Because criminals in politics is not bad enough

There’s just so much happening in the country that often news just falls between the cracks. The Delhi HC has decided to free (well, he has already served some time) a tutor Ashok Rai convicted for raping his student, because he has cleared and qualified for the IAS while being in jail. Rape, because he had sex with her, promising marriage. The girl committed suicide when he reneged.

I’m confused. What have I missed?? Exactly how does qualifying for the civils clear you of your crime?

And is this what we want for our country? Criminal politicians aren’t enough, that we must go all out and pick up a couple of criminals from jail to fill up the bureaucracy with? Is it any wonder we’re in such a mess?!

I usually have a lot of faith in the judiciary, but I’m beginning to doubt it. On the other hand, the NCW seems to have taken note, which is really good.


21 thoughts on “Because criminals in politics is not bad enough

  1. I’m also confused. Why was he in jail in the first place? I had no clue our rape laws were draconian enough to convict a man simply for reneging on a promise. Wow, I must commend Indian men for daring to have sex with their girlfriends at all – anyone could accuse them of rape at any time, despite a million and a one different reasons a relationship could fail.

    Me: unfortunately half the country still does have that mindset. Many already married men have sex with women promising marriage and this just protects their rights. Like the law about women live in relationships getting the same rights as wives…

  2. But this man wasn’t a married man. I recognize that in India, having sex with someone when you’re not married, is a big deal. And I hate to think of the emotional and social torment the unfortunate girl in this case must have gone through. But at the end of the day, it was consensual sex.

    Me: which, my dear – is why he got out!

    Even if such a law exists to protect women from married predators (which I’m also very ambiguous about), it should be used discriminatingly. I don’t think this man deserves to be in jail at all; and if he’s managed to qualify for the IAS, I think it’s unfortunate that the NCW is going to raise a hue and cry over this. I’m a little worried if the courts decided to let him loose simply because he qualified for the IAS, and I hope they don’t mean to use such criteria for actual rapists (in the real sense of the term) or murderers. But, I can understand why any judge might be moved to leniency on behalf of this guy.

    If anything, our social systems can be blamed for the tragedy. Not the girl or boy. If the girl lived amidst a more understanding and liberal social circle, she would never have felt compelled to kill herself. And if she was happy living in a more traditional community or under more traditional mores and values, she should never have believed the guy or agreed to have sex with him before the obligatory sindoor. There are enough warnings about that sort of thing and about guys who make you ‘stray’, especially in more traditional communities. The guy might have been a douchebag according to women everywhere; or just a player according to the men. Neither deserves 5 and a half years in jail.

  3. And also, I have a feeling that the recent trends in India (live-in relationship laws etc.) are meant not to empower women, but to trap them in a perpetual state of victimhood.

  4. Well, I am really confused about this. She was 21, which means she was above the legal age of consent, which means sex was consensual except the first time when he drugged her. But even that time the report says he…well…sort of seduced her. After that time, he told her he’d marry her, and she agreed to have sex with him. So what can he be convicted of? Not just rape, perhaps something more? The law seems to a little fuzzy here. But in a country where Sanjay Dutt and Md. Azharuddin can stand for public office, what else do you expect? Sad day.

  5. I think I partailly agree with this law. Because I know how the Indian Men mindset ( I know there are exceptions) works. I have seen so many guys who would promise the world to girls and then eventually would ditch them just because they did not have the guts to tell their parents about this. I dont know if this would be called “rape” because the girl did have her consent on this. May be not. But would making laws like this change anything ? I have seen so many men who have different set of expectations from a girlfriend a wife. They would be the most liberal and open minded when they would be going around with some girl and then eventually when it comes to marriage it would be “maa baap ka pasand”. I know its not a crime to do so and no one can be really jailed for this, but it is just so strange. I really applaud and support the “live-in” relationships law. I know it drew a lot of criticism in India, but I thin kit will really help women who are abused in such kind of relationships. But it will be hard to define a “live-in” in the court. Do you think any small town girl who is still not married will walk up and lodge a complaint in the first place ? What do you think the cops will react ? WHat will be their language ? …Before I write a comment bigger than your blog I should stop but .. I wonder when will women be treated equal in our society ? Specially in the smaller towns where crime against women in more common.

    Me: Yes – that is the sad part.. we’re stuck between two worlds..

  6. I am tempted to add this .. I had once seen an old relative stand in front of a computer table, and called on to his wife to move the coffee cup which was on the table.He went like “hey come here and clean this place”.. Well .. He didnt even bother to do it himself. I grew up around men ( and thankfully am married to one )who did all their stuff and women had huge respect in the house. I found this act so strange. When I noticed around me I see so few men actually do something around the house. This is no rape, this is no physical assault. But to me this is crime because you are treating another fellow human being like a slave.

  7. Anybody who has a criminal record should not be eligible for any government jobs. This guy was convicted under the IPC. He serving his time does not absolves him and be eligible for govt position.
    Now the debate over whether he raped the woman or not is a different matter. Change the IPC.. but till then he will be a convicted criminal.

    Tough luck for the guy, but not knowing the law doest not equates to getting scot free.

  8. Its a confusing case altogether but i agree that clearing an exam cannot be the all-forgiving reason.

    Your post topic is a different statement in itself. The corrupt people have their own hierarchy that they follow. A big star or a former cricket team captain get into politics, the lower ones when caught, first fill newspapers and then get called for reality TV shows. The system is bad and we have a media that is useless. They deserve each other.

