Santoor santoor

Isn’t it funny how mothers always smell good? And look good?

Now that I am an adult, I realise how hard my mother was probably working – but all my memories are of her looking well put together, slender, sexy and elegant. Smelling of Ponds talcum powder and a jasmine perfume. Even as an adult I love hugging her and smelling the mama smell.

A few days ago the OA and I were working late and sent the kids to the park to play with the maids. We finished earlier than expected and exchanged an excited look – ‘Lets go catch them at the park…’

And so we drove off – only to realise that they weren’t at that one. Probably the other larger one, we thought and rushed there…. only to see that they were done, had piled into the car and were heading home. Now home is barely 4-5 minutes away so we could have just followed them back. But it seemed like a matter of life and death to see them right then and the OA was probably in agreement because he looked around, assessed the quiet road and stepped on the gas. We shot ahead and filmy style came to stop ahead of them.

The driver who had seen and recognised us in the rear view mirror grinned and had stopped. The kids too dazed to realise what was happening because I was out of the door before the OA had brought the car to a complete halt and was rushing to them.

As I got out I stopped for a second because my face was shiny, my greasy hair tied back into a ponytail for work and my linen shirt crushed beyond repair after a day at work. My poor kids deserve a nice Santoor mommy I thought…

But the thought didn’t go much further because the kids were in my arms, clambering all over me like puppies, talking at the same time, and as dirty and piggish as they could be! I was noisy, the OA was trying to get an arm in and join the huddle and we were doing all this in the middle of the damn road – which fortunately was still empty and quiet!

And then the Brat settled in and tucked a content face into my neck and I realised that he didn’t realise I was hot, sweaty and dirty. To him, I was as sweet smelling and smiley faced as always.

Even as I type this I wonder what the point of this post is. There is none really. It’s just to put down in words a very happy 20 seconds that I had, a few days ago. Just to give me an upper on days that I need it….


44 thoughts on “Santoor santoor

  1. Lovely post….!! And those damn santoor moms look like all they do is sit in AC’ed spaces, drive around in limos & never, ever are exposed to sun, dirt, grime etc. And to think they AREN’T EVEN moms(the ones in ads I mean), just some top-notch model. Bah! I totally get the point of your post πŸ™‚ Mommies smell nice. always.Period.

    And Happy Wedding anniversary to you and OA πŸ™‚ Is this the first time you’ve put up such a clear pic of yours? You have lovely eyes – kohl lining and all. If you don’t mind, what brand of kaajal do you use? πŸ˜› I keep doing a survey of all the non-smudgy ones because mine smudges till it reaches my cheeks..!

    Me: Oh I keep putting bits and pieces of pics. I use a variety of kajals – and I used to use Biotique alot – but now I use those twist up Loreal pencils.

    PS: Anniv is on the 25th – not today πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely post MM! Love the header and the pic on the post. You look great! And u have a mirror on your balcony wall? It looks so good….like an extension of the hall or something πŸ™‚

  3. Hey!! Congrats abt the anniversary! Hope you have many more such wonderful years ahead. I must say both of you look good πŸ™‚

  4. hey congratulations for all those years of love and togetherness πŸ™‚ i hvnt read anything of this post yet but here to tell u that the header pic is too too good!! lovely garden and is tha a mirror there? nice…

  5. jia too would bury his face in my neck when i would be carrying him. and tuck it in to my armpit when sleeping.

    now he is taller than me. and to comfort me when i howled after the loss of someone very special – he says now you tuck your face in to my neck.

    the lord taketh away. and giveth too.

  6. yup πŸ™‚ its the stuff memories r made of πŸ™‚

    jus remembered my mom on an ordinary day full of tasks, waiting for us smiling at the door as i brought in a horde of friends home without warning πŸ™‚

    and my pleasure and pride at how sweet n wonderful mom looks any time of the day, anywhere πŸ™‚

  7. Forgot to wish you, πŸ™‚ Happy Anniversary…..and may God bless you with many more beautiful and wonderful decades ahead …

  8. see you are still doing it…doing the tukdo tikdo may ‘revealing’ your avtaar to us (earlier done in the birthday header)…very Midnight’s Children…the interactions between Aadam and Naseem!!

  9. Forgot to wish you, Happy Anniversary…..and may God bless you both with many more beautiful and wonderful decades ahead …

  10. mine walks into the house and says, “wow, mumma is cooking mutton.”

    if not santoor and all that is nice,
    let it be meat and spice!

    happy anniversary, tmm and oa!

  11. My mommy used Cuticura. Daddy used to smell of cigarettes and Old Spice, and baby sister would almost always smell of Johnson’s baby powder.

