What do you do

… if your daughter lines up a row of little plastic elephants early in the morning and tells you to dry their ‘hair’ just as you’re drying yours and rushing to office?

A) Get late by five minutes? What’s the big deal?

B) Skip your breakfast to save time and starve until the lunch break because anyway you can’t eat with your swollen jaw and need to head home and eat tasteless, formless slop.

Yes, I think you figured out which one I did.


20 thoughts on “What do you do

  1. Aw…… the Bean is just so adorable! She is up so early? What time does she get up everyday?

    Me: She’s up by 8 at the latest. Usually earlier

  2. Tasteless slop??? Arent you allowed to have any icecream 😦

    Me: After I threw up ice cream nonstop for 3 days i have begun to hate the sight of it 😦 I wish you were close by with your awesome food!

  3. Little girls are such cuties.

    Oh! I had one root canal + crown last year. It was connected to the wisdom tooth so the pain was terrible. I flew to India with that pain.

  4. I looked for up “slop” just for kicks… Two of those 5 definitions went:
    1. Wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk
    2. Waste water from a kitchen or bathroom or chamber pot that has to be emptied by hand

    I trust you’re having a hard time 😛

    (Psssst! Did the elephants’ hair dry out in time?)

    Me: YES! to both of those. I want my jaw and my tastebuds back. Went to the dentist yesterday and he says it will be another 10 days before i get full jaw movement and muscle healing. 😦 till then, no talking and barely any eating.

  5. MM, another 10 days!! That’s too long. A friend had all four wisdom teeth removed on a single day same time as you. But she had GA. And she was eating normally in two days. And her stitches have been removed too. Have your stitches been removed? You can eat on the other side of your mouth na? Perhaps yours was complicated..hmm..
    Try well cooked rice( add half cup more water than usual ) and dal, sambhar etc. Not much to chew.
    Hope you get well soon…

  6. MM, adopt me, as promised and i will make you some nice creamy soup… 🙂
    so wat exactly did u need to do, to ‘dry’ the elephant manes? Can i join too, please?

  7. Nothing can dampen your spirit MM. I am fit and fine and I still experience irritation when I have to entertain such crazy demands as singing the mite’s self composed songs or speaking with his imaginary friends on his toy phone! I salute you super mom, and hope and pray that your non-talking and slop eating days are over soon!

  8. Suggestions to end the days of the slop:
    Jello, milkshakes (McDonalds serves yummy shakes), smoothies, lentil soup, and most other variations of soup.

    Good luck!

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