Never judge a book by its cover

.. would be a good way to describe my teeth. I have a beautiful smile (if I say so myself!) and unlike my weight and my hair you will never hear me complain about it.Perfectly shaped teeth, even, white and pearly. And a nice enough smile to go with it. (GRAPHIC DETAILS. NOT A POST FOR THE FAINT HEARTED)


But open my mouth and there’s a horror story going on in there. Three root canals and sundry fillings.

Years ago I was on the train alone and met a young dentist. Being the only passengers we chatted and laughed for the three hour journey and he kept complimenting my smile. Told me that my teeth were the kind that they were shown in dental college as a perfect set of teeth. He then as a joke, took out his visiting card and made me a certificate – This is to certify that MM has the most perfect set of teeth and a beautiful smile to go with it.

I now wonder if the idea was to exchange numbers and stay in touch. But I was too raw to understand flirtation and it passed. I forgot about him but I carried the visiting card for years. It was the first time anyone told me that something about me was perfect. Other than my doting grandmother who thought even my snub nose was perfect.

Anyway – the point is, I’ve always had dental issues. I don’t know why. From the age of 12 I’ve had root canal treatment and its reached a stage where a root canal is a matter of course and I take no medication during or after. Never have. It set the stage for my pain tolerance and even after having my stomach sawed open for the cesareans, I took no medication after. Cee and I often discuss my disregard for pain medication and I really do feel the need for pain to feel alive and kicking.

So when I went to the dentist for a routine check up and a slight pain that I made the OA peer into my mouth and find the cause of, I knew it was a wisdom tooth that was stuck. Horizontally impacted. Come back next week and I’ll do surgery on it, said the dentist, someone I’ve known for years. An interesting young doctor who sings old Hindi film songs beautifully while working on your teeth and puts on your favourite music if he has it.

We went yesterday, all sure that it would be a quick painless procedure. Anesthesia you know!

But little did I know what a nightmare it would be. What was meant to be a quick one hour process dragged on for more than three hours. Hell I’d delivered a baby in 45 minutes.

It started off well enough since the dentist is used to me on his chair. We crack jokes, I make rude comments even while he has syringes inside my mouth and what I cant say, I make gestures about. His assistant finds me rather amusing.

So there we were, the OA and I, and he started. I’m not sure when the panic struck but it might have been when the anesthesia wore off at the end of the hour. My tooth had grown into my jaw bone and they were busy sawing the bone around the tooth. Each time he put the bone cutter in, blood would come spraying out across my face and his and that was traumatic enough. At some point he pulled out a broken bit of tooth to show me what a perfect tooth it was. I almost shed a tear. The irony. A perfectly shaped tooth being yanked out.

And so they kept at it. Sawing, injecting, poking, wrenching. And then they got to the part where the bone met the tooth and from there onwards it went downhill. The tooth refused to come out and they began to saw at the bone around the tooth, with renewed vigour. The combination of the drill shrieking in my ear, the vibration of it, the agony of the bone being cut.. and the anesthesia wearing off had be bucking in the chair and crying. The OA sat under the dentist’s tray and held my hand. At some point my feet were freezing and my legs began to tremble with the effort of just staying there. A broken piece of tooth went flying back down my throat and I swallowed it, choked and almost threw up all over his immaculate clinic.

The OA reached out and began to warm my feet. I think it’s moments like these when you realise the worth of the man you hitched your wagon to. I kicked out at him in frustration and rage (I don’t remember this, the dentist told me). But he sat there, his face the picture of anxiety and at some point I screamed, pushed away the dentist and tried to make a getaway. The OA just held on to my feet and begged me to stay. My hair standing up, my face splattered with my blood and my soft biotique kajal spread across my tear stained cheeks, I must have looked a sight, but my husband looked at me with more love in his gentle brown eyes than I’ve ever seen – more than our wedding, more than when I produced two beautiful children for him.

Five years ago when I was expecting the Brat, the OA was a heartless bast …. errr.. brash young man who couldn’t deal with his 25 year old pregnant wife and her needs. He’d often snap at me but most often was just indifferent to my condition and needs.