  12. hi sexy babe…you are one hot looking woman…stop whining about your looks. No more complaining… OK? :-). and yes i can tell by just a glimpse of your expressive eyes!

    that new header is absolutely stunning!

    happy anniv—in advance.

  13. What a heartwarming post!! All of yours are like that, but some more than others…and so completely relatable!!! And hey, happy Anniversary….

  14. Who was in which car?

    Also, I think shiny = gleaming. Shiney = man who looks surprisingly good for someone called ‘Shiney’.

    I remember your pics from last year’s wedding anniv. Ek saal ho gaya? The OA bought you a black and orange dress, if I’m not mistaken.

    Me: damn MW got me addicted to spell check

  15. Congratulations on the successful completion of 6 years of marriage. I am commenting again today to wish you and also to say thanks for revealing your picture. Ofcourse this is just a part of your face, but this one revealead more than the ones before ever had.

    On the mom’s odour, bang on. I had a working mom too and I can still remember her Nivea smell, though she only used it until we were probably 8 or so.

    That was a lovely reminder MM. Thank you.

  16. I’m trying to piece your face together from prior headers (no I didn’t save them, other than in the medula oblongata)! If I didn’t know you and saw you somewhere, I’d think you were a Bengali.
    I remember the way my mom used to smell, I used to watch her deftly wear her sarees and I’d offer to squirt her perfume on her wrists. That was my favorite part πŸ™‚

  17. when my in-laws were visiting us in the US, the entire 6 months, my FIL would wait in the balcony looking for hubby’s car.. and as soon as he spots it, he would wave in glee. His joy was so pure and heart warming. I guess parents never change πŸ™‚

    oh and he would also announce “M aa gaya!M aa gaya!!” like some VIP has made an entrance. This got popular among our friends that whenever we enter a party or someone’s place now, everyone shouts “M aa gaya! M aa gaya!” πŸ˜‰ Fun stuff!

  18. lovely,lovely post… mother’s smell is something i’m very nostalgic about.. i love how my mom smells and mind you she doesn’t use perfumes or deodorants but she smells like mummy. and that;s good enough for me.

  19. woah…. you 2 look awesome… can i seeti bajao at the OA? πŸ˜‰
    Happy anniversary, may there be many, many more..
    To the reader with the query on the kajal.. try Revlon for daily use – its the most smudge proof among the economical ones, and Body Shop and MAC among the more expensive ones.. πŸ™‚

  20. hey, congratulations on the 6 yrs together. You look a happy couple and may you always be that way. Beautiful eyes you have πŸ™‚ My kajal ALWAYS smudges. Within 10 minutes!!!! 😦

    Love the terracotta turtle and the mirror in the balcony. Pretty unusual. Whats the story behind it.

  21. You and the OA make a lovely couple!!! And you have beautiful eyes. Do you have any north eastern heritage,from what i can make out and guess your features are a mix of south indian and north!

    Me: Would bengali and garhwali count? πŸ™‚

  22. OOOH!! Nice salwar-kurta color combination – never thought of that one before. (as an aside – one of my pet peeves : why do bollywood movies or ads in India depict working women wearing pantsuits/skirt suits when almost every real working woman that I know wears either salwar-kameezes or saris to work??? )

    And yeah, happy anniversary to you!!


  23. Congrats on your anniversary.
    This shine in your eyes, the smile on his face!
    May you always stay this happy.

  24. wow! what a header pic re.
    regarding mommy-smell, one day, the monster told me that i smell like my nephew. since she adores the ground he walks on, i was all like happy and all. then i realised its because of my workout of the morning. the nephew is perpetually playing in the sun and sweating buckets, and so the connection. darn it.

  25. Lovely post. Mommy smell is something I totally relate to and as an adult still find comfort in.
    Congrats on the anniv.

  26. WOW! For the first time perhaps, I like your header more than anything else on the page. Many congratulations for 6 amazing years, and my best for many many more crazy and insanely romantic days!
    I know what Brat and Bean felt. I remember my Mom had come out of the kitchen, tired and sweaty. I was happy about something so I went and hugged her. She was like, “I’m sweaty and dirty and stinking, don’t snuggle up to me like that. Let me take a bath first.” She went to bathe, but I started thinking why I hadn’t found her sweaty or smelly or any of those things!

  27. cudnot read this post yesterday…so am putting my comments today….

    it was the “Brat who settled in and tucked a content face into your neck and …” and what we get is a pic of yrs with beanie?? u shud have posed with brat in the middle of that road only….

    yr foto reminded me of the nicely starched salwars u wore during those hot summer days when we were working together….brot back some lovely memories….take care

    Me: πŸ™‚ I still wear starched dupattas you know! and oh – now taant sarees too πŸ˜€

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