Fertile imagination-55

Her slim fingers stroked the aching back, too slender for the huge belly it supported. A stern-looking woman in formals walked by, throwing a disgusted look at the obvious display of fecundity.

‘Grimace all you want lady,’ she smiled to herself, ‘this belly is proof that I’ve been loved and desired recently – have you?’


42 thoughts on “Fertile imagination-55

  1. Tsk tsk.

    Older generation. So short tempered. So crabby. 😛

    P.S: I’ll learn it when I have one of my own.

    Me:so much in toothful pain. younger generation – no sympathy 😉
    wait till your dentures give trouble.
    *picks up walking stick and hobbles away*

  2. Oh. i come after a few days and cannot recognize your blood spattered blog. Oh the gore!

    Get well soon MM.

    It was a lovely story, but fecundity stumped me too. And yes, the first thing I did was check dictionary.com. And then saw the comments.
    Yes,I guess am younger generation then. 😛

    Anyways, on a completely different note, how did you celebrate the bean turning 2? I hereby demand a nice post with lots of celebratory beanie pictures. 😀

  3. maybe she is just a birthing machine like many in india. love has nothing to do with insemination u see. :p

    but the older woman in formals deserves to be bitched at.

  4. wicked 🙂
    I will try to write one from the stern looking woman’s side 🙂 I already know what, the challenge would be to condense it into 55 words.

  5. Why does a word with as beautiful a meaning as Fecundity, sound the way it does?
    Hope you’re coming along fine, after the surgery… that was one scary account.. i chickened out from commenting, even!! Take care..

  6. ‘Grimace all you want lady,’ she smiled to herself, ‘this belly is proof that I’ve been loved and desired recently – have you?’

    I just fell in love with this line MM, You have a way with the words. That’s what makes you so special.

  7. Why would anyone throw a ” disgusted look at the obvious display of fecundity ” ?

    Me: umm.. its fiction – so anything is possible. on the other hand, you;d be surprised how hostile people are to pregnant women. read up other forums to see hate comments about breeders and children.

  8. oh i wish i wish that happens to me and i give a meaningful smirk to any such lady the next time i am pregnant. 🙂

  9. Fecundity was hurriedly looked up 😀
    and I am not even from the younger generation 😦

    great 55 one though! 🙂
    *thinking hard *
    nope nothing like this comes to mind 😦
    I can only hope to read this stuff 😀

  10. Her long fingers adjusted her glasses and she leaned back in her swivel chair, a smile playing on her lips. “This sure is a fine play with words,” she mused to herself, “I should respond in kind to compliment the wordsmith in MM.” Ah, the beauty of well-strung words like a necklace of pearls!


    Me: 🙂

  11. Not all women who are loved are fertile you know. 😦

    I know it was not your intention but somehow this post bothers me.

    Me: Come now – dont take it that way – its just fiction. Seen too much hatred towards old preggies… and yes, not all women who are loved are fertile or need to be… but its just a teeny piece of fiction

  12. Fecundity? Why fecundity? Why? Why? Why? It’s so…so…err…Victorian! Actually, I wasn’t too sure what it meant, so I had to check dictionary.com…and what’s the first thing I see? This…

    Sponsored Links Tips on Getting Pregnant
    I failed to become pregnant for 5 years, then discovered this secret!

    …anyways, how’s the tooth? Or what’s apprently left of it in your gum? Getting any better?

    Me: pretty bad. been throwing up blood for a while. am better today though… face still swollen like a baboon!

  13. @ yuva – so many people do that, in real life. A lot of men think pregnant women look like cows, and I can understand that, albeit not condone it, but why would women think the same way? It’s sad, and very very common.

    Me: You’re right. And there’s a whole bunch of people who call them breeders and get mad at reserved parking spaces or seats in buses for them. Who think they’re a drain on resources. The list is endless. and a lot of women who dont want kids cant stand them – not all – but i’ve seen many being hostile

  14. hmph. She publishes the last comment, so I assume she is better. Especially if that last post was freshly written rather than scheduled.

    Me: arrey baba – it was a scheduled post. And I messaged you. Did you get it? Still can’t talk so not taking calls. Sorry babe.

  15. MM, I know this is fiction but I have to agree with Laksh. I am loved (a lot!) but so far no signs of fecundity. 😦 *sigh* sorry, just wanted to vent.

