31 thoughts on “Have I ruined my daughter’s life

  1. Let’s take a look at what you avoided…stinky-poo faces, comparisons of said medicine to certain toilet smells, tantrums and pumelling of the floor with delicate, fair, plump fist. Let’s see, did I leave anything out? Yes, the EAR-SPLITTING wails that will have the entire neighbourhood thinking that you are capable of murder.


    So, you did not mess with her mind. You just made your life easier.

    As for concepts of fun…she’ll discover those soon enough!

  2. Hahaha..you are so funny MM. And no..let it be a fun thing as long as it lasts. Sooner than later she will take a u-turn and decide for herself what’s fun and whats not 🙂

  3. hehe. She’ll grow out of it. And then you’ll have other stuff to worry abt! Although I don’t know how she eats those cod-liver oil capsules! they’re viiiiile!

  4. MM – cod liver to be avoided in warm weather. and its mostly needed in cold countries or when kids do not get enuff exercise and sunshine. so says my paediatrician.
    and great if she wants to cut her nails…she’s a gal after my own heart. i too keep my nails cut short.

    so there.


    Me: Its supposed to give a stomach upset na? But my brother and I had it and so did she and the brat – the ped recommended since both have low immunity to colds.. so right through summer too. also its supposed to be given to kids who dont get too much sun exposure and she because of her eczema, has very little sun exposure 😦

  5. oh That was so cute! And she’ll definitely grow out of it:( I had a 2 yr old whose idea of a delicious snack was steamed veggies and now she is a 3yr old who picks out every veggie and refuses to eat them:( Enjoy this when you can 🙂

  6. what drama.lol.
    when the post update came up on my blog, it read “have i ruined my daughter’s life?”
    and considering a four day post gap is a long one for your blog, i worriedly clicked here to check.
    i spent my entire life abhoring veggies and daal (pulses)…now i’m a big fan. works the other way too.lol.

  7. i would say you ADDED more stuff to what is fun!! 😀

    Cubby now thinks its ok to cut nails if i give him the nailcutter after every nail and he gives it back to me saying “:nails cut karenge!”


    ofcos if you have any tips about how nasal drops could be made fun, it will be highly appreciated! 😉


  8. Of course you have … not ruined Beanie’s life … but yours !! You don’t get to listen to those ear splitting screams / rolling on the floor / hiding in places you never knew existed …. are you kidding me … you have lost that fun !!! * exhausted after running behind her daughter to cut her nails *

  9. I’m so glad you are back MM… The long silence had me worried…
    …It wont be long before she’ll want to grow them and paint them with colors we’ve never seen before.. 🙂

  10. Well, you could also have created a little creature who makes other kids “snack” on cod liver oil capsules. We did it as a prank once to my cousin- going the extra mile to perforate said capsules and dripping them into her mouth- all while telling her it would make her strong…. So that might just have been unleashed.

  11. ahhh okay sweets…and don’t frown.
    it could have been worse. but it isn’t right ??

  12. I used to eat cod liver oil capsules by the truckload! My parents finally stopped getting it because, one day, I just finished the entire bottle.

    Me: oh great. i did that too.. 😀

  13. LOL….how on earth did you make swallowing medicines fun? You really are a genius 🙂 MM, arent you going to do a post on Beanie’s birthday?
    Me: I am yaar..just so short on time and computer crashed so have to beg the OA for his laptop 😦

  14. Yes, you have ruined her life, you evil woman, you!! 😛

    Send her to me I say. And while your at it, send the Brat along as well.

    P.S: If it helps, I used to eat cod liver oil capsules by the dozen.

  15. And how did you manage to make cutting the nailes fun???? My 2 year old refuses to get it cut and nothing works. He screams like we are trying to torture him…*sigh*..

  16. Even today I take cod liver caps… but I still wonder how you made it a funny thing for the beanie to come begging for a capsule?

  17. MM, ask your ped if Waterbury’s compound will be better in summer.I used to be quite a sickly child, so the doc used to recommend Waterbury’s for me in summers and 7 seas in the winters.

    Btw Waterbury’s is quite nice. I used to do the obligatory screaming and jumping on the floor bit for my mother’ benefit cuz it was medicine after all, but I’d also hand her the spoon everyday to have it 😛

  18. :). Hey, I’ve been reading your blogs for some time now but never really left a comment. Just wanted to say hi. I have a lot of fun reading about the brat and the bean 🙂

  19. yeah.. even I want to know, my elder one has started cutting her own nails and there is a lot of resistence from the mite, still…They also do not have any alopathic medicines- no flavoured syrups, nothing! It is as if someone had coached them from before!

  20. Hey,

    do you give Cod Liver Oil CAps to Bean. I want to start with for my 3 year old Sunshine but am worried if she is too young to swallow capsules.

    Me: yes i do -she’s been having it since she was a year old. the brat too. i just taught them to bite it for the pop sound – and now i dont have to worry about it being swallowed.

  21. ohh, nice!! BB’s got company then (with the cutting nails bit)…I thought I was screwing around with my baby’s head and didn’t wanna come out of the closet till just now! you’re so good for me, MM…muuuaah!

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