Khank you

I’m a terrible mother. Really. The Brat for instance, still can’t say Thank you. He says Khank You. With a delightful lilt. And you really miss it unless you pay close attention. Which is why it took us so long to figure out that he says Khank you instead of Thank you.

The Brat has truly been my model baby. Doing all the cute baby things onΒ cue, mispronouncing, eating up words, mixing up words… the works. But this was the limit we thought, when at 3.5 he was still saying Khank you, despite us correcting him.

So the OA and I began a two pronged attack. He would do something for me and I would clearly enunciate – Th-ank You. Or the other way around, with the OA smiling and almost bowing and saying a loud and clear, Th-ank you. But the Brat was having none of it and no matter how hard we worked with him, he insisted on saying Khank You.

Finally, weΒ gave up. Out of a vaaaast vocabulary (sometimes he tells us that we’re doing ‘terrible’ things!!) – mispronouncing one word wasn’t the end of the world.

The Bean on the other hand was going around referring to chapatis as chut-uh-pees and the OA and I were in splits. Until Madam decided to correct herself. So there she is, asking for chapatis in a dignified way, and saying Thank You, politely and correctly. While I desperately chase her and say – its not a chapati baby, its a chut-uh-pee.

The OA looks at his mad wife in horror. ‘Why are you teaching her to mispronounce words???’

Because she’s my last little baby. Because I love the way it sounds. Because I don’t want her to be this little grown up with perfect diction.

Oh wellΒ  – the Bean can go be as lady-like as she wants and have perfect diction and speech. I still have my little baby Brat, khank you very much.


41 thoughts on “Khank you

  1. ROFL!! So, I am not alone in this “Bad Mama” gig? It took me over two years to realize that S says “Dani” instead of “Nani”. She had trouble saying the “n” sound if it was the first sound in a word. I always thought she sounded a bit congested πŸ˜› I tried hard to make her retain her childish mispronunciations too, to no avail. I am going to try harder with M πŸ™‚ But you took a weight off my mind. Khank you!!!!

  2. Aw! she corrected it? I smiled so much when I read about her chu tu pee pronunciation!

    I guess it’s really hard to see that Thank you is really Khank you especially when we are mentally expecting a Thank you.

  3. they sound so cute…don’t correct him…please!!!!

    my son, who turned 5 calls the refrigerator, ‘fregirator’and we just love the sound of it. my 2 year old, calls ‘monsters’, ‘monters’
    puzzle- puddle
    teeth – teet–sounds more like tit!

  4. awww…they are growing up fast arent they?
    ((hugs) to both of them
    and you tried to get her to say chut-uh-pees ?:D
    AFTER she learnt how to say it correctly?

    and the Brat is NOT saying it correctly so he HAS to say it correctly?


  5. Reminds me of the time Cantaloupe addressed her chacha as “Tapatha” (chikappa in kannada) … we marveled at her diction … but soon she corrected herself much to our despair :((
    What can you expect from her when she teaches her mom long complex sanskrit words like “Manavairmanurbhirmune” ….

  6. This post reminds me of my 2+ yr old son.
    We have never bothered to correct his rhymes, we laugh every time he recites…

    Timpi Timpi little star
    I wonder what you are
    Appa you are so five
    Like a diamond in the sky

  7. “sometimes he tells us that we’re doing β€˜terrible’ things!!”
    hee hee, reminds me of the Imp who once said, “Amma, I need my space”…at the ripe old age of two. Gave me goosebumps, that did.

  8. And I insist on a chicken lollipok thank you very much, and want my gu gu….

    They grow up too soon dont they? *sigh*

  9. MM, till the age of almost 5-6, I used to mis-pronounce my own name and proudly introduce myself as “My name is Chupppa’

    PS: My name is Supriya actually

  10. I so love the mispronunciations. You won’t catch me trying to correct them – that’s what school is for. I’ll just enjoy them as long as they last. My favourite one is aminals (instead of animals)

  11. Funny! The 2 year old son of one friend used to say “sicky pup” for sippy-cup. The father used to go on and on trying to make the kid say it right, but I suspect it was only to hear him say ‘sicky pup’ each and every time!