Two children and two surgeries, a bum knee and a tired back later, the man sits at my feet with the utmost humility with no thought to what it looks like to the dentist and his assistant, whispers soothing words and rubs my hands and feet in an attempt to warm them.

It’s romantic to see the usual brash, strong, man of few words in films. But in real life, there’s nothing like a man whose eyes shine with unshed tears as he watches his wife in agony. He’s watched my cesareans and dealt with those – but last night he hugged me and said… ‘It was really bad babe… Really bad…”

The doctor was sweating, his face covered in blood and finally he gave me a break the second time I pushed his hands away and tried to escape from the chair. Giving me some time to calm down, he went out for a smoke. The OA came close, hugged me, whispered words that calmed me and made me feel so ashamed of myself. For the scene I was creating, for the pushing him away, for the crying.

As with all surgery, I think what gets to you is the helplessness of your condition. You lie there under somebody’s hands and hope they’re doing the best they can.

The doctor came back and the agony resumed. I cried. Unashamedly. Like a baby. From soft, soundless sobbing to guttural, animal sounds. The dentist went on, cutting, wrenching. At times standing up and yanking at my tooth like you see in cartoons. Except its not so funny when its real life and happening inside your mouth. After three hours of nonstop hammering, chiseling and sawing I could take it no more. In the most pathetic way I  put my hands together in wordless prayer and begged him. Being an old friend he couldnt even take my pain anymore and gave up. And sewed up my jaw with a few jagged, stubborn pieces still left inside. I hope they dont cause any problems later.

The assistant explained it to me. Apparently 80% of people go through this (as you can see from the comments on my last post). Evolution is to blame. Earlier food was tougher and harder to chew, and that gave the jaw the much needed exercise and helped it grow. But our foods get softer and easier to chew these days (when was the last time you ate sugarcane?) and the jaw doesn’t get its exercise. Like the tail we lost, we need to lose the last 4 teeth but instead the jaw gets smaller and the teeth stay the same in number, 32. It made a lot of sense but I was beyond it.

The doctor helped me wash my face gently, and applied vaseline to my lips – chapped and bleeding where the pressure from the instruments came, I was quite a sight.

As he made the bill he told the OA that he’d never seen as stubborn a tooth as this one and was hoping the jagged pieces left inside wouldnt create a problem and that he will see me next Monday. Having got off the chair I recovered my good humour and told him well, he’d never see as  stubborn a woman as the OA’s wife either. The OA, who never misses an opportunity to rib me, said nothing but hugged me close, his face still rather grey.

I got a shot for it and the bloody thing hurt quite a bit although I chatted through it – I guess it was one of those oil based things.Came home and spent the night getting up to spit blood that kept pooling in my mouth. Have been throwing up all day and now my swollen face and neck look like I have goitre. Don’t ask me why – I thought it would be only the face. Right now I would be scary to meet in a dark alley.My lips are cut, bleeding and blistering at the edges that were held down by the instruments.

The children with their characteristic innocence and instinct have just snuggled up closer, knowing I am not well, and the Brat keeps patting my head and telling me to go back to sleep. I love that child and his sensitive ways.My parents are rather upset. And my fun loving father touched me by calling at night and saying things I dont expect from him… “God bless you my sweetheart, I wish we could be there for you, I feel so bad being so far away from my baby….’  My mother who I take after in some ways, called up and asked the dentist if he was trying to kill her baby. Yes, yes, he’s a family friend. We don’t randomly harass strange doctors who are just doing their job.

Have spent the day throwing up (which isn’t easy when half your jaw is sewn shut) and spitting blood alternatively. Life sucks. And I am sure more teeth will require removal. The OA has the most awful uneven teeth with two dracula teeth and after all this we realise that this is the best way. His teeth have fought and pushed and come out unevenly and not a single one remains. And he only brushes in the morning; I on the other hand brush thrice a day and still have to live with endless trouble. His logic is that I brush so much that my teeth wear out! Silly moron.

