There’s something heartrending

..about watching a 20 month old hold the mask firmly in place, pressing the inhaler, singing rhymes while she breathes the medication in and out and thinking that the rhymes are a part of the process. About watching her disassemble the mask, inhaler and kit and neatly put it away for the next use.

All while a 30 year old woman breaks down inside. Too weak to bear what the little 20 month old takes it in her stride. Precisely because she takes it in her stride.

PS: This is an old post I found in my drafts. The Bean is fine these days. And oh – once it’s over, she thinks its a big production and tells us to clap – Clappy Bajao!!!


22 thoughts on “There’s something heartrending

  1. No baby deserves this MM 😦 i’ve seen my mom go through what you’re going thro, except we didn’t have inhalers when i was young and i’d just wheeze till i was half dead. BB’s managed to evade the wheezing so far. I prayed the hardest for this when I was pregnant. Looks like someone up there does love BB πŸ™‚

    But Beanie’s a fighter. hang in there! they just might find some cure for this….hope springs eternal!

  2. Hi MM,
    Does Bean have allergic asthma? Even my childhood was spent learning to take inhalers and i don’t know what injections. Trust me it will reduce with age. What is most important is to recognize the things she is allergic to. Avoidance is the best cure. Take care.

  3. Samar has to have a night time treatment of Pulmicort every single night. He has been waking up wheezing every day. My allergist recommended we do this every night as a prevention. He brings a book,sits in my lap and holds the mask and says, Ready mama. Switch on! Breaks my heart.

  4. i know what you mean. Joy has learnt numbers 1 to 30 thanks to the inhaler and nebulizer as well. We have to count till 30 with the inhaler and he lies and watches Tom and Jerry while getting nebulized…. sad…

  5. I know you said it’s fine, but can I just ask you to please please please think of alternative medicine for her. Allopathy is of no help in the long run. I know by experience.

    Me: well she’s on homoeopathy for it. but the allopathy is for instant relief…

  6. And there’s something totally heartrending about the way you write these posts.

    *bajaoing the clappy and then quickly ducking before getting hit in the face by one of MM’s colourful cushions for killing the language*

  7. Lol… clappy bajao, too cute !!

    I am soo with you on the breaking down thing. I broke down too the first time when I saw my 6 month old nephew being given the nebulizer treatment 😦

  8. And on an unrelated note, did you watch Farhan Arkhtar performing at the Filmare Awards ???

    Uber- HAWT !!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    Me: sigh. did everyone but me see him?! you have no idea how many people mailed and told me that. i should hunt for a link on youtube

  9. I swear no parent wants their kids to go through all this….in fact here is one story of a kid that will move you…..hats off to the kid and her brave parents…it certainly moved me and my papa…..

    here are the links-

  10. she is such a brave kid! I just love both of em! πŸ™‚

    fiesty bean and sensitive brat!

    may she never need those damn inhaler things!


  11. Oh the wee love. Clappy bajao, of course. She deserves it and so does her family for helping her live with it so beautifully.

  12. A young cousin of mine, only slightly older than the bean is asthmatic too. My mum is all praises for the wee one saying how resourceful she is. I think it’s heartrending.

    Oh and said cousin is also very adept at using the tricky chopping implement and slices veggies very finely. Now THAT is simply outrageous … I’m a kitchen-ignormaus in front of her! 😦

  13. gosh MM – you gave me a SCARE

    there is nothing more heart rending than seeing a sick baby – jia once battled fever for 8 days – which wouldn’t come down even with crocin… ( Shudder )

  14. Clappy bajao aur gale lagao…please do hug the Bean for me,MM,will you?She sure is a brave little kid.
    Glad to know she is fine now.God bless her!

    As for watching Farhan Akhtar at the Filmfare awards,I’m sure Sone Ent.Television will telecast them again,and again and again.So dont get disheartened.You still stand a lot of chances!
    In case I get to know about the repeat telecasts though,will update you for sure:)

  15. I remember breaking down in the hospital the first time Divya had the nebuliser. Now we’re frighteningly blase about it. I tried homeopathy, but get what you mean abt allo giving instant relief. Div ended up twice in the hospital because of my stupid stubbornness and idealism about sticking only to homeo.

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