Goodnature or weakness?

He is a man whose weakness was mistaken for goodnature. I read this line somewhere, recently. Would you agree? Are most so called goodnature people often just plain weak?

This one has had me thinking for a while…


31 thoughts on “Goodnature or weakness?

  1. I dont think so. It requires a lot of courage to let go off of things. Sometimes more than it requires to speak up.
    Also weak people are weak, where to be know as good natured, you have to know to manage people. Even for the weakest people its not easy to be in people’s good books. some other skill is required to be liked by people and be called good natured. Also the definition of good nature varies for all of us.

  2. I agree. Most times where I need to speak up, I am silent and some times that silence is taken for restraint rather than inaction. It is sad but true.

  3. didnt get it MM:)…weak how?

    coz maybe most good natured people are the ones with the strongest courage of conviction as a friend says.

    could you please elaborate a little more on the man?on how you see the sentence?I really didnt get it:D

  4. Well, not always, but yes, there are people. who are so afraid of conflict that they just do anything to steer clear, which basically means acting nice no matter what happens. So, even if someone is mean to you, and you know it, you don’t hit back, because you’re afraid that’ll just cause a major row. But such people are generally difficult to work with, because you never know exactly what they’re thinking. If you unknowingly offend them, they’ll just bottle it up. But there are also a tonne of people out there, I have had the good fortune to have many of them as bosses, who are just plain old big hearted, and very forgiving.

  5. I think so.

    If your good nature and don’t say anything, people think they can get away with saying anything and doing anything.

    And I don’t think good nature people are weak, they’re very often more secure and comfortable with themselves.

  6. Not in my experience at least….not if you define good natured as being seen as the type who gets along well with everyone. I know several good natured people (no, not me) who are not weak in the least – they have their own moral limit, and will not allow transgressions beyond that, but are seen as open, friendly types by almost everyone they meet/talk to.


  7. I think mostly its the other way round. If we decide to take the high road, its assumed we were not capable to taking the low one. So many people think Gandhi was weak because he wasn’t violent. I think anyone who protests to injustice is not weak. But then there are people who are too weak to protest and one might think they are good. Its a case by case thing, don’t you think?

  8. I can see how a weak person maybe considered good natured, but I don’t think the converse is applicable. So I partially agree…and disagree.
    I know many good natured people who are strong willed or those that will set a limit to how much they will ‘give’. My 2 cents…

  9. This topic is so close to my heart. My mom is always made to be a weak person because she is always ready to help others.
    They say that anybody can fool my mother!!
    I think she is wise and a kind person. It takes a mature and intellegent person to let go and not make a big deal of things. You will never find her interfering or push her opinion on others!

  10. What am I missing here ??? Is there a http link which I cannot see?

    Me: nope. none at all. Just a line I read from somewhere and used.

  11. What is “strong” or “weak” anyway? A decision may be construed as “strong” by some, and “weak” by others(re: Gandhiji, for example). How do we know which is correct, until we delve into the decision-maker’s mind?

    Some so-called “good nature” is pacifism – desire to avoid conflict at all cost. THAT is weakness. When good nature comes from acceptance, understanding and tolerance, it’s a strength. I’ve seen “good-natured” people and good-natured people, I’d say there are more of the former than the latter around.

  12. “There is no right or wrong– there is only power, and those too weak to use it.” –Voldemort.

    On the other hand, Dumblydorr was both powerful and good-natured.

    I think your hypothesis is often true, but not always.

  13. well both strong n weak people can be good natured…n both strong n weak people can be evil natured too…one’s disposition can be linked to one’s reaction to a particular situation at a given time but not to one’s nature…..

  14. There is a good nature born of a healthy body, a laughing spirit.

    And there is a good nature born out of always wanting to be ‘nice’, not confronting anyone.

    Sadly, one does see more of these than the former.

    I think.

  15. In some cases ppl hide a weakness behind a veil of good-nature, but in most cases I agree with Chumi that it is the other way round!

  16. Don’t think so … staying cheerful and pleasant (one form of being good natured) can hardly be considered as signs of being weak. Pretending to be good natured is weakness though!!

  17. I don’t think so…

    it is true though that in a world like ours, good nature is often considered a weakness as ruthlessness takes one ahead ever so often!

    In my opinion being good natured in an ulta world is in fact sign od strength…

  18. Guru Dutt left us long back because we couldn’t accept a man’s tears.
    Jahaa doosre ke dard ko samajhna ek kamjori manaa jata hai.

    I personally prefer ‘weak’ people because they are generally more sensitive, more humble.

    They don’t have strong walls to protect themselves and thus are more open to life.

  19. I agree with the statement. Some weaklings do hide behind being good-natured.

    I have (mis)fortune of knowing many such good-natured men who have never had courage to do the right thing. Association with them, for this reason, can be painful. 😦

  20. We are all on the spectrum of good nature and weak. Both qualities manifest themselves at will and with circumstance. To compartmentalise and categorise them differently does us injustice as nuanced human beings.

  21. It may be true in some cases, but not all.

    There are genuinely good-natured people who are just that – good people.

    As there are also weak people who cannot stand up for themselves who either think they are good-natured or are perceived as such by others.

    I know both types.

    Also, I like what Gentle Whispers said above:

    “… I don’t think good nature people are weak, they’re very often more secure and comfortable with themselves.”

  22. You are the woman who said (wrote), “I don’t do short”, yet I see your posts are increasingly concise.

    I’m not complaining, you know, but I’m just observing, and saying :).

    Me: kya bataaein. Its not out of choice. its necessity. I want to be in touch with the world and time just flies…full time job and all that damn jazz.

  23. your son is very good natured and same is the case with OA, what are they? good natured or weak? i think OA displayed courage many a times and brat is too small to have countable experiences of being strong or weak.
    some people do have the advantage of being considered as good natured when they are actually displaying weakness but that is not the case every time, we cannot generalise it. so in my mind, it depends on case to case and situation basis.

    Me: btw – you must catch the OA on a bad day… just to watch your illusions crumble! he is anything but weak. the most stubborn, strong willed man I have ever had the misfortune of laying eyes on 😀

  24. Quite a question.. I always sulk about the “fact” that I had been overshadowed by the good natured people all my life.. Be it my mom or cousin or the colleague.. Well I see my mom not talking into any conflict because of her childhood.. my cousin well I have no idea.. and my colleague he is plain old weak.. Though not universal but certainly there are weak people who get passed off as Good Natured..

  25. Depends..If you are the type who calls non violence as weakness or timidity. It requires cojones you know. Not that I advocate it. Takes far more strength to control than give in.

  26. There are two types of weak people, I guess. Those who know how to pass it off as good nature and those who dont.
    Just as there are two types of strong people, those who are good natured and others not.

    Not all good natured folk are genuinely so, some could be fake.

  27. nopes! there are some people who are nice to people because they cant help being disliked and others who are just good people!

    and the latter can show they are not weak with just a polite retort or a sharp look without taking away their basic good nature! 🙂


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