Spoke to a couple of others who said they’d had it done too, but under General Anesthesia. My own mother, one among them. I see the sense of doing it that way because lying with your mouth open for three hours is not easy. Neither is the awareness. You hear words like ‘bone cutter’, ‘drill’ and syringe, while you am wide awake and feeling the pain, and its not fun.

Now I’ve had two kids and dealt with some pain – but in that case I had prepared myself for the pain and in this case I hadn’t. As I left the doctor I apologised for being a nuisance and thanked him for his patience. He held my hands, looked at me and said, ‘I’m really sorry- that was the worst I have seen in 13 years and you were very brave. I am sorry for the pain you went through…’

Yes of course. When I do things, I dont do them by halves.

Now I am torn. Is it worse to have to open your mouth to a dentist or your legs to a gyne. Ladies? As for me – hell, I’d rather have a baby. Atleast you have a beautiful baby at the end of all the trouble.


94 thoughts on “Never judge a book by its cover

  1. Errr by your own admission, you will get to keep the most beautiful smile at the end of a ‘open your mouth at a dentist’ session, won’t you?

    Lots of hugs MM!

  2. Oh you poor girl. I feel really really bad for you. Seriously. Hope and pray u get better soon. For some reason, the way you wrote was heart wrenching. The helplessness of the situation came across to us readers and I feel helpless with you because there isnt anything I can do to help. I am sorry. Take care.

  3. OMG This is what my(everyone’s) nightmare is. The whole horror of it.Why didnt you demand more anesthesia? I rather give birth, have my err cheebye stitched after birthing a 3.8kg lb baby than face the dentist. And I had easy extractions.

    You would hate me. I take ibuprofen at the first twinge of a headache. After my accident, I was given a really strong painkiller(whose drug name I now forget and which is usually given to post-op patients) and I went to lala land with them. I took Advil when I went for my IUD insertion. See painkillers are your best friends when required. To feel alive..all you have to do is look at the kids and OA.
    Big hugs and I hope your jaw feels better soon. Oh you would be on a liquid diet then I guess for some time?

    A long comment after a long while.

  4. Wow – that sounds like a terrible time…here’s hoping the remnants of teeth don’t bother you at all. What about the other wisdom teeth? Have they come in/out already, or do you need to face this again?


  5. The last sentence answered your question. Having a baby is far better and our body is prepared for it with production of Oxytoxin harmone which helps in forgetting the pain later.

    But for dental procedure there is nothing that our body does to help us.

    BTW that was quite a narration from a lady who is in pain and still took the trouble to write.

  6. I’m so sorry MM. The pain is a lousy excuse just to see how sweet the OA has become or how sensitive your kids are. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. It was a root canal, 10 days after my wedding that made me realize what the whole marriage deal is about. You NEED a soul mate, life partner, aka significant other to help you bear the pain of a dental procedure. That is the sole purpose of getting hitched.

  8. You are truly BRAVE MM !!
    Firstly you are tolerating the pain … secondly you take time and update us readers …
    Hope you feel better soon !!!

  9. gosh! what a nightmare. Now I am all freaked out ‘coz I have scheduled an appointment with my dentist to get my wisdom teeth extracted. I hope you feel better soon. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been able to handle it as well as you did even though I have had 2 cesarians and understand pain! I have always maintained that I hate both ob/gyn visists just as much as I hate my visits to the dentist 🙂

  10. MM..I had my wisdom tooth taken out while I was pregnant…not the best thing what with the local anesthesia and all, but as my OB said it was creating more trouble for the bub being around and having me in pain.
    i went through all you wrote and more later…and the pain didnt go away after the extraction, there was still a fortnight of hell to follow. That is all I will remember about the pregnancy….the tooth ache.
    after the c- section for some freakish reason the toothache (for a ‘phantom’ tooth!) returned…I didnt want any painkillers (which the hospital LOVES to force on you)…finally said OK I will take it just to make the toothache go away (IT DIDNT!!)
    Legs to a gyne ANY TIME.

