The shallow reason

… that most of us give for wanting a daughter, is that she is fun to dress up. The better reasons, well each of us have our own. Anyhow, the point is, it’s rather tempting to have a little girl around to dress up and I couldn’t blame the maid when I walked into the nursery to discover a Bean with a head full of mismatched accessories.

A maroon rubber band, a purple rubber band, a blue clip, a black clip and three shiny roses!!! I can see how tempting it was for her to decorate the Bean’s head but a little less accessorising and a little more colour coordination would have helped. Oh well, she’s got a few more years to keep trying!



43 thoughts on “The shallow reason

  1. I will call it a strange coincidence that while you were busy writing your post, I was writing a comment in reply to yours and I ended my comment with an invitation to read “who am I” section of my daughter’s blog…….and trust me mine wanting my daughter wasnt any one mentioned by you……that was a real reason and that answers your reply to my comment about me being the only man not agreeing……..

    I respect and adore women as my mother, my sister and my wife are also women…and I owe a lot to them……alongwith my father.

    Not to forget the contribution of many of my teachers who shaped my thought process in my formative years….All my teachers were women and I still remember them by their names….

    This seals our discussion.

  2. Adorable…
    Now if only you could ask Beanie to teach my daughter to keep clips and bands on her head.. my baby will just not have any of that… I have to take her to the parlor every other month and get her a haircut (looks more like a boy, except her earrings)..:).. if i let her hair grow beyond about 7 weeks, it looks messy because she wont let me put anything (even a hairband) to make it look decent anyway!

    My top reason to be super-thrilled about having a daughter is that they are so so affectionate.. boys are mostly engrossed in rough play, wheras little girls are always doing something sweet.. (not to say that my daughter is not a brat and wont make a mess of the house every opportunity she gets, but she makes it up by doing these really sweet things).. like patting my arm when she thought I had a wound there, telling her teddy ‘don’t worry, u sleep close to mama’, just the way I tell her. My #2 reason is of course because I love dressing her up (whatever she’ll let me do).. but mostly it takes me half hour to make sure she’ll have a bindi on, bangles and a chain when I dress her up in traditional clothes. The end result has me pleased though.. hard work does pay off, eh? πŸ™‚

  3. and we still find it cute. That’s the point πŸ˜‰
    Does Bean insist on picking out her own clothes? Is she at that point yet…

    Me: nope. strict rule in my house. they will wear what they are told to or they can live on the roads. we’ve had arguments and they’ve learned to live with my rules.

  4. one more year and bean will be dictating what she wants put on her head. She will be the one deciding whether the accessories are co-ordinating with dress colors.

  5. i guess i will easily qualify as a maid ….i do that with my little girl, who has very little hair and in my desperation to dress her up, i gather the few strands on her tiny head and put as many clips or barettes (and yes, unmatched at times) i can…poor wonder she keeps taking them off. i am pretty certain she will disown me as her mom when she realizes what i put her through..

    bean has beautiful hair!

    BTW, i thoroughly enjoyed reading your last post. didnt leave a comment cos you already had so many of them. i love how your passion comes through with your writings!

  6. WHAT? Beanie is not averse to cleeps now? Embracing them in all their uncoordinated haphazardness?

    I kinda liked her pulling them off and being a rebel with a cleep cause. ho hum.

  7. MM , don’t u know that punk is always In…any ways if not Bean is following the footsteps of the famous Punkey Brewster. [:D]


  8. Photographs like these are the reason why all teenagers have the I-hate-my-parents phase πŸ™‚ I nearly went on a murder spree when I discovered one of me in a puff-sleeved fairy frock with matching pink and yellow shoes…Don’t worry, that too shall pass.

  9. hahah

    our day help likes to (over)neatly “bind” anush’s hair with lots of flowers- i cant stand flowers in anyone’s hair- but i dont want to hurt her either- so i let it be.

  10. well – my cousin would disagree with you — it is not a shallow reason, it is a very good reason for wanting a girl πŸ™‚ after years of boring shopping for her 2 sons where the only “choice” was whether the shirt was plain/ checks / lines and how many pockets does the trouser have, and whether they were zippered or not!!

