One night at TC

You know you’re old when RSJ is celebrating 15 years. All you can remember is the place down the road in good old Allahabad where the guys would hang out and work for peanuts, and then you realise it was one of your first unofficial editing stints!

You know you’re really old when Them Clones is the most established band in the line up – they were bachchas when we were still part of the circuit. You also realise that most of the readers of your blog have no bleddy clue as to what the hell you’re rambling on about and who the Them Clones are!

You realise you’re not so old when you look around at the old grey haired men letting their hair down, literally. The middle aged lady in the cream chiffon saree puts an end to all self doubt!

You realise that it’s only at a rock show in Delhi that you can feel perfectly at home since there is no real dress code (thank you aunty in the cream saree!) – ranging from jeans and ratty tees, to skinny chicks in spaghetti straps (do they know that its still winter in Delhi?!) to the stunning woman in the shiny sparkly dress that looked like it had been made out of an old saree, with a simple black shirt buttoned over it, the sexiest Choo-looking heels and a pencil holding her bun up…

You also realise that you will never meet hot guys at a rock show. Interesting ones for sure. Hot… iffy. For that you need to hit a disco and in Delhi there is no shortage of hot men!!

You know you’re ancient when you figure that most of the music sounds like just a lot of noise. And the old rocker dude friend sitting next to you agrees. Then decides that he should insult you to make himself feel better. “You know you’re never going to be a groupie again, right old lady?” I look at him with ill-concealed disgust, turn my nose up and say – I was always a roadie, thank you. Never a groupie.

Also makes me wonder if it would have been different had I grown up on a diet of classical music concerts instead of this. You don’t ever outgrow that do you? Although Wednesday nights at Cafe Morisson are now DESU nightsΒ  – electronic stuff. I tried turning up my nose at it but another old rocker friend just smiled peacefully and said, ‘Embrace it babe. Like you embraced email.’ Oh well if you put it that way…

It’s nice to bump into old collegemates and have them nod comfortably when you tell them you have two kids and are back at work after a four year break. There’s something completely non-judgmental about the rock crowd. Everything and everyone is kosher. They’re probably too stoned. Or maybe thats just who and what they are. Just what it takes to be a rocker.

It’s nice to be back at the new Turquoise Cottage although I miss the old one. I have good memories of the old one, including dancing on the bar top. A tale for another day. Here you can stand on top and look down at the mosh pit. I look at the young men, quite drunk/stoned, pushing each other and head banging, falling over in a heap, drenching strangers with beer and companionably standing up and helping the other up. Most of them have decent jobs and different day time lives. It’s only once in a while that they come here to get it out of their systems.

I think of another India where young men who have no entertainment, nowhere else to unwind and nothing better do think it’s their business to go about beating up young couples and saving Indian culture. I wonder what is worse.

The smoking ban has ensured that the entire junta is out on the balcony while non-smokers and teetotallers like me get to really enjoy the music up close. It’s a pleasant change.

Of course the best part of the evening is having someone like Rahul Ram make general peaceful conversation with you and ask why you’re frowning. At that moment you wonder whether you should smile right back and revel in the moment or prostrate yourself at his feet. I’ve sat at the foot of the stage when they’re performing, with tears in my eyes and felt blessed to just be there. In case you’re wondering, I smiled back with a cheeky retort. Am still high on it.

So only a Chintan will apologise for not remembering you from the last time you met, or a Bann will stand around talking music to you because you happen to standing next to him. As talented as any Bolly wood biggie and yet far more humility than the entire lot put together.

But you also realise that you’re too deeply smitten by Mohit Chauhan to be of much use to God, man or country because in the early hours of the morning after the cops have shut the place down, you walk to the car humming this Welcome To Sajjanpur number, Ek Meetha Marz


17 thoughts on “One night at TC

  1. heyy! i know the them clones but only because they played at mica. aaaaand i made the print ad that went into the newspapers. πŸ˜›

    did you attend Irock in bbay? It’ll never be the same anywhere else besides RangBhavan tho! i miss xaviers 😦

    Me: yep. attended when i was at xaviers.