  9. Oh, Come on, lets give Ashok a break. He has already spent more than 5 years in a prison just because he and the girl had consensual sex!! Of course they were in love and it will be our very twisted minds to think that he was in love just for sex. What if we reverse the scenario; what if the girl agreed to get married to a boy favored by her parents and Rajiv commits suicide. Will she be accused of rape? This was a very talked about and media hyped case in its time. We all know how with the pressure from media, and with the help of some very “forward” thinking feminists, Rajiv was charged and put in jail.

    We have to understand that he did not brutally rape her. They both enjoyed the sex and continued it. The stigma associated with being a convict and a rapist is more than enough for an average human being. He too has a loving Mother, Father, Brother, Sister who already have endured a lot. If a man has done his IAS exams inside the safe walls away from the eyes of the people, we have to understand that he was not satisfied with the legal and judiciary system who prosecuted him.

    Every judge who convicts a woman or a man because of circumstantial murder knows that he or she is not a murderer but committed a folly on an impulse but our society terms him a very dangerous person even if he is out of the jail. He no longer will have a normal life and will not be able to marry, hunt for a job and live peacefully.

    Fo once let us all have a heart!!!

    Me: He drugged and raped her, Biju. And threatened to tell people about it. You and I probably might not care and might lodge an FIR. But the girl obviously came from a strata of society where something like that was unthinkable. You can see what a big deal it must have been for her, if she committed suicide. We come from a country of contrasts, where on one hand you and I and a bunch of women fight for the right to go to a pub, while on the otherside, virginity is precious to these women. we have to appreciate that both sides exist, and have laws that protect both… no?

  10. I am confused. If the girl was drugged and duped in to having the sex the first time, then shudnt she have complained immediately? why wait under the blind impression that this guy was going to marry her? Would you believe someone who said that he will marry you when in the first place he had duped and drugged to satiate his sexual desire?

    Me: well I wouldnt but then I wouldnt do half the shit that I comment on in this blog, people having 14 kids, people aborting for art, people raping their own kids… blech.

  11. From what I understand, the guy did DRUG her the first time. Which means, it is rape. You cannot have consensual sex when you are too drugged to give consent!

    Second, if the person completed serving his time in jail, then I believe that the individual should be allowed to reintegrate into the society, with exceptions for certain jobs/situations that may promote the previous criminal behavior (pedophiles teaching in schools..etc)

    But under no reason should completing an exam be the SOLE criteria to release a criminal who has not served his time. There are criminals, there are geniuses. And then there are criminals who are geniuses. They are not mutually exclusive you know.

  12. Dear MM: In the suicide note the girl mentioned that she was drugged and then raped. Which normal girl in her very regular senses will invite talks, negotiate and have sex with her rapist again and fall in love with him? There is more to it than that stunt the girl (God bless her soul) did to have a “sathya savitiri” image.

    Me: The issue here is not whether she fell in love with him or not… I think in this case you have to realise that this is still the country where women are married off to their rapists so that they are ‘redeemed’. Its a twisted way of thinking but then its people like you and me who understand that. Not the class of people to whom it happened I guess…

  13. I agree with you MM –

    ‘The issue here is not whether she fell in love with him or not… I think in this case you have to realise that this is still the country where women are married off to their rapists so that they are ‘redeemed’. Its a twisted way of thinking but then its people like you and me who understand that. Not the class of people to whom it happened I guess… ‘

  14. The Court it seems has noticed “severe inconsistancies” in the girl’s statements at various points in time…however it has mattered enough for her to take her own life..truly its unbelievable on one hand we have women fighting for the right to pub by sending symbolic UGs on the other hand people take their own life because of “log kya kahenge?”
    I dont know whether Ashok deserves redemption or not. Maybe he could work and be integrated back into society but civil services?I dont think so, isnt there a question in most forms which asks if you have a criminal record?Shouldnt that in itself act as a deterrent..

    Me: I agree – the inconsistencies are what threw me, but now she is dead and we will never know the truth. We are all guilty of skipping traffic lights and driving over speed limits once in a while – but to drug and rape someone – is a completely different issue. And for somebody who committed a crime like that to be taken into the Civil services shows what state we’re in.

  15. MM I am sorry if that comment of mine came the wrong way. All the “you”s in my comment whr questions at the society in general. Only after I read your response to the comment did I entirely understand how my comment might have been misinterpreted. 😛 Sorry once again!

    Me: not at all 🙂 of course I know you meant it generally…

  16. The court freeing a man coz he cleared the IAS, is just outright unbelievable!

    And the government actually allows the person to get out of Tihar Jail and walk into the IAS interview?

    Well, maybe till now not many criminals ever managed to clear these exams after being in jails.Now I guess they should include these clauses with the changing times.

  17. Someone forwarded me this link. After reading this post’s title, I thought I’ll share it with you..

    To stop criminalization of politics, activists and welfare organizations have come together and started an initiative that will spread awareness about criminals in the fray at the tweak of a button or a click of the mouse.

  18. These guys whoi clear the IAS are treated a demi Gods, there should be an enquirey into why and how this criminal was allowed to sit for the exam in the first place. Are rapists allowed to vote? Then how can they be part of the administration.
    I feel sorry for the girl…the life of a woman is of little value in our country today. Everyday young women, newly married take their lives due to harassment. Women suffer from very low self worth. These battered and betrayed women should have some kind of assistance some place that they can turn to before contemplating the extreme step.

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