    My own take – the world economy would collapse without any chance of redemption if we women started shopping the way men do. πŸ™‚

  11. Cute matching socks! You haven’t shown us her soft wax looking feet for such a long time. Please, MM, just a pic of her feet …

  12. this is so true…and i know not whether its a shallow reason or not-atleast of the many things for which i wanted a daughter-this was one of them….i spend most of my money buying stuff for her…and i cant blame it on the maid..i myself love accessorising ra’s hair…

  13. For some reason, i imagined the Beanie to be much older… (i know she is only turning 2, day after, but all the same) πŸ™‚ … this pic and the hand that is holding her head, made me realise how much of a lil baby she is!!!!! Awwwwwwwww… a million kisses on that mussed up lil pony-tailed head… hugs, Beanie Baby…

  14. Few years? I doubt it, going by the advanced intelligence of children nowadays, she can expect resistance in a month or so! My 3 year old has an opinion on his hairstyle and decides which pants he will wear to school. Only this morning he did not let me change his biker t-shirt (which he wore from last night) as he wanted to go to school in it. I strongly suspect that the maid could do it because the Bean let her and either
    (a) she can’t see the back of her head and therefore does not know that they are mismatched, or
    (b) she has chosen the ’60s style for her spring/summer wardrobe!
    In any case, I love the result!

  15. Cho cute. You are absolutely is more fun to dress up a girl and my wish was granted when I had my girl.

    Right now her head is shaved and her hair is growing, her baby hair was too thin and brown. I waited for a long while to do the deed.

    Though not color coordinated, it still looks cute.

  16. trendsettah that girl…

    i want to do my hair like that…

    lemme see blue clip, then three roses then rubber bands

    is it three roses, then blue clip, then rubberbands?

  17. ofcourse yesss, one of the reasons wanting to have a baby girl is to dress her up… and the second most important reason is that she is a daughter always, sons’ grow up and leave the nest but daughters’ are always there, no matter how far they are Son becomes independent too soon, but the daughter always needs her mother, however old she gets..

  18. Aww.. such adorable li’l fountains. And why bother over some little mismatch in hair accessories when t-shirt, pants & socks are all matching to the tee… and that too in a delicious ice-cream pink shade ???
    Cuteness!!! πŸ˜€

  19. beanie with her cleeps is the cutest! i am thinking of using clips on my toddler son coz i cant keep the hair from hair from getting into his eyes. πŸ™‚

    and does the bed sheet have tigers on it? i have one very similar one, with patchwork border, made by some proud artisans showcasing tigers from MP.

    Me: Tigers yes πŸ™‚ Its from Dastkar Ranthambore. We try and avoid the usual winnie the pooh type things and this country gives you so much of stuff that is interesting to kids

  20. I was thinking I want a Barbie for a budday present this year but fuhggedit. I want Beanie now.

    The way you describe her she always somehow seems older and bigger than she is and then when I see her photo I realise she is so tiny! Ok I know you don’t like people pointing that out time and again, sorry.

    Me: πŸ™‚ not at all. she IS tiny. nothing to be done about it. but now she’s almost the right height for a two year old. but what people forget is that two year old really are quite small πŸ™‚

    You’d get on very well with my mum btw, she’s forever scouting for locally manufactured household things wherever she goes.

  21. πŸ˜€

    head full of hair and cleeps!! πŸ™‚ quite a picture that is!

    and i loove her socks! i am obsessed with buying socks for Cubby! i mean for how long will let me put on some sunshine yellow socks on him! sigh!


  22. Agree with Rim..daughters are always connected with mother even after marriage while son become old enough too soon…..
    Beanie is looking as if she is modelling for some band/clip shop..:-)

  23. was re reading your post…and saw the tags…”bean and fashion”…yr beanie has grown up so much….u can start associating her with fashion!!

  24. waaahhhhhhhhhhhh! i want my BB to have hair too…….i have a boxful of accessories that i longinglylook at everyday.

    i think beanie looks so adorable in them ponytails…i remember from when she was born and you said she was as bald as an egg πŸ™‚ sure showed you, didn’t she? πŸ˜‰

    Me: LOL! she sure did. had hair way below her shoulders when its wet and not curled up. she’s even had a hair cut… so i have heaved a sigh of relief!

  25. are you sure the maid didnt give her the choice of picking up whatever she wanted to put in her hair? lol i know nosh at that stage wanted everything in her hair…

    Me: maid is as autocratic as the mother is πŸ˜‰

  26. MM,

    LOL – yeah yeah, she’ll continue to wear what you put out…(M walks away, whistling :-))

    Me: LOL! oh i know it wont last long. why do you think i am making hay while the sun shines?

    Since Beanie seems amenable now, get her hair conrowed ASAP! I’ve always wanted to get K’s done, but my iron-willed daughter had/has other plans! And the argument of getting it done myself, if I like it so much doesn’t fly – I tried it – Looked Horrendous! πŸ™‚


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