A nursery full of expensive toys

… and yet they find two bits of a broken wind chime to fence with.


Yes of course it ended in tears when they poked each other in the eye. No blood, so no panic.

Jao mere bachchon. Jee lo.


23 thoughts on “A nursery full of expensive toys

  1. Hey! At least they’re finding creative uses for useless things.

    P.S: Your just asking for trolls.

    Me: Oh honey. They come even when I dont ask for them. I’d have shut down a while ago if they really bothered me!

  2. ahhh! they are going to do this for many years to come….with books or pens..but end without tears 🙂

  3. Glad that they didn’t hurt each other badly….

    Super-charged kids at home ensures that parents are always at their toes….

    Me: True. My toes are wearing out 🙂

  4. I always wonder what my friend Rakesh is upto……he has three sons- two of them 9 month old twins…..poor guy was praying for girls ….. trust me his plate is full with three sons!

  5. smart kids those 😀
    the best toys are the ones they ‘make’ on their own 😀

    Has the Brat grown taller? Beanie is looking like a pixie here..

  6. I don’t remember what I played with when I was kid. Must ask my mom if I had any weird toys.

    But I am surprised at how the kids always find something weird to play with. My friend’s son used to play with a rice cooker. That heavy aluminum one.She used to get so frustrated when she wanted to cook and he refused to let go.

  7. Reminds me of my friend’s 6 months old son, Kabir. When he bawls, nothing works, except for a twirl-around toy that goes like a happy lil merry go round, in super tacky fuschia shades and made of plastic flowers…it is a horrendous looking toy, but it does what no fisher price toys (all labelled month-wise!), can achieve – Calm Kabroo down and make him smile!! 🙂

  8. one of those cheap lil toys that men on hand carts sell, in smaller towns…Its an interesting toy, nonetheless…

  9. me an my sis used to fence too…. of course I still carry the marks that my younger sibling put on me… kinda like the mark of zorro!!!

  10. my brother and i used to fence wtih rolled up chart-paper, newspaper, infact anything we could lay our hands on…we even tied pillows back and front as armour and baskets on our heads for helmets 😀 ….i’m surprised my mom is still sane 😛

  11. So that explains why my son never used the teethers I got him. He preferred my hawaii chappals.

    Me: of course. who wants teethers when there are good old hawai chappals?!

  12. ha ha ha.. moral of the story.. nursery full of expensive toys is a no go. Moral 2: if you want them to avoid something, put it among the expensive toys that they are supposed to play with 🙂
    glad they escaped serious injury.. the eye thing really scares me.

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