Lonely no more

It’s late at night and the OA is travelling. I survey the vast expanse of empty bed and suddenly feel lost and alone and unloved. And then a thought strikes me. Like a thief I stealthily make my way down the corridor and after a couple of trips I am satisifed with my work. I crawl into bed. Almost automatically, two little pairs of hands reach out towards me and I snuggle in against them. What was that about lost and lonely? I feel quite loved now, thank you!


19 thoughts on “Lonely no more

  1. hehehe… lovely post, loved the way you wrote about the couple of trips. could imagine you doing that in the middle of the night

  2. Ah, my kids won’t let me even talk to the Mr! I have to take permission from them before cuddling up with him! Once the brat girl said “now you can hold hands…” to her bemused parents! Anyhow, being in the kids’ arms is good too….but there will always be that little empty place for your OA – isn’t that so?

  3. You just reminded me of something that used to happen at my place. My mom used to wake my sister up a little earlier than me because I’d be up till 2 almost every night. On winter mornings, when she really did wanna sleep late, she found a nice way around. She’d quietly get out of her bed, slip into my bedroom, and slip under my blanket, and I of course would never tell mom that she was right there under my blanket. Bro-sis deal, you don’t tell on me, I don’t tell on you…

  4. Your post gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling for another reason. Even at the grand old age of 27, sometimes when i have a hard time sleeping at night, i tip toe to my parents bedroom and cuddle up to my mom and get super sound sleep. So this works the other way too! 🙂

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