A rather magnetic tag

No Art, I didn’t forget 🙂

I’ve always been hung up on a home looking and feeling like a home. And to me that means no minimalist lines. A house chock fullof memories and knick knacks. I grew up in a home where the fridge was covered with magnets and I’d often wander into my kitchen after I got married and wonder what was missing. And then I realised, it was the fridge magnets. Of course I went at it with a vengeance and picked them up every time I saw something I liked. The result is a fridge full of bits and pieces.


And in case you’re wondering – the magnetic frames hold a picture of the OA getting embarassingly amorous while I modestly (hah!) push him away and one of me carrying a few weeks old Brat. The random animals are handicrafts from various countries and for the kids’ benefit. The pedantic sayings – well, I find they are useful to look at once in a while.

Thanks Art – this was nice 🙂


29 thoughts on “A rather magnetic tag

  1. heyyy! i want to send my fridge picture too 😦

    our fridge is covered with smileys [i have a fetish for yellow!] and nice magnets that are made by kids at the dilkhush school for the mentally challenged [mom used to teach there]

    nbut its a lovely lovely lovely pic
    i love magnets 😀

    Me: send send!

  2. my husband and i are magnet collectors too..we collect one every time we go to a new place…so our fridge door basically tells a story of all the places we have had the pleasure of visiting.

    i must admit, we are very anal about this- if we dont shop for anything, we must at least bring a magnet back!

    you are right…this indeed is a magnetic tag.

  3. Lovely collection MM 🙂 I too love to collect magnets from our trips,so much so that when my parents came here for a visit they caught the bug and spent quite some money in San Fran!

  4. I have a huge fridge collection and has been a source of conversation for many of my parties..I collect magnets from all the places we have been, events we have gone to and now family has started sending magnets of places/events they have been too…now Navyaa has her own alphabet fridge magnets and that’s mainly how she learned the alphabet!! This is a fun tag 🙂

    Me: is it the leapfrog one? the brat and bean have one too 🙂 my brother got them this little thing that sings out the alphabet

  5. I love fridge magnets, and I have been looking all round Bangalore for them!!!

    Where did you get so many of them!

    At home, we have home made magnets which my dad makes of things which we really like! 😀

    Me: I’m always on the lookout for them! hell – i’m always on the lookout for everything!

  6. this is a cute tag:)the fish is cute..roly poly
    and the pictures are ahem cuter:D
    Why dont you look like you are pushing him away ?:D
    and you looked like that when brat was a few weeks old?
    I am waiting for the mommas to say things here…
    I am not qualified too..NO.O..:D
    oh ladiiesss!111

  7. Ahem… The Van Gogh magnet must have been gifted by people with impeccable taste!

    Me: how DID you guess? 🙂
    i have to say – the OA would never recognise anything we’d given someone!

  8. Yep! It is the leap frog one :)I zone myself out when she starts pushing the button non stop for the entire song!

  9. Man even the magnets are so imepeccably arranged, do you ever get messy?!!

    Me: *picks up dictionary to check out the meaning of messy*

  10. I wanted to say I love the tag, and then I saw the pic of you with ‘a few weeks old’ Brat and I was so green: you’re so bloody skinny in that MM, the world just isn’t fair. 😦

  11. i am amazed at how well you manage to cover your faces. everytime! 😛

    and you are pushing the OA away? really? why does it not SEEM like that then? 😛

  12. freaks, were you THAT thin???

    Me: whaddya mean were?? i am still that size with less of a belly thank you. that was just after delivery. humph

  13. 🙂

    niice all the way!! 🙂 my firdge hassome but not so full. did the tag WQHEN art gave it! not mannny months later! :p

    and i wont ven comment on skinny you! my jealousy will just be obvious then! :p

    my fav on our fridge is one M got. it shows a harried mom and a cute kid and it says “Mothers of little boys work from Son up to Son down!”

    totally cute!

    i havta find animal ones for the cub! 🙂


  14. good take, great collection- never too late

    I want to know who took the pic of u two or was it the timer?

    how did the studio guy react when u went to collect the pic?

    Me: a common friend took it and was egging him on much to my embarassment! and the studio guys i think have seen worse from others 😉

  15. NO COMMENTS… or, why do i have a strange feeling that u look a teeny weeny bit more fatter in the recent snaps that u have posted?? or may be i am wrong 🙂

    Me: 🙂 well the one of him kissing me – DEFINITELY thinner – before we got married. the one with the brat – well i’ve lost weight on my tummy naturally since that was like a couple of weeks post delivery – but the rest of me is the same… i’m wearing the same clothes now too.

  16. boo hoo… i cant even wear the clothes i had pre marriage and u know i have not yet delivered… i am ashamed to admit the amount of weight i have gained post marriage…

    and dare you woman the next time u say u r anywhere near fat… will travel all the way to delhi to hit and then play with the kids… if u call yourself fat or any of the synonyms, what the heck will u call me? *** shudders thinking of the options***

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