  11. I too had all the troubles with inner teeth that you have described and dont even have a good smile. One tooth has come on the inside making it look like i have a missing front tooth and one of the tooth is broken into half making the smile horrible 😦
    been through 3 root canals, 2 crowns/caps and filling in almost all my teeth. And i brush twice too 😦
    I had the wisdom tooth extracted but thank god not like this. What you went through is horrible. Hope you feel better soon and there are no more extractions.

    BTW, the doctor was you family friend alright, but how many years of practice he had? One of my cousin is a dentist and he suggested i go to a very experienced doctor for the tooth extraction. It really needs skills coz there is always a chance of half extraction and half piece left behind. Thats when the nightmare starts.

  12. Ooh, sounds terrible. :S What nobody tells you about even the smallest dental procedure is that your saliva keeps pooling in your mouth and some poor sod has to keep suctioning it away! I wonder what they did before electricity.

  13. Oh MM! I’d rather deliver a 10 pound baby vaginally sans epidural than go through your ordeal. I hope it’s not too out of character for you to be Mellow Momma till you heal. Here’s wishing you find the right music to help you wade across the pain.

  14. Hi MM,
    sorry to hear about your ordeal and hope that you recover quickly. I have had my share of dental woes and am petrified of getting in the dentist’s chair. Is there any reason you did not opt for General Anaes?

  15. yeeeoooowwwwwwwwww

    guess i was really lucky.

    * gives MM a big hug taking care not to press on the swollen jaw….

    ice cream ? your fave flavour ??? tubs of it ?


  16. I know the post was to get some soothing words of sympathy but to be frank, I was actually laughing away at the humour 😀

    But yes..hope it gets better and you never ever have to go through this again.

  17. the post gave me knots in my stomach. as i read through the post, i imagined each and everything and really felt like skipping it half way. i am so scared of going to dentist, and in this long life haven’t ever visited one… i know i badly need one but am too scared to go. but after reading your post, i have decided to finish that long overdue task… visit a dentist.
    wishing you a quick relief from the pain.

    Me: the guy i go to is good Rim. he’s from our hometown. I’ll give you his number and you see if you want to go to him….

  18. Oh God – that was awful just by reading it – and indeed seems like labour is better – as you said, at least u have a baby at the end of it.

    Hoping your pain subsides fast MM, and no more painful visits to the dentist! My mother is scheduled for a complicated dental surgery today – fingers and toes crossed, touch wood …etc etc

    Me: if the dentist is connected with with a hospital maybe she can get it under GA you know… its not so much the pain as the awkwardness and the awareness..

  19. also wanted to add – with all that pain, you managed to write this post … i can’t imagine getting out of bed for a simple sinus headache! Hats off!

  20. Hey, take care. I am sorry you had to undergo so much pain. Toothaches can be painful, I have seen my mother roaming about the house for several whole nights due to toothache. Nothing wud work.

    And I too would say you have been very brave, you were at it for 3 hours. I dont think I can last that much. I hope teeth remnants dnt cause you pain in future. I will pray for you.

  21. But some pain killers once in a while would do no harm, na? I dont mind the headaches, bodyaches etc but I devotedly take painkillers for chums. So, the thought of pregnancy does scare me quite a bit..
    For sugarcane you must come down to the south during pongal, we have them every year.
    Get well soon:)

  22. MM, you have the most wonderful smile *touchwood*
    These gruesome details scared the lights out of me. I wish you speedy recovery and hope you never have to see him in his clinic again! take care.

  23. eugghhh! All my sympathies, babe. I dread dentists like nobody else – haven’t been to one in years though I really should. Only go to hold A/ babies’hands during their treatments

  24. “At least you have a beautiful baby at the end of all the trouble.”

