Around the world in 80 clicks

A few days ago David invited me to join this meme that he and Catherine have started. Going around the world in 80 clicks. I loved the idea but couldn’t figure out what to write. And then Boo tagged me and I realised that time was running out. The truth is, I’m at a loss for words. I have been writing an entire blog on being a mother for the last 3 years. Heck – every single day I show you what I love about this gig. To force me to narrow it down to five measly things is just plain mean!!

So I used Catherine’s post as a launch pad and realised that my viewpoint was diametrically opposite to hers. I love motherhood in itself.

Don’t get me wrong. I love each of my babies in particular – the Bean’s big curious eyes, the Brat’s generous hugs, the Bean’s little finger held up sternly and a ‘What did I tell you to do’ and the Brat’s ability to look at a dusty playground and call it ‘beautiful’… But I’m also aware that I just love motherhood.

Like Catherine – I often run out of diapers, I can never find a pair to a shoe and I often wish I had organised a better playdate – but hell, that is what makes me a perfect mother. If I had it down any better, I’d be the daycare teacher. This is what makes me a mom. This imperfection that fades in the face of the enthusiasm I bring to the table.

I love the way it’s made me move beyond myself, my needs, my career, my personal space, beyond the I, me and myself. .. and think about another human being. It’s amazing how boundaries are redefined, space is redesigned, priorities realigned and none of it feels like a burden or a pain. It just feels like another route… a meandering path that eventually gets us to the same place that others seem to be in a rush to get through – just having a lot more fun, learning a lot more and sleeping a lot less!

So without further ado, I give you my list of the things I love about being a mother.

  1. I love how motherhood has made me fearless. I understand metaphors about tigresses and cubs. I fight injustice because I want a better world for my children. I haven’t done it yet, but throwing myself in front of a train for them isn’t a scary thought either. Smelly, poopy, pukey, sticky, suspicious, nothing fazes me now. Bring it on.
  2. I love being able to look less than my best but getting away with it because I’m a mother. It irritates me to be told that I look darn hot ‘for a mother’ – but I love that a tee with a political slogan, hot pants or a backless choli are met with a lot more admiration on me than on a 30 year old without kids – because my kids are a good excuse for the extra inches and the stretchmarks.
  3. I love having someone to blame the missing last cookie on. I love having the kids as an excuse to get away from a boring party.  I love being able to draw random rubbish with a few brush strokes and not have anyone look over my shoulder and shudder in horror. I love making crazy buildings with blocks. I love re-reading childhood favourites. I love the simple pleasure of rolling a ball back and forth, my brain at rest, soaking in the pleasure of a excited little baby face and chuckles of pure joy. I love having someone to blame the funny smells on because moms don’t fart.
  4. I love the little shoe lying in the middle of the living room. The broken truck near the bathroom sink. The inexplicable jammy patch in the centre of my bed. I love how the tidy house has turned into a home. I love coming home to a rapturous welcome, to hands flung around my waist, to war whoops, to screams of ‘Mama listen to me first’.
  5. I love the different point of view. I see everything anew. I see the poverty, the injustice, I see the privilege, I see how blessed I am to have conceived and given birth to two little bratlets, I notice the yellow flower hidden by the curtain, I see all of it as two different sets of grubby fingers point them out.

And since you meme-makers have been stingy with the number of things I can write about, I shall cheat and tag ten mothers instead of five!

Aneela in Melbourne

Ritu in the NCR/Delhi

Manjushree in Bangalore

Priya in the US

Tharini in Chicago

Jammie in Karachi

Maggie in Singapore

Desigirl in UK

Gauri in Hong Kong

Candy in Amsterdam

Maid in Malaysia


29 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 clicks

  1. Lovely post! As much as I can’t really empathize I enjoy being the onlooker and can so relate to it. If I were a mom I’d be one like you I think.

  2. arey jammie is in karachi!! I know we have been pretty good in exporting our brightest and ‘bestest’ to UAE, but this one is still around.

    Me: and to australia? 🙂

  3. The list is endless….I conform to your view, while my Mr holds the other…it is difficult to explain that this is what I had wanted to do….raise kids- grubby hands, tangled hair, runny nose, screaming, shouting, playing, dancing and all.Kids test your intelligence, teach patience, show what unconditional, inspite of everything love means…it is a blessing being a mommy!

  4. //I love having the kids as an excuse to get away from a boring party//

    Me: errrmm… we were the last to leave!!! I thought you were going to throw us out!!!

  5. read most of your posts, but this post jus makes sure i dont leave widout posting a comment :)wen i be a mom, i hope i be a good one like you 🙂

    Me: thanks for the compliment 🙂 I hope my kids think so too. Although if I had to define it, i dont think I am a good mom. There are better moms. I’m just a mom who is having an absolute blast …. in this – I cant call it a phase because I’ll always be a mother now – but a mom who is loving this relationship.

  6. Your bestest post so far – or maybe the one i hope to relate to, the mostest, wen i turn mommy 🙂
    The fact that i find mommyhood, such a glorious thing shocks ppl who find out – given i am not even married yet! Sometimes i wonder if i wanna be married, only so i can be mommy!! 😛
    What you mention in point 1, i see in two of my frens who are new mothers – the increased sensitivity to things, the sharper and sometimes previously unknown instincts amaze me.

    Oh, and of course, the fact that baby bums and baby poop is pretty much ALL they talk about, when not telling me how cute they are – that too 😛

  7. This thing of being able to enjoy being a child again.. I also think motherhood is beautiful because of that opportunity.
    When i am a mom, I will re read all your posts 🙂

  8. lovely post tmm.
    i go back to one of the early photos of the brat that made me connect with your approach to motherhood. the photo taken in the hospital- his head adorned with a nappy turban.

    Me: and blue sunglasses 😀

    the farts, the poop, the angst, the chaos apart- this motherhood thing is one more excuse to have loads of fun…
    and unlearn while your child learns…
    and upturn the sense of self we try to neatly put together, na?

    Me: how do you put it so beautifully and succintly each time sur?

  9. Never thought point 3 was something you would say! You being my role-model mother and all. 😉

    I am commenting after a really long time but I’ve been reading and enjoying all the same. Ek request hain – can you please check your settings and see if you can allow entire posts to be seen in Google Reader? If you don’t mind – thanks!

  10. beautifully written mm

    you redefine motherhood and make it worthwhile not just for you but for all mommy bloggers.

    brat and bean are lucky to have you as their mom. as they say, there are two things in life you cant choose….your parents and your boss.

    and you too are lucky to have two wonderful kids like them!

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  12. Hey MM,

    Moi back after a longgggggggg 2 month holiday in delhi and varanasi…about time i was spoilt and all that jazz…took a deliberate decision to stay off the net and came back to loads of posts from you…what a treat, I was infact thinking of all the fun I would have catching up and yes madam, you dont disappoint….louvely stuff!! As usual…I am now gonna get back to my blog and start with this tag(if I may pliss?) and have fun writing about being mommy to Yohaan…

    Great to see the mad house doing great…and brat started big school..oh dear! Am already worried about Yohaan’s admission rounds here in Dxb…

    looking fwd to full paisa vasool type posts from you Mad Momma…


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  14. ooo oo i met mona on my trip to dubai last year- 🙂 but im well and grounded in karachi. love the tag but you stole all the great words MM. hmph.

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