The end of this chapter


And just like that, in one little bundle they handed me one year of my son’s life. The Brat had his last day at school and the kids weren’t required to go in. It was the day after my dental surgery and I walked into his school in agony, my face swollen, sleep deprived and rather fraught.

I’ve realised I’m awful at dealing with milestones. I’m much calmer when the Brat’s arm pops out of the socket, compared to how I feel each time he changes a class or reaches a milestone. I had taken little Thank You cards for the teachers and as I gave it to them, much to my embarassment, I started crying. I turned away quickly and left the OA and them to stare at each uncomfortably.

As I flipped through the art work done during the year, I watched his hand grow steadier. The colouring grew more confident, the drawings looked less like scribbeles. The report card says they will miss the naughty little fellow who grew into the most helpful child in class. I flip it back to read it again. Naughty? My son? Kabhi nahi!!!

The OA came home and laughed his head off at the typical mother response – that my son couldn’t possibly me naughty!!

Anyway – apparently (and I quote now) he loves dancing and trying out new steps, is happy in the company of his friends and is constantly chatting (ah, my son, you get that from your mother!), is physically dexterous, clears up after snack time and is very particular about putting away toys and puzzles, excelled in saying his part in the concert, pick up a tune effortlessly and joins the chorus merrily, speaks English well and has a good vocabulary, is eager to take part in all class discussions and makes intereesting contributions during circle time. He is energetic, friendly, lends life to the class and is very receptive.

It goes on.. but I shall stop. I appreciated the detail in which they went on to give anecdotes and examples from the year gone by. I cried some more and then wiping my swollen face went to talk to the teachers and thank them. It’s a wonder I live by my words because I just stood there holding their hands and sobbing… and at a loss for words.Β  I don’t know if they’re used to mothers getting this way at the end of the year, but I do believe they gave my son the best they had to give and it’s rare that a mother concedes that.

I wasn’t too happy with him getting into this school, I wasn’t very comfortable during the year either, but he had a good time and stayed his happy, well adjusted self which is what is important so I have no complaints. Now he goes on to big school, in a uniform and in a school bus. I have a feeling the OA’s going to have a difficult couple of weeks dealing with his cranky wife.


20 thoughts on “The end of this chapter

  1. you have every right to feel this way, honeybunch. i routinely bawl at the end of each school year. for all 50 of my snotty runts who walk away with pieces of my surprisingly still-there heart.

  2. For a second there, I thought you were shutting down your blog. Again. Gasp!

    Am glad to know it’s just another of those bittersweet moments. The Brat achieving another milestone. All’s well. Cheer up cranky woman πŸ˜›

    ME: :p

  3. I know how you feel MM. But it wont last long, you’ll be swept in a tide of new developments and changes and running around in 8s. I cried when it was the last day of pre-school for nosh and reh last year and the bus came around to drop them for the last time. The teacher herself drove the bus so I just stood there gulping and choking and trying not to go into simhasanas bawling but my daughter caught me and shook her head at me and even poked a jibe at me.
    Milestones make me feel like I’m in a sepia moment too and I am pathetic at controlling myself. At the last Christmas annual show, Reh and his classmates turned up in black and white, sang some rhymes, half of them screaming their head off, the others lounging or lolling but OMG I was choking and gulping again.

    Nosh brought home a perfect assessment report last weekend and I was dripping tears all over it not because we worked over it and thats what I imagined for her but this was her achievement entirely. With 0 instructions or training from me. So yea. There’s more where this comes from. Motherhood is this. Then they’ll go off one day and I wonder if I’ll ever get over that one.

    Me: *hugs Nat and cries some more.*

  4. Awwww..hugs MM..I can so totally picture myself,like that..blubbering!I cried and almost hugged the babysitter, at the gym,in gratitude,when I left the pipette there for 15 minutes just to try it out..and went back to see the sitter,cuddling her.
    Pipette starts her first play school next month..and I am having a hard time getting used to the idea 😦

  5. i usd to thnk the OA was the luckier of the 2 of u (to hv gottn married to a well rounded gal;-)) .. but aftr reading this post, i thnk u’re the luckier one!!! esp. that last line .. guys hardly hv any patience fr these kinda things & if he wl quietly take whatevr u shell out, fr something like this, he’s DEF one hell-of-a-catch:-)!!

