™‚

  11. Done.
    The vote counting works fine actually.
    It just lets you vote any number of times, but has a message right at the top of the page which says – “Thank you, we have already counted your vote.”
    I guess the counting depends on the IP address or something.
    Anyways, All the Best MM.

  12. Agree with a commenter(s) above..its a click fest AND I couldn’t really finish reading the so called “winning” blog entry….

  13. This is maddening…. I admit I’ve not read all (only familiar bloggers) & the top 2 for me were you & Parul. My vote finally went to you & I was mortified to see β€˜the other one’ being a cool 200 votes ahead of you. Maddening , I said in the beginning, because I feel the voting system is flawed. One can vote multiple # of times & so mighty easy to sit one’s ass in front on the PC & rake in a million votes,huh? And I can see exactly that happening on the scene right now.

    Sorry to say this, but the contest & the judging system is clearly not doing justice to all the lovely entries 😦

  14. Dear MM,

    I have been a regular lurker on your blog. I landed on your thebratbeanandthebedlam blog long back and have been a regular reader since. I love the brat and bean to bits now!! πŸ™‚

    I just voted for you and am hoping you win πŸ™‚

    Good luck dear.

  15. I voted twice. Okay the leading entry right now, I could just read the first para and had to close it. Never heard of her either.
    Arghhh.. What is the prize?
    And Happy Belated Anniv πŸ™‚

  16. I voted for you twice and when I went in again to vote a third time, I saw the msg on the top about one vote being counted only once. So may be it was there the second time as well, I just didn’t see it.

  17. I voted for you twice yesterday and a couple of times today. Bas ya aur vote karoon πŸ˜‰

    As pointed out already, this doesn’t seem like a fair competition.

    I hope you win anyways MM! πŸ™‚

  18. Dear MM,

    I declare here and now that you are the greatest momma blogger, greatest blogger, greatest whatever you wanna be. Khatam.

    Who cares for votes?

    btw, i voted for u long back. πŸ™‚

  19. voted for you..i normally dont until i gather all facts, in other words, have read the other posts…but i did…why? because i am partial and there’s no harm in that considering the person i voted for highly deserves to win!

    i am justifying my actions…:-)))

    when you win, you better open a bottle of champagne and drink some for me as well…no OJ’s for me-thank you!

  20. The voting thing is fine MM- although it seems like it is letting you vote multiple times – it doesn’t count your vote more than once( the numbers don’t change.

    Me: no yaar – I think they organisers have finally stopped allowing it now. changed something in the voting. too late though – those who had to cheat are already miles ahead 😦 unless my 4000 hits a day readers pull up their socks, I am doomed!

  21. vote to daal diya hei..lekin chai abhi tak nahi mili hei 😦

    Me: arre jeetne toh dijiye! phir chai kya, champagne pilaenge !

  22. voted for you….some entries there are really good and some just left me with a bad taste in the mouth!

    What is with that entry where “low caste person fell at my feet because my son tutored him and helped him get his degree”….would the sentiment be lost if it was just classmate instead of “low caste person”??

    ME: wow – send me the link. i havent read that one!

  23. MM,

    Just wanted to let you know that this website lets you vote for the same person from the same computer multiple times…I just voted for you twice, to prove that it works that way!;)

    Btw, am delurking after a long time…the reason, I’m now a mother to a 2 month old daughter.. But I have still been reading regulary.. I wish you hadn’t closed down your archives..I wanted to read what you wrote about brat and bean when they were just born!

  24. Okay I’ll be honest – when i read the comments and ur replies to them, i thought it was pretty unfair to the leading post, and that it wasnt too cool to imply that the votes for that post were any less genuine that the votes for u or other more popular blogs.

    but then, after reading the leading post, i see light. no offence to the author, but it sounds more like an essay on mothers day (and not the most brilliant one, at that) than a woman’s account of what she likes in being a mom.

    Liked ur post, and a few others. All the best!!

    Me: yeah – I’m not a sour loser – but I refuse to be defeated unfairly. Let a great bong or amit verma win and I’ll not bat an eyelid – but nobody reads that winning blog, there seem to be no comments… it just seemed suspicious. and as i watched – within seconds the numbers went spiralling up. havent been blogging so long only to be taken for a fool πŸ™‚

    but thanks so much for the vote.

  25. Done, multiple times. As an aside, tho’, if you don’t mind me saying – In reference to your response to comment # 10, for a person whose bread and butter is not technology related, you seem quite “with it” and very competent. Stop dissing yourself πŸ™‚

  26. i completely agree with stu. i read your post and comment and thought, well thats not a good thing to say. but the winning post is :O, well, enuf said. i think it is completely fair that you and the other wonderful writers are fair in thinking that something is suspicious

  27. Voted for u! Wish u luck! The part about “getting your daily dose of entertainment / controversy” really worked πŸ™‚

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