    Me: sorry babe. just fiction 🙂 big hug.

  16. Taking it further from what Laksh had written, I guess this teeny piece of fiction is nothing but schadenfreude……on those who despite being loved are not fertile or have not been able to…… They too are “women”- a “jananee”(hindi word for -one who gives birth to).

    “Fiction” has become a loosely used word…..anything that hurts someone’s sentiments is conveniently given a name-“fiction”…….but that doesn’t justify any insensitivity towards anyone, no matter what! That’s my personal opinion and you are entitled to yours….

    Me: ?? What on earth are you talking about? schadenfreude? in what way? its just a creative effort and the day one starts looking to write something that pleases everyone, you’re just killing creativity. then there’s no diff between you and the louts who want to kill MF Hussain or Salman Rushdie. Fiction is creative and the day you bind it down, you’re killing it. Would you want to do that? That would be pathetic.

    Hope you are recovering well! Take care

  17. Is Reveda for real???

    ‘Anything that hurts someone’s sentiments is conveniently given a name – “fiction”..

    ???? :O

    Wow! I was unaware of *this* definition of fiction.
    Does she even know what ‘Schadenfreude’ actually means??

    MM, I don’t mind if you don’t approve this comment. Just that the mind boggles. And I don’t mean malice, am just highly surprised how she chose to interpret this.

    Me: err.. it’s a “he” and he writes under his kids name which is what makes it harder to respond to a baby! 🙂
    and yes – i was totally boggled by the response to the piece. But its good. its good to know what kind of people the world is inhabited by…..

  18. Ohh sheesh !! Careless old me, didn’t even hop over to the link since I was too busy sputtering out my response here 😛

    Just read ‘his’ comment on the new post as well & it’s all clear now….these 2 reactions have to be coming from the same person


    Me: 😀

  19. i dont know whether to laugh or cry (referring to reveda’s dad’s comment)..i think i’ll go with the laugh 😀

  20. you know what…i have been loved a lot too…and that too recently :)….but no baby as of yet…it’s not any problem just that hubby doesn’t want one yet…and i’ve wanted one since i was 13 :D…anyway…its getting to me now…i want one soo badly but i feel bad about pressurising him..we’ve only been married a year and he’s only 25…most of his friends aren;t even married yet…just wanted to get it out…it’s not something i can talk to anyone about 😦

    Me: well big hug… dont rush it. do you want to be stitching chef costumes in the middle of the night? :p

  21. MM ji,
    Any woman who want to have babies will never give a **disgusted** look to a pregnant woman. It may be of jealousy, despair or even a happy one, but never a disgusted one. Since the lady in the story gave a disgusted look, I cannot understand why people are finding it offending?

    And why on earth are you defending yourself from people who hide behind their babies in the first place? 🙂

    Me: 🙂 aapne ji kehke khush kar diya!! And you know – its funny but I’ve seen so many women who find pregnancy disgusting. Usually a lot of hate comments on forums. That is what prompted this little story.

  22. Dear Reveda’s dad,
    I too had left a comment for MM along Laksh’s thoughts. But that was not because I found her post sadistic. Its because I am trying to get pregnant and desperately want to get those ‘disgusted’ looks from others. I just want to be a mom. So the post made me a bit depressed thinking about my own struggles to get pregnant. I love MM and know for sure that she will never ever try to hurt someone in matters like these. So lighten up!

    Me: Dear Ammu,
    Just for that let me tell you something about the post. It’s not about trying to get pregnant, or being pregnant. It’s about a lot of very career minded women who dont understand why people like you and me want children. And find the way a woman bloats up, very disgusting. Who feel pregnant women shouldnt be given little perks like a seat in a bus for those few months. This is a sort of response to tell them that the belly isn’t magic – it comes when two people make love. It was in NO way meant to hurt any feelings. As I write this, two of my close friends are trying for babies and I ache for them. I hope and pray that you as well as they mail me back with good news soon. God bless and take care.

  23. OK..this is stupid..the amount of arguments..each post of yours generates.I mean this is a funny post..like those one-liners..why can’t people just leave it alone.And if they don’t like what u write..why do they keep coming back?WHY?
    Waise i think its a brilliant 55!

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