    This time you maintain the perfect smile in perfect condition!Hugs and Ummahs to you.This too shall pass…

    And I totally understand what your feelings visa vis OAs teeth. Unlike other kids I somehow loved to brush my teeth(weird I know). In fact in my entire life I must have missed brushing on a couple of occasions at the max when I was traveling I think. Some of my closest friends on the other hand frequently “miss” brushing, have coffee in bed, the works…and guess what I have 4 root canal treatments and my 2 fillings while my friends have..none.NONE!!! Can you beat that?
    Lifes a b**** I tell you.

  25. MM are you a tv journalist?? Now, I am trying to see if I can relate you to someone…This is an earlier photograph me thinks.. Bean looks younger..hmm..
    anyways.. good luck with your dental problem and I hope you beat it:)

    Me: I was one. before i had the kids. and this pic is only a month or so old!

  26. Oh, MM! HUGS! I’m so sorry. Hope the pain gets better SOOOOON.

    Have had my husband go thru a wisdom tooth extraction, where he said the Doc was like a bull in a china shop- least bothered that he was causing the patient any pain, just putting his whole hand in and wrenching away…

    Me- I dread dentists. Legs to Gyn, any day.

  27. Ouch..while reading your post..mere daaton mein dard ho raha tha..You chinta not..your pain will go away soon..Take care MM..

    Also, I have the perfect set of teeth from outside..but inside, it’s a totally different story! But I’m to blame. I stopped chewing from one side of my mouth cos it used to hurt BAD. Now the other side is giving up too..sigh! Of course I need to go to a dentist..but I think I’ll wait till I master the art of chewing in between;)..

  28. As a fellow sufferer of the dental kind (I need serious work done inside…infact, am eating with one side of my mouth since I have a broken tootyh which had RTC done), I choose the opening my legs scenario too!

  29. awwww MM. get well soon hugs coming your way.

    i am SO scared of dentists and their bills that i dont dare go, though i know i should make a trip just to know.

    hope the pain subsides real fast.

    hugs again

  30. i cant even try and visualise this!! get well soon… i have a greying tooth which i think i will keep that way till it rots and falls off on its own!! no way i’d go through this…. i would rather have the baby…

  31. Hey hope you are feeling better now.
    You know I wrote about judgments- how I sometimes judge a book by its cover and people by their blogs. I was going to go with a variation of this for the title.
    But I went with something more specific.
    Anyways, since you are pro-judgments, would you like to take it up as a tag? I am sure you judge bloggers by the way they write- .I’d understand if you pass this one because you are friends with half the blogging world and consider it against etiquette 🙂

  32. I don’t have kids… and have been to a dentist. So I defly will opt for familiar pain than unfamiliar. But then, again I guess the qns doesn’t really apply to me.

    I wore braces when I was in school. They extracted 4 teeth and put the braces on. The dentist said it was a preemptive measure to avoid problems when the wisdom teeth came out( apparently there was no space for them to come out when they did!). I am now glad I did get those teeth removed and cleared up some space.

    I hope u are feeling better now….

    Oh, and my dad tells me that if I brush my teeth too hard, and the enamel that is around them will wear off and I will get cavities 😐

  33. Get Well soon dear… You terrorise me… seriously should I or should I not go for the root canal? (if in case, I have to!)

    Let me be frank, halfway thru your post I was laughing… Sorry dear 😦 But do Get Well soon…

  34. You know, I sort of agree with the OA’s logic. My 34 year old cousin brushes only in the mornings all her life & has the kind of pearly whites that would give those toothpaste-ad chicks a run for their money. Never has seen as much as a dentist’s visiting card either! And I, who can’t sleep without brushing my teeth at night have 4 cavities already 😦

    Earlier I used to attribute it to my ‘phooti kismet’ but now I’ve met too many people with the same prob, well one more to add to the list 🙂

    Hope you get well soon!

    P.S: Couldn’t resist saying, at least you could write amidst all the carnage, imagine under GA, you wouldn’t be able to do even THAT !!
    Don’t hit me 😛

  35. Holy crap! This sounds like hell, literally. Proud of you for not letting all the bone-drilling dent your sense of humour by even one bit. 🙂 Take care.