  2. wow, it realy does make me old….RSJ was one magazine my brothers and I used to read cover to cover. And it was the mag that ran an article on my brother’s band. They also got a mention when they performed in Mood I (IIT, Pawai)

    gosh, that was years ago….

    looks like you had fun….i miss these concerts. i used to regular at the ‘friends of music’ concerts and you are so right about the rock crowd..they are easy and very laid back. its all about music for them….well i used to be one of them!

    Me: yep. I just knew you’d have been part of it πŸ™‚ *grins happily*
    I miss friends of music. i wanted to take the kids to it…

  3. wait.
    so you get kissed-on-the-cheeks by shahrukh khan. and i do not mind, because it is not hrithik.

    but now you have to go and make conversation with RAHUL RAM? one of the loves of my life? 😦

    Me: HAH!

    why don’t 21 year olds from kolkata get such opportunities? 😦

    Me: move to delhi? πŸ™‚

  4. This is a scene I was never part of but I liked this post. It’s like an anthropological insight into a side of Indian culture that doesn’t get talked about too much.

  5. Of course the best part of the evening is having someone like Rahul Ram make general peaceful conversation with you and ask why you’re frowning.


  6. Made me so nostalgic about college and music practice and training and all..been seriously thinking of taking guitar lessons..from where I left off when I was in school..there is a centre right next to my house..think I will go sign up this weekend!

  7. Can you believe it, I feel uncomfortable moshing anymore… last concert I went to was over a year ago, that too because it was Iron Maiden and I just couldn’t let that one go… or that after 5 minutes in the front, I had to make my way to the back because I was thirsty and my legs were killing me… or that I feel that the smoking ban is actually good thing, that I confuse pot with the thing you sit on in the morning… or that even though I still listen to quite heavy music, I’d rather do it at home or in my car… or that I feel perfectly comfortable not going anywhere outside to drink, and when I do go I stop at 2 drinks coz I have to drive… or that I haven’t read RSJ in ages… I’ve forgotten which was the last GIR I went to… Would you believe it I still feel I’m very young even though my priorities have changed πŸ™‚

    Me: err… give it another month. once the diaper changes start you’ll feel your age πŸ˜€ cant imagine it at all. btw – went to TC with our common friend – the one who lived down the road from you.

    PS: the last GIR was one we attended together. 2002? when AFS played?

  8. Cafe Morisson – Oh! How I miss this! I have spent so many nights here!

    Turquoise Cottage- Where is the new one located? Do they have the same DJ and is it still in a basement? I miss Delhi so much!

    I miss the Rendezvous(IIT Delhi) rock show! It used to be so awesome, the crowd, the expanse of the amphitheater. Man, I need to head back and enjoy Rendezvous this year!

    I need to head to Delhi first!

  9. Though I don’t know much about rock and specially Indian rock, must agree with you about Delhi fashion. It’s of the best. People make their own style statements and carry off anything, anywhere. Mumbai is quite boring that way. Everyone strives to look like everyone else.

  10. You were involved with RSJ?? Wow!! Total RESPECT!

    It was my dream to write for them while in college and even sent them a writing sample but I guess I wasn’t good enough 😦

  11. The old TC was so much fun. Each visit had a new story. 😦
    I wish the old one was open. If nothing else it would have provided fodder for my not-so-regular-blog-updates

    Me: dont like the new one?

  12. Well, the new one is okay. The old one was awesome. Somehow its not as crowded and lively as it used to be. The DJ Sonu played in the new one for few months and I am told even he left TC.
    But yes better than Cafe Morrison. CM have started playing electronic/hip-hop/Punk, so people like me who still love to shake our heads on doors/ac-dc/led-zep etc feel out of place.

    Sometimes I wonder whether I have grown too old too fast when it comes to music .*sigh*

    Me: sokay -pat pat….we’re all growing older… its alright, as long you dont grow old.

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