A little more dignity please

After having bashed Adnan Sami’s singing, Jagjit Singh is back at it. This time his problem is with A R Rahman. It’s really sad that a respected artist like him is losing his dignity in his old age, bashing younger artists instead of encouraging them. He must know that no one can replace him or take away what he gave the world of music. What then is the cause of this insecurity? Sad. I lose a little more respect with each such incident. Mr Singh – do try to fade out with a little more grace.

And oh – have you guys heard Advaita? Aren’t they just brilliant?


18 thoughts on “A little more dignity please

  1. Jagjit Singh has the most divine rendition of “Honto se chuloo tum” and that’s exactly why I did not mind paying for those pricey tickets when he was in concert in LA. But the guy just spoilt the entire thing for me by cracking really crass jokes in between the ghazals.

    Yes, he is slowly losing it.

  2. Didn’t you have a earlier post on similar lines. This must be a pre-written post, right? πŸ™‚

    Jagjit Singh never came across as a respectable guy to me but now I know the reason why.

    Me: LOL! Yes, I did do a post earlier. And then he went and said this again. Really upsetting for someone like me who enjoyed his music.

  3. not just rahman- he bashed gulzar also for writing such songs. i mean what’s his problem… can’t he realize there is a large section of listeners who want to listen just what rahman / gulzar are ding and they don’t care hw many sad tearful songs he sings based on madira and tears and assorted other takleef in life…

  4. Oops my spidey senses tell me this post is not gonna bring in the loonies. Let me get something started then…
    MM, how dare you judge Jagjit Singh for judging others. Now you’ve forced me tojudge you for your judging ways. And being judgemental always makes my nose run. YOU SEE WHAT U’VE DONE.
    Now you can thank me love.

    Me: Damn. I really wish I had made your life harder as an intern. damn damn damn.

  5. What a crabby old man!

    I’d already lost my respect for him when he bulldozed the Maharashtra govt. into naming a road after his son who died in a road accident (underage driving, that too!) And guess what? The government actually complied.

    I mean, how high a pedestal has he placed himself on to think that his reckless son deserves to be honoured like this ??

  6. MM, thank you so much for the ‘Advaita’ link; they are absolutely brilliant!! πŸ™‚ I am so glad I could hear them…can’t wait to buy their album…

  7. Really, what’s the need to be like this? The renaming of the road in Mumbai near where I live is when I started losing respect for him. He’s been losing it for many years.

  8. Remember Sarfarosh? Aamir Khan says “gayak bhi insaan hai, aur insaan sahi bhi hote hai aur galat bhi…”….or something like that.

    Me: uff. damn. why did you have to remember that?! :p
    no – that apart – its not like i think celebrities are above petty emotions like envy. Its just that even I, as a nobody, would try and do a better job of keeping it under wraps.

  9. I dunno, different people get their kicks from different things, maybe this is what does it for him…but yes, in his position, some diginity would help…

  10. Ah, I dunno… maybe he feels he isnt getting enough air/screen time. One way to be in the news (esply for celebs) is to create controversy.

  11. Well he seems to not understand that general folks dont expect such vile statements from him(senior musician),ARR might be a music composer where he knows a pattern and uses and mixes it (even fusion) but it needs talent to do that too, i havent heard a lot of variations in gazal music for a long time jagjit should stick to getting something fresh out of him and leave ARR to do what commercial movies need.

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