No post today

Dental surgery. F**k, f**k, f**k. Wisdom tooth grew sideways into jaw bone. Three hour ‘open mouth’ surgery under local anesthesia that kept wearing off. Am in agony.

Dear God – if anyone has ever wished me dead – this would be a good time to oblige them.

Thank you.

Dear all – if you don’t hear from me, you  know what might have happened. Goodnight


58 thoughts on “No post today

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery…

    Now at the risk of being classified as a troll,
    here is something for your pleasure:

    Me: LOL! Arunji – aapne mood lift kar diya!

  2. Good heavens! I so identify with that since my Mom has had this once, and root canal twice. I know it hurts worse than hell. Take care, sweetheart, and have loads of ice cream. Mom’s experience says ice cream helps tremendously – a definite mood lifter, an effective soother to the wound, and an efficient pain-reliever.
    Just rest and don’t speak. Catch up on whatever distracts you from pain – movies, books, music, whatever.
    Get well soon! (((hugs)))

  3. I know your pain. Underwent the same surgery 4 yrs back in India. And now the wisdom tooth on the other side is in same position and same surgery needs to be done. I’m a bit worried about doing it in the US (when I’m all alone here 😦 ).

    Do check your other wisdom tooth too!!

  4. OMG! I have a wisdom tooth growing sideways into another tooth, caused a cavity. My dentist has been reminding me to get surgery done but I have been putting it off until my wisdom tooth decides to grow any further.

    Best of luck on your recovery. Take out that sippy cup, you will need it.

  5. Oh lord…this is one of the worst things to happen. Hope you get better.

    Here is my Wisdom Teeth story :
    With me 3 of the wisdom teeth were removed. One was out as your is and other two were inside and not popped out. I got anesthesia and I totally fainted and dentist probably got paranoid that I will sue him. When I came back to senses and was back home he called me to make sure I am doing fine. I was new to this country then, never knew why he was so worried.

    This gesture is very rare in US where everything is appointment and nothing personal.

    The fourth one has not made an appearance yet.

  6. Hi MM,

    I have been following your blog for a few months have agreat blog ( not that you already dont know it).. just couldnt resist saying it.
    I am with you on this dental surgery.
    as a matter of fact, anything to do with a Dentist is annoying.
    Header pic is beautiful

  7. Oh!! you poor thing! **hugs**
    It can be very painful…

    Please take care and keep a cold compress near that place on your cheek – that helps (I think)…


  8. Awww sweetie! Same thing happening to me, but am putting it off for as long as I can!

    Take care sweetie! Get well soon and when the pain goes away, cheer yourself up by sinking your teeth into something you absolutely LOVE!!

  9. Hey MM take care…wisdom toothaches are bad and awful and your really sound terrible. Stick to custards and boiled potatoes for a few days. I had mine ten days before my wedding when the left side of my face was all swollen up and my mom went bonkers 😛

  10. Hey,
    I have been thru the same 5 months back….it will take time to heal…and even i sat for 3 hours….:(
    I have to get the another wisdom tooth removed now and i still don’t have the guts to go to the doc…take lots of fluids…since i know u cant eat for another week…the pain killers will surely help u get thru…take care

  11. Aaaaarrrrggghhh! Three hours with your mouth open and someone digging into it!!! Even under general anathesia the very idea is puke inducing, dunno how you managed under local! intestines are churning just to hear about you. Please get well soon, now I know where bean gets her guts from…best wishes and hugs.

  12. awwww.. take heart MM. Hope the surgery goes off without any complications and only bearable pain (that the local anaesthesia will do its job) Take care.

  13. Ha-ha. (Oops! Makes a straight face.) Take care, MM. I’m not even stopping to think when I will have to do that. My wisdom teeth having forever been trying to grow inside my mouth that has no space for them. Someday, those stumps will have to be extricated and the treasure from those cavities excavated.

  14. There *should* be no post today. You ain’t supposed to be posting everyday remember*? Hush now and go eat ice-cream.

    * And if you don’t, we do

  15. Hope you are feeling better.

    I have the same kind of problem with wisdom tooth, and have been advised surgery, but am postponing.

    You are brave! Please take good care of yourself.

  16. gulp mine is all scheduled. i already have delayed it by 7 months.
    sorry won’t be able to meet you. you’re probably headed for the pearly gates i can already feel the (b)pitchfork on my bum.
    i feel for you. hang in there.

  17. Ouch!! Wish you a speedy recovery!!!

    My wisdom teeth story:
    Had all my wisdom teeth taken out 4 yrs ago! General anesthesia (I refused to do local) and I woke up on a bed…all done! It will suck for a week and things will get slowly better and then you’ll be thankful that it’s over.

    Response to comment #12, actually after a surgery all docs DO call up and enquire…atleast where I live in the US. I was feeling woozy and nauseated after the anesthesia wore off and the doc called the next day to make sure I was feeling better and suggested things to make myself comfortable.

  18. oooppppssss.

    it happened to me. wisdom tooth impacted on the jawbone. rotted away and infected SO badly that even two combiflan’s and two voweran’s didn’t work.

    a high intensity dose of antibiotics was followed by an oral surgeon working on the same surgery you described.

    god bless him – he did it in 45 minutes flat. and no the anaesthetic didn’t wear off.

    four stiches later – the pain was bearable. and no way close to what i went thru earlier.

    hang in there my dearest MM…this too shall pass. and if you need the coordinates of the dentist…please do ask.

    love and hugs

  19. ouch. sorry to hear. thats a bitch…i had a similar procedure, the impacted wisdom tooth broke into half-a-dozen pieces inside my mouth, dentist had to literally dig out all the chips.

    the only saving grace, my mommy was right there with me , her 30 year old baby.

    lots of cold compress from the outside, lots of sucking on those ice candies (not the ones that have milk, the ones that are just frozen flavoured water). i went through 25 in 2 days post-op, and thats what the dentist recommended.


  20. Ouch! Ice is your friend…plain ice cubes/chips or cold jello…but I’m also mean enough to snicker at the thought of MM with her mouth open for 3 hours, and not talking 😀 😀

    I went through similar surgery as well, only my dentist warned me that my other wisdom teeth also were in danger of doing the same thing (I’d had braces, so no room for the wisdom teeth to come in), so I had him remove all 4 in the same surgery – he warned me of post-operative pain times 4, but I figured I’d get it over with…what he didn’t think to tell me was that my face would swell up….like a chipmunk with mumps! And it stayed that way for more than a week…and me with a wedding to photographic evidence exists, thankfully!


  21. Hey, Seeing your name in my inbox was a pleasant surprise today 🙂
    Thanks for taking the time out to comment on a lousy post(and making me feel bad for not even commenting on the Beanie’s Bday post but it came across as so personal that I didn’t want to intrude…anyways hope you guys had fun)
    Hope you get better soon.

  22. Argghh.. I freaking hate the dentist. I would rather give birth without an epidural than sit in the dentist chair.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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  24. Been thru this 10+ yrs ago, I know what it feels like. Carried a swollen face and throat for a whole week. Add to that I had kept my jaw clenched and after a week got a good sounding from the dr, saying if I delay opening my jaw any further, my jaw will forget that it ever was able to open and shut :p.

    am sorry, hope you get well soon. The same evolution theory was fed to me as well, made me feel good but didn’t take away the pain.

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