  12. lol! I try and get Nino to say Kenth You, which is what Thank you sounds like when a pucca gujju says it. He looks at me as if I’m a little loopy, and goes, ‘it’s ‘Th-ank’ you mama!’

  13. thats so cute!

    i still get confused between Cubby’s winnie the pooh and ruhi bua. winnie is ooa pua and bua is ooi bua! and aeroplane is aeopaya! :p

    Khank you for the post! πŸ˜€

  14. πŸ™‚ I love baby talk!
    Are you sure he is not mispronouncing just to be naughty?
    Hugs to the bean and the brat:)

  15. Mad logic from the Mad Momma! Such a nut:-)

    But of course its important to hold on the babies and they lispy loveliness.

    My big baby (he is categorically denied the right to grow up!) was almost four before he could say ketchup.. it was always Keputch:-)He’s the only reason I can even look at ketchup!

    Me: but of course – babies are NOT allowed the right to grow up.

  16. Cutie pie brat….i m feeling as if i know them from long now as i m regular visitor to your blog…

    Really your way of expressing babies tales is awesome..:-)

  17. Like ze 3 yr Mimi will charmingly say ‘Little Led Liding Hood’ and the hubby is trying to teach her to pronounce ‘R’ and he gets the dirtiest glare ever, from me ‘What do u want to teach her that for?’ I ask. he’s still perplexed.

  18. Lol. This is so cute! So cute! Out here Winkie’s one word is that he still says french rice for fries! And correct him as we might, he insists back and that’s how it remains.

  19. i read ur post and the comments…can’t wait for my baby to start speaking πŸ™‚
    when i was small i used to call hema malini ‘mela mali’ and say ‘zamana’ for pyjama!

  20. Everytime you write chut i wonder what search engine terms your blog is catching. OK ok i know i have a ganda brain and this is a PG mommy blog so I’ll shut up.

    Me: LOL! you wicked woman! anyway i am off serach engines. anyone who comes here, knows that they are looking for me alone. no accidental arrivals

  21. Momma, both my children never lisped or mispronounced, if I said ‘bhatu khabe’, the elder one would correct me by saying ‘bhaat’ in a disdainful voice. Both my children however say ‘gaan gano’ if they want me to sing a song, I hang on to that for dear life! Now the elder one has reformed herself and tries to correct the mite, I tell her not to and still break out into song to the command ‘gaan gano’ from my little mite!

  22. This post made me laugh and smile at the same time. Brat and bean are lovely lovely little kids. I really enjoyed observing their little antics that day. Your babies are cute. Give my love to them.

  23. Oh I cannot agree with you more. Its indeed so cute when they mispronounce something and you only want to correct to a limit. They certainly going to change to perfect pronunciation as they grow up why to correct them now instead of enjoying their baby speech. You have put down so lovely in words. My twins (they are 6 now) still don’t say remember correctly. One says renember and the other completely cut out re and says member, and there are a lot like this especially when they talk tamil

  24. i was going to write something else but a different thought came to me head. why is momma mad by the way? :!

    Me: dont ask yaar. it was a momentary lapse of reason when i picked a name. and now i’m stuck with it!

  25. haha atleast it has a threatening feel to it to keep the trolls away. ;p

    when i first started readin ur blog, i remember bein apprehensive … i think it was cuz of the name subconsciously heh … and then the kind of material that was discussed then!! with long posts and heavy duty stuff!

    but certainly the name had a huge role to play …

    until i got too involved in the writing and forgot all about the name …

    just occurred to me again ;p …

    thx for answering. πŸ™‚

  26. its how my brother at the age of 4 told my mom when we were driving back from dinner one day, “Laat mein saali light jal jaati hai” (he couldnt pronounce ‘r’!)

    *sigh* i cant wait to have my own kid! πŸ˜›

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