  36. Hi ‘tooth sister’… after 3 root canals, 3 extractions and ‘i cant remember how many cavity fillings’, I know what you must have gone through! I’ve always wanted to ask my dentist why those tools of their cant have silencers???
    take care and yes! I’d open legs to a gynaec anyday…

  37. Oh shite. I have that same condition (embedded teeth whatever). Twice I chickened out of getting them removed, once I scheduled and dentist cancelled, the other time I scheduled and got pregnant so I had to cancel 🙂 Have never ventured there again.

    Why didn’t you do it with GA? You had GA with brat didn’t you?

    Me: no yaar. spinal for brat. thasshow i knew that the bugger got stuck in my bone. and they couldnt get him out despite cutting me open. yes yes, dont say it. i know all this only happens to me.

  38. I have never been to a dentist, and after reading this, I’m never gonna either. Both my wisdom teeth came out absolutely fine thanks!

  39. hahaah!. after reading your post yest , i dreamed of myself breaking 4-5 teeth. and was so scared after waking up. This , not enough, mornign i come to office , to read another of your posts containing – TEETH.Freaked me out. how a blog can influence your life

  40. Get well soon! Your smile really is beautiful. I had my impacted tooth extracted last year…. though didnt have to go through what you went through. Icecreams helped in the recovery process 🙂

  41. I feel for you MM. I had guessed that it would be horrible, but this is the pits really. You revise your opinion of the OA, for I too have heard that brushing for too long or too much brushing is not good for the teeth. It was in those home remedy sections of some newspaper I think.
    Child birth will win hands down! most women will love the prize and forget the suffering.

  42. My god, that sounds absolutely awful. Please could you go to the hospital and check that you are all right? All this throwing up doesn’t sound good at all. Is it the anaesthesia causing it?

    I had a bit of my wisdom tooth left over after an extraction and it DID bother me. If your left over pieces hurt, please can you have them removed under general anaesthesia?

  43. Oh the horror! I am perplexed how you even managed to sit down, relive the entire thing and tell us abt it. I can’t imagine this kind of agony MM. I’d rather go to the gyne anyday, than a dentist. 3 years back I had all 4 of my wisdom tooth removed. One was problematic and it HAD to go, and I opted for the other 3 as well, since he said it might recur with them in the future! Brrr! Even now, thinking abt it gives me the shivers!

    I hope you never have to go through this ordeal again!

  44. I read your posts every day but do not comment as i’m not so good with words. I do hope that you will recover soon from the pain and be able to smile that beautiful smile again. Keep smiling and keep writing.
    Belated happy birthday to Bean. May she be showered with god’s choicest blessings.


  45. Oh darling, what a pain. I couldn’t read past the sawing your tooth part. Only you can laugh about it, silly girl. Take care.

    On a side note, you seem to ignore things that need attention, even if they are painful, like your teeth, knees?!

  46. Umm….got a tension headache reading your post and a palpitating heart!!! I could not finish reading are really good at details and my imagination makes me see everything…ooohhh..I feel your pain!! I had the same surgery when I was in college and thank God I took general anaesthesia..but then I had jaundice and typhoid both together and apparently it was because of unsterile instruments the dentist used!!!
    Praying the pain gets better, some misthi dahi would be nice to have 😀
    Lots of hugs and kisses – this time to you first and then the babies 😀

  47. Sounds TERRIBLE. You brave lady!

    Dentists are all too familiar to me.. I’ve had it all, root canals, braces, cleaning… I even bit my dentist ehrn under anasthesia thinking her finger was the cotton swab she expected me to clench. To her credit she has continued to see me 😀

    Me: WOW! now theres another job i wouldnt take on!!

    The other dentist I made the mistake of visiting used permanent glue for a temporary capping and then spent an hour hammering at my front teeth to unglue the temp thingies. Ugh! And he wouldn’t gimme painkillers 😦 I hate him. Hmpfh!

