In which MM wonders if the world has lost it

I’ve been hearing this advertisement for days on radio and I couldn’t believe my ears. I figured it was some sort of prank and so I googled it. I’m not sure what to make of this. Would you want to study at Lovely Professional University?!!!


24 thoughts on “In which MM wonders if the world has lost it

  1. More than those self styled contractors of Indian culture, it is organisations like these which worries me……a young country like India needs educational institutions and infrastructure that can deliver quality and not quantity. We cannot afford an educational set-up that is untrusting and is a way to churn money…….I come from Dehradun and know about institutions that have either been started by liquor mafias or by lime contractors…….their ability to deliver numbers is unchallenged……but quality….anyone can challenge it….It worries me to see the state of education in India; as roughly 70-75% of sub-35 population (which is 65% of total) needs quality training/education to make them employable…..LPU’s of the world thrive on those numbers while numbers continues to suffer….
    (Reveda’s father)

  2. Is the ad really awful? Because the institution looks ok. I work with international education, so we often have to make these assessments of potential bilateral partners – and honestly – I have seen wayy worse – esp. in China.

    Why they would name their university to sound like a beautician school in a minor town, I don’t get. I betchya some Lovely Singh armwrestled her husband to be immortalized:-)

    Me: no, no .. the advt has this lovely cultured voice. the name is what freaked me out!

  3. I am not sure I will clear LAT.And you ARE hurting the feelings of our dear lovelies!!! 🙂
    And its cultural diversity is reflected by the fact that there are students “from 23 different states of India “..And the best part??? The paragraphs following this were 2 recommendations signed off as ” North East Student” and “International Student”.
    Time for my next post

    Me: ah. the token NE student. signing off as one 😀

  4. The first thing I did was search for the Uni’s location. And I was bang on about it being in Punjab. It was, in all likelihood, founded by a Lovely Singh/Kaur. Just the other day, the Boy and I were discussing a particular Lovely Kaur while I shook my head in disbelief at the name. To answer your question: 1. Yes, world gone cuckoo. 2. No sirree, I wouldn’t get me a degree from there. (But then again, if I were Happy Singh, maybe I wouldn’t care.)

  5. Actually, Lovely is a very very famous mithai shop chain in Ludhiana/ Punjab. I have a feeling this must be their brainchild.. I grew up eating Lovely’s motichoor laddoos, which were quite fantastic.
    I think these people must have made so much money off their mithat that they decided to open an engg college.

  6. I thought its run by Arvinder Singh Lovely,Delhi’s education minister.The name did freak me out too!

  7. I have heard of this university, and in fact I know some people who are from here also!

    Most of these universities just looks like a hotel, and most of the students who come here also pay so much in the form of donations!

  8. And there is no dearth of LOVELIES across the length and breadth of the country…..RAI University, ICFAI University, Amity to name a few…..Every year we hear about one new university…..perhaps next year there will be one more University of repute that will come up in far away town of India…..any guesses where????……….Juhmri Talaiyya….

  9. Actually Rachna is correct, this LPU thing are the same people behind Lovely Laddoos of Jalandhar……moved from Mithai shop to Bajaj Dealership, Maruti Dealership and now…………LPU……

  10. I thought I was seeing things when I saw the ad! I mean.. wow! Lovely Professional University. REALLY? Would I want to send my children there? a very resounding NO. I googled it just to check whether it was a scam or not lol. Apparently its got ‘high ratings’ for its Business programme. God help us.

  11. I know people who went there and have managed to get pretty good jobs one in Dell in Singapore and the other with TCS and is posted in Mumbai.
    I know of some schools and colleges which are run by companies as well…. so just because the name is ‘Lovely’ shouldn’t have us making so much fun of it.

    Me: Awww.. come on Tina – lighten up!! you’ve forgotten how much we laugh at the happy and lucky singhs of the world?
    if i were ten years younger i’d be doing the point and laugh thing 🙂 there’s something to be said for image and branding – and the day you call a place ‘Lovely’, you’re asking to be ribbed!

    The fees aren’t that much either . A colleague’s son goes there. It’s 75k a year approx. thats not bad…. is it??

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  13. What’s in a name? If they provide a service that people want, let them do it. If it is not quality education, then sooner or later their business will fail. That is free market for you.

    Me: theres a LOT in a name. the difference in the way people react to a person depending on whether he introduces himself as pappu or yuvraj thakur – documented through much research. but that is neither here nor there – this is just to have a good laugh!

  14. you basically mean there is NO hope for me, right?!

    Me: uff. drama!

    even at LPU! 😀

    yabe they can work on the fair bit of fair and lovely! 😉

    you know when i first read the name, what i thought?

    that its sorta finishing school for young professionals! :p


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