  6. OMG- it was graduating day for pre schoolers all over the city! His teachers sang for him and then he sang for them and I howled and I howled. Still feeling the exhaustion that comes from an emotional upheaval. The teachers have been wonderful with him and my son had his first few crushes ( they start early these days). So I know that they have created some magic for him. And I am grateful that the sonny is getting to experience life with some solid support apart from home

  7. I know I am terribly late..but Happy Birthday to the Bean!!! All the best wishes in the world to her (and her equally adorable brother). May she have all the joy, happiness and love in the world!

  8. your life is so nicely paced , MM….i know u created it that ways….as one ends his play house-the younger onces starts her…there is always so much to learn from you…i feel blessed to know someone like you….

  9. Wow! I wish my parents were this emotional! I still have most of my school diaries, and they are absolutely filled with teachers’ remarks of the “homework not done” and “very talkative in class” variety.

    How’s the tooth?

  10. A heart warming post! :)I feel that way about my students πŸ™‚
    but of course being a mom is so much more different and so much more tough πŸ™‚

    ((hugs))for the Brat and the Bean πŸ˜€

  11. i wish i could make you meet kanika and pooja.
    they were my son’s teachers in pravesh vatika ( nursery ! ) some eleven years ago…and for me they are angels and i will kiss the ground they walk on.

    my kid was the only one who bawled after i left him in school..and this is AFTER one year of play school.
    he flexed his little muscles and pushed his luck to the hilt with those two girls.
    they patiently bore all his tantrums, kicks, “shut up and get out”‘s, his habit of being out when the class was in, in when the class was out. he would holler so loudly that all the kids in school up to the fourth floor knew that shaashu was in action. and yes..he broke that metal pipe gate by shaking it so much for so long and they replaced it without a murmur.

    yes – i was called in and gently told about his shenanigans – but they also put in more than their fair share of effort and won him over with love and patience.

    my son left their class with a report card that described him as a loving, warm, sunny and helpful child.

    miracles do happen…

    pooja came home a few weeks ago to take him thru julius caesar for his board exams..
    kanika’s daughter’s nickname is one that is almost like my son’s – no prizes for guessing where the inspiration came from.

    just thought i would share..

    Me: my gosh.. and here he is.. done with his boards… yet another milestone Juno! how did you fare with that one?

  12. πŸ™‚

    i bawled when i said good-bye to Cubby’s maalishwali in bombay! and she did too! so you are totally normal! πŸ˜€


  13. Just out of curiosity, do they still learn ‘machhli jal ki rani hai,
    jeevan uska paani hai’?

    Me: yeah – and isnt it amazing how cruel these rhymes are? bahar naikaloge to mar jayegi!

    That is probably the ONLY thing I remember from my kindergarten days. Which was back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. πŸ˜›

    p.s. If the picture is anything to go by, the brat colours surprisingly well for a 3 year old. I love how there’s a cut out of a hand over the tied up notebooks. πŸ™‚

    Me: and no, the brat didnt draw all that. its done by the teachers. although his own stuff is pretty neat for a 3 year old too.

  14. wow..the teacher has done an excellent job in observing the brat! i have never seen such a detailed report πŸ™‚
    congrats to the big boy!

  15. Oh babe! I know, I know! Today was the EO’s parent-teacher meeting as well…the lat in this school before he moves on to the other school. And…I cried too!

    My post is coming up soon!

    In the meanwhile, brace yourself for the ride ahead.

    And uh, OA, you have the MIM for company!

  16. What a lovely report. All my report cards just have a one line comment. His drawing books look so colourful and interesting. Do scan some and post the pics.

  17. hey please do lemme know which skul brat goes to coz m amazed to see such a detailed n wonderful feedback!m sure this is one of those innovative skuls comin about in the city n focusing on alternative methods of teaching….

    i did be glad if u do share the name of the skul….

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