    @La vida Loca: You ARE one, you WOULD choose that over a baby no? 😀

  48. What a nightmare!!! Hope you feel better soon, MM. Feel really sorry for the way it went down.
    I’d take childbirth anyday. I chickened out and told the dentist I won’t go through without GA – my parents were a bit scared because of risks associated with GA. But I didn’t even blink!

  49. must quote from the reader’s digest:

    “there are pains that are physical and there are pains that are mental: but the ones that are both are the ones that are dental.”

    or words to that effect

    the useless logic here is that you lose a tooth for every baby you have…

  50. I went through the exact same thing about 5 years back. Infact, my cheek was swollen for 3 whole weeks. At the end of 3 weeks, we found the cause for the swelling- removal of that tooth had left a hollow space in my gums, and food got stuck in it every now and then, making it swell. So then the dentist stitched it up. It was done by my regular dentist in India ( I should have gone to an oral surgeon). But in the US its done by Dental surgeons by giving general anesthesia.
    I have one more horizontally grown wisdom tooth that needs to be removed surgically, but I have been delaying it forever. I’m just too scared to get it done.
    Hope you feel better soon, I know what you are going through. This too shall pass.

  51. I had a wisdom teeth removal too 😦 It was painful…I hate pain. And I hate dentists too. The open mouth, the drill, the pulling and pushing and the blood. Yuck!

    Big Hug and a kiss! 😀

  52. oh poor you!!!hope you get well soon…
    one question why didnt you too opt for general anesthesia instead of local one……

  53. Dear MM,

    You are a very courageous woman ,hats off to you. I could feel the pain as i read through the entire post, its very scary. hope you will recover soon. Prayers and good wishes.

  54. Oh the splattering blood, the gore, the entrails!!!

    Evil Dead meeting the Texas Chain Saw Murderer. Your life is reality TV:-)

    Get better soon, dear MM!

    Me: ooh. i like this description 😀

  55. popping a baby via c-sec – a breeze.
    cutting up the gum the get the tooth out – YIKES!!!
    drug yourself good.

    Me: God no – neither of my csecs were a breeze! the brat in fact got stuck and couldnt be taken out after cutting me open too!

  56. And oh..forgot to add – put some salt in a square piece of cloth and tie the cloth up. warm it and apply on your jaw…relieves the pain. Hugs again – hope you feel better soon.

  57. oh dear. I share your anguish on the bad teeth. No wisdom teeth yet but am under 30 and already have had 4 root canals! The smile hides all the gory signs!
    Don’t know that I will be able to stand a procedure as terrible as that description. Heck! If someone says get the wisdom tooth removed, I’ll run away as soon as I can!

    Hope you feel better though.

  58. MM, you sure have a to die for, million dollar pearly smile!! Will pray for your pearls to shine as bright as the wonderful MM herself, forever!

  59. Its so scary, I can not imagine doing anything so painful under local anesthesia!!

    My mom had to get a bad root canal done, and that was so painful, she survived almost on liquid for 3 days!

  60. I hope your jaw is better, and the swelling has lessened. Really sorry to know you went through so much at the dentist’s. I don’t think I am getting my wisdom tooth removed, which is also growing into my cheek, and the dentist had advised removal after one tooth infection. God please let me not!

    Wish you a speedy recovery! Take care of yourself.

  61. I wandered onto your blog yesterday and have been reading it non-stop, in between fixing meals and my other chores, burned the dal I was making for lunch because I was so engrossed..I love the way you write and well, I guess also because I’m going to be joining the mommy club in December, (although I have only been married for 7 months) and am in equal parts scared as hell and madly excited.
    I love the posts where you play mind games to discipline your kids.They seem exactly like how I want my baby to grow up to be- warm and loving and creative and enthusiastic and friendly. So you are my role model not so mad momma 🙂
    Was particularly happy to see this post since I had an impacted wisdom tooth taken out too and while I almost tried to kill my dentist then, I’m glad that you compared the pain of childbirth to it. Heck if I survived that I guess I could manage the pushing and the tearing and the …ok I’m passing out again…:(

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