Goodnight moon – Mother’s Day Competition

Dear Brat and Bean,
This might seem like a non-post to you but something happened tonight that made me want to put it down for posterity immediately.

It was bedtime and I was singing you to sleep. Little legs kicked around in the semi dark, bright eyes looked out of the window at the bright moon and I mentally resigned myself to singing longer than usual tonight.

And then suddenly as I took a break and thought of the next lullabye – you, Brat took it upon yourself to sing to the Bean.

And as we lay there and listened, the Brat who hates to perform on demand, sang. He sang for his sister. And she listened. An entire lullabye, clearly, confidently – and smiling at his sister all the while and patting her.

And when it was over she clapped. And then patting him on the back said very approvingly, ‘Very good.’

And in the moonlit nursery, he smiled back at her. Satisfied to have sung for the sister he loves, seeking only her approval.

And then you, Bean tickled him under the neck and he giggled and then kissed you. And then he put his arm around you and you both settled down for the night. Wilting under mama’s stern ‘Go to sleep, you have to go to school…’ even though she was not fully convinced herself.

A lot of people doubt sibling love. Say it never lasts. Maybe it doesn’t. But hey – who said we’re doing this for the future. Each moment of what we put into it is repaid today.

Similarly – what you two share is amazing. And even if you grow up to grow apart (God forbid you should) – I hope you remember those nights of singing, laughing, tickling and trying to thwart mama’s attempts at putting you to sleep. I know I will. And if you forget – come back here for a reminder.

I love you both. So much. Individually for the little people you are growing into – as well as together for the love, the joy and the beauty I see in the relationship you share. There is so much that I love about motherhood, but you’ve just made it so special by showing me what it is to see your children love each other so generously….

Lots of love,

A very mushy mama who probably needs some sleep…..

PS: If you’re wondering what the lullabyes are, they range from rhymes to hymns, to Everly Brothers, to Zoheb Hasan to Massakkali (Yes Bean, it’s your Machakkali) to Nani teri morni…to Jack Johnson. I’m sorry if it leaves you guys a little warped. What can I say… I tried!

This blog post is an entry for the Indus Ladies, Mother’s Day Competition for bloggers. Go and vote for me here.


34 thoughts on “Goodnight moon – Mother’s Day Competition

  1. The only memories i have of times spent with my brother as kids, are fights, i dont have any blog that my mom kept, nor does she tells stories of us showing affection for each other, but still my brother is the most i miss about staying away from home…

    For brat and bean, I dont think , with a mother like you, they can ever grow apart… 🙂

  2. Awwww, MM. It’s amazing the love I feel when I sometimes step away from Raina and Rohan and just watch them interacting and laughing together. Raina is such a good big sister and Rohan just follows her around like Mary’s little lamb. Like you, I just hope they’re always there for each other whatever the future brings.

  3. If their life looks like a poem, it is because you are continuously observing and teaching them the art of enjoying the beauty of small things. the mundane. the everyday. and like pearls in a string, it is your circle of joy.

    Some people, make life look so colorful. You are one of them MM. Which is why you should keep writing. Rock on!

  4. Do you tickle the OA under the neck to get him to sing to you in the moonlight too? Von**family singers only.

    Me: 🙂 sorry perakath had to remove that bit! and err – I cant tell you where I tickle the OA – it would change the rating of the blog!

  5. Aren’t these the moments which makes it all so worth it. I am in my very first year of motherhood and loving every moment. I am the only child, and I never thought I was missing anything. But when I see my boys together .. I realise that this is such an important part of childhood. God Bless Brat and Bean 🙂

  6. That is totally so mushy. Missed having a sibling myself. Still missing:(

    Appreciate your suggestion on enjoying the present without wondering about the future! I forget to do that myself.

    *patting you on the back, “very good”* 🙂

  7. What a beautiful way to put it. That the love of the present is all we hope for. I feel the same way when I see my brats shower each other with love. That everything is worth is just for that one moment. It does fill your heart – almost physically.
    Thanks, as always, for verbalizing what most of us just feel.

  8. This I must show my Ma.
    Would she have written such a post thirty years ago?
    I want to know.
    You make our yesterdays seem even before beautiful, MM, you and B-B.

  9. very heartwarming! I can imagine as a mother you must be feeling ‘this is the most beautuful sight ever’. Love to both brat and bean…

  10. Sweet post 🙂

    I remember one of your earlier similar posts on the kiddies licking the cake batter & then feeding each other where you also stuck a kaala-tika or nimboo after the text. Please do the needful here also 🙂

    And the Bean sleeps to ‘Massakali’ ????? Awwww… I laughed when I read it first, but it’s totally ‘awwww’ now imagining a child asking for that song to be sung as a lullaby

  11. 🙂

    you into ly kinda lullabys! anything and everything! i almost always sing Ajeeb dastaan hei yeh! dont ask me why! :p

    and yes! their love is so so precious! touchwood!

    i always tell people who keep saying but the closeness MAY not last that the operating word here is May! innit? kit might just! and what a shame it would be to not give our kids that chance!


  12. Awww…that was so sweet! Like other people above, I wish my mom too had kept a written record of all our childhood (mis)deeds. It would be wonderful for the brat and the bean to read this when they are much older, and then no matter how much time and distance has taken its toll, there will always be a reminder of thier love for each other.

  13. I still remember the day (3-4 years back) when my wife was singing ‘ nanhi pari, sone chali, hawa dheere aana..’ to our daughter, thinking that the son was sleeping. When she stopped, and was thinking of another song, my son starts singing…
    tinka tinka litti staa
    how I wonda wha u r….

    We both had tears in our eyes…

    Me: and now i have tears in mine… you know arun, you have to come in on the senti posts with input more often!

  14. this is for the bean:

    and yes, the sibling love does last. you dont need to do anything about it…it happens on its own.
    my brother and i are a year apart. and we’re best friends.

  15. Heh. Who said that sibling affection goes away? I thought it was one of the rare lasting kinds.

    Me:Oh I’ve heard loads of people say siblings grow apart so no point having two kids and hoping they will be there for each other, blah blah. for that matter, why get married since you always run the risk of divorce!

  16. What a wonderful writeup. I have read your other blogs too. Made me smile with a glow in my heart. Hugs to bean and brat. Wishing many years of love and togetherness and a lifetime bond of love.

  17. aww. love this post. surfed through khizzy’s blog. i do think that sibling love lasts. always no matter what crap you give or take from each other.

  18. Absolutely beautiful. If I were not participating myself, my vote would have certainly gone for you!!

  19. A very touching and lovely expression of motherhood, which celebrates sibling love. Of course, it is pleasure for all moms to see their children sharing unlimited and unconditional love. Some unfortunate moms do not get this pleasure and only they know how much it hurts to see their own blood behaving so differently in two different bodies! Hearty congrats on your well-deserved award!

    Sudha Narasimhachar

    Me: ouch. you are so right. the only way my children could break my heart is by fighting. I dont want to live to see that…

  20. How endearing. N Sibling –love is one of my fav kind. If you recollect, several of my comments in your space is about the same. Even as kids, my sis and I hardy fought.. we were each other’s accomplice and drove my poor parents crazy  She got married and busy and we don’t get to talk as much as we did when we lived under the same roof…but nevertheless, she is my goto person and I am hers. We know we celebrate and worry for each other. Touchwood! I am who I am, ‘coz of my sis and it scares me to think there may be a day when we will grow apart. I can’t imagine such a life…God Forbid!

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