The Bean speaketh

…pretty much non-stop.

Some of the things that count as Bean-speak are

–  I want to eat a chatapi (she means chapati) and its pronounced chut (like chutney)- uh -pi

– Gimme some more chut-mey please. (she means chutney)

– I want to watch Kangalouis  ( this is what you get when you cross a Kangaroo with King Louis from the Jungle Book!)

– I want to put money in the gulkat (gullak – the desi piggy bank made of clay)

She’s also become totally American in the way she phrases her sentences and since the OA and I can’t be arsed to speak that way (thank you Deej!) I don’t know where she picked it up from.

So when she wants to be thrown up in the air she’ll say – Do you want to throw me up?

Or when she wants juice – Do you want to give me some juice, mama?

Or when she wants to watch her cartoons – Mama, do you want to put on my Bambi CD?

Nasty creature that I am, I am sorely tempted to reply to every single query with a ‘Not really.’ Fortunately I haven’t yet reached that stage of nastiness where I act on the impulse!


28 thoughts on “The Bean speaketh

  1. wow..that is so cute… so she has reached that stage where kids turn into chatterboxes.
    but your writing it here is not cute enough…
    Can you please please, if u dont mind post some audio/video like u had done some time back?

  2. “Couldn’t be arsed”? Ha – so you’re British now?

    Me: sorry – in joke 🙂 did you not notice me thanking the very Brit Desi Girl?

  3. I love this phase and miss it 😦 I miss it so much that I try to speak like Bean and my soon to be 5 daughter corrects me. Ha..ha..

    Hugsy to li’le Bean. They grow so fast.

  4. he he – i actually did reply with a ‘not really’ to everyone of anika’s queries and it did’nt take her long to give it right back to me! everything i ask her to do is met by a – ‘not really’!!!

  5. do you guys speak in English to her? I tried so hard to make her a Tamizh speaker, but finally its all English. And very American for the most part, including double negatives and the like. Beanie is a cutie pie. Saw a photo of some kid in the paper yesterday who looked like her and remembered her!!

    Me: 🙂 well we speak to her in hindi. i made an effort to do that with the brat too. dont want them to be the kind of brats who cant speak one indian language straight. but she picked up english from the brat alone and its amazing how he alone influences her more than her parents and the servants put together

  6. hehe, the urge to reply with a no to such questions is pretty high. My leader is used to asking such questions and i have to really control my tongue to not speak out the first thought that enters the brain 😉

  7. ole baba le…this is so cute…my daughter mixes english and begali completely and the result is sumthing we are yet to figure out…so you get to hear stuff like “eyes close koyo”….”aaektu dao plisss”….

    so budday is almost knocking at the door?? love to lil beanie and my favourite brattie…

  8. Do you want to? It took me 4 years of beiong manager to really use that phrase :)) YUMMMMM kid there, momma dearest 😀

  9. 😀

    awwww! Bean speak is so cute! and now that Cubby is blabbering non-stop, i can imagine the Bean talking! 🙂

    do you want to indeed! 🙂


  10. it just seems yesterday that jia went to play school howling his guts out…
    then he went to nursery at the shri ram school where he was the ONLY kid screaming for his mama…

    he wrote his first board exam today.

    Me: ohmigod. is it that time already? his first board exam???? oh my gosh *looks all panicky*
    well on the bright side, you dont look old enough to be a mommy of a board exam-giver!
    big hug – tell me how it goes.

  11. hahhahah I know exactly where she picks it up. The Brat who said “Thanks for coming” when you dropped him off at your parents’. Please to stop pretending. Probably living the highfalutin Delhi society life where they’re less Delhiite and more firang. The Bean’s just doing all she can to keep up…

    Do you want to post some pics?

    Me: Not really :p
    sorry – you walked into that one.

  12. i HAVE to urgently start picking up the intended, and not verbal, meaning of these cultural nuances.

    If any American colleague of mine were to ask me “Do you want to make that presentation for XYZ project”, I’m pretty sure i’ll reply with “Not really, I’d prefer if you did it instead”.

    I’ve now learnt the “Do you mind… ” bit, but lingos change so often 😦

  13. 🙂 Amazing words kids come up with… I still say “bumpy” sometimes…n instantly start smiling at the thought of how Bean would have said it…

    Happy chatapi n chutmey eating !! 😉

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