To be a child

It’s a past ten on a Saturday night.

I peek in to check on them. She’s asleep but I see two bright eyes shining in his bed. I put my arms out in the darkness and he throws himself into them gratefully.

I sneak him out of the nursery and as a rare treat he sits in our bed watching some random movie that the OA is watching. I decide to go the whole hog and get him some untimely Cadbury’s gems. Three for him and three for me.

His eyes light up and I imagine that I must be a terror if simple things like a late night in our bed and a couple of gems seem like such a treat to him.

‘One at a time… ‘ I start to say, but he’s already popped all three into his mouth.

Oh what the hell, I say, lets take a walk on the wild side. And I pop my threeΒ into my mouth equally greedily.

I’d forgotten the joy of stuffing my face with gems…


29 thoughts on “To be a child

  1. Awesome! I did Oreo cookies and milk some nights ago…with my mouth stuffed with cookies and dousing some more milk till it streams down the face.


    Me: my kids would love you if they knew that! you’d be their fave chithi.

  2. And then you have the nerve to complain the Beanie loves her dad more!!

    Me: shhhh… *hastily throws a sack over Arun’s head*

  3. You know you’re not a terror. Just a mom who believes in the values of rationing, so that when it is given, its value is passed on too!

    And what a treat to find him awake when the little rowdy is asleep!

  4. “I must be a terror if simple things like a late night in our bed and a couple of gems seem like such a treat to him”

    Ok. That resonates so deeply that it’s scary. Time to break out the gems at our place tonight!

  5. And just why do you think OJ is the size she is? She stuffs more gems than she hands out. πŸ˜‰
    Oh MM, you are to be totally commended for having them in bed and sleeping at 10. About 1% of my preschoolers go to bed even at that late hour. 😦

  6. One at a time … is so adulthood, no?
    I want the pop-all-in-your-mouth time back too. Please.
    Tired, tired adult, tired of making choices and prioritising …
    Not one, two, three … but all.
    Brat, I love you.

  7. as a child, we were supposed to share our chocolates or gems or whatever it was. in a big family we were left with just 5 or 6 of them for ourselves… dairy milk has replaced gems.. but even today.. me and my brother fight over who has eaten the most… never buying two.. just one and still fighting as to who got the maximum almonds… till my kids grow up to fight for a chocolate with me, my brother does that everyday. chocolates are aptly called sweets.

  8. I read in a recent interview at Hrithik Roshan mentioning that his son has never tasted chocolate. Roshan has banned chocolates (to the extent of having no choc cakes for his parties) for his little son beacuse he thinks that chocolate is useless (zero nutrition) for the body. My immediate feeling was that he is not just devoiding his son the pleasure of chocolate but also letting the child be a child. What do you think about this?

    Me: I know a lot of people who do that. But I also know that TV is banned in my house other than the one hour or less that i put on a CD that i have personally checked out. i am sure people think i am nuts too since they let their kids watch TV all day. I do believe we cant ban anything permanently. And i also know that anything made taboo is so much more exciting. I personally wouldnt do that to my kids. I let them try everything. But I am told Hrithik was a fat kid who lost a lot of weight. he’s probably scarred by his own childhood and so bending backwards to ensure his kids dont get there.

  9. I stopped on my way to work, to get myself a bar of crackle and got to my desk, hastily stuffing my face with it!! With chocolate greased hands I start my comp and land at your page, to read this! And I feel a lot less PMS-sy, suddenly… πŸ™‚
    Does the Brat stick out his tongue after chomping on the gems, to see if they’ve left a color stain? I used to do that… I think i still do, when no one is looking πŸ™‚

  10. beautifully expressed MM πŸ™‚
    so so true…
    reading about gems brought back so many childhood memories…

    I want ‘all you can stuff in your mouth ‘time back too
    ((hugs)) to brat and the beanie too:)

  11. a few months ago, my three-year-old would ask my mum —
    “i want only one gems…”
    and hold up two tiny fingers.

    my mum would offer him three.

    MORAL, grandmas don’t help with a kid learning math — they just want to win the popular-grandma contest

  12. I would have said “Teen se mera kya hoga”…remember the pan parag ad? We used to drive our parents crazy with that line πŸ™‚ I am sure you were the Brats fav parent for that moment!

  13. MM – this triggered off a memory…I and son were privileged visitors the Cadbury factory in Thane…when he was some 2 odd years old.

    the mandatory white coat we all were supposed to wear inside came to his toes.

    we went thru the sections where milk powder and cocoa mass was converted in to the next level ( dont remember the details !!) for use in making chocolate. the stink…yes ..stink was unbearable. didn’t know the stuff could smell so bad..

    and then the rivers of chocolate and nougatine flowing on to conveyor belts and being chopped in to bars.

    the cutest were these gigantic copper pans or “degs” which were overflowing with gems like multi coloured jewels in a treasure trove.

    our guides happily encouraged us to dip in to the pans and pick put gems by the fist ful…which of course we did.

    at the end – in the factory manager’s office jia was asked by the gent as to what did he want to be when he grew up.

    his reply – ” oh – i will drive a mercedes and make 5 stars ! ”

    the entire team were told ” be good to him guys – this is your future boss !! ”

    of such gems ( pun intended ) are lovely memories made…


  14. Gems are yum! Especially when you don’t just bite on to them but suck their colour out and just when its only chocolate you eat it.WOW! *gets up to get Oreo cookies,bah screw proper food at proper time!*

  15. I miss Cadbury’s Gems:-(M&Ms don’t taste the same. And Nice Biscuits…with all the sugar sprinkles.

    I am the awful mom who will add sugar to cereal (when the Nazi Viking ain’t looking:-). They are only kids once! Prolly more like you, MM, when it comes to TV watching. Thats where I crack down. I guess we all have our “things”.

  16. i remember when our parents got bar of chocolate home, we were allowed one piece a day. I still rarely eat anything more than that! πŸ˜€

    M gets all these awesome dark chocolates whenever he travels and i save them stingily and make em last for good 6 months!

    and cubby gets a small bite out of my piece! always! πŸ™‚


  17. it sure is fun isnt it? i have gobbled gummy bears with my kids way past their bedtime on many occasions. and to second Altoid – oreos and milk is the ultimate treat – no question about it.

    btw, thank you for your comments and wishes on my blog. yes, my son got a scooter on his big day and he is happily riding it all over the house until the weather brightens up.

  18. This is so so sweet! I feel sometimes we get so caught up in the routine and maintaining schedules of sleep/eat/wake up/tv watching/playing that such moments become very precious! And these are the moments even the kids will remember…

    Love and hugs to both the B’s πŸ™‚

  19. mom tells me tht one christmas along with a whole lot of other goodies she stuffed some gems in my socks. [sorry no stockings here!]
    and i happily got up late in the night and munched away half of it
    and cried in the morning that santa gave me only half a pack.
    lol. i am sure mom dad must have laughed their heads off on this

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