Dear youtube

… I was coasting along enjoying life and blissful ignorance until you showed up. While you did bring me moments of pleasure and let me listen to the love of my life – part 1 (Mohit Chauhan) at will and also gaze lovingly at love of my life part 2 (Farhan of course!) when I needed to – there is the flipside.

For instance did I really need to know that the song I loved Roz Roz Aankhon Tale – starred him?!!!!

It’s made me think twice about our relationship dear youtube. Maybe ignorance and bliss was the way to go.

Yours regretfully,


Okay, your turn dear internetz. Which song did you love until you unfortunately laid eyes on the picturisation?!


39 thoughts on “Dear youtube

  1. Ah…where do I start? πŸ™‚

    The most current one would have to be the “It’s Rocking” song with Kareena in it…the tune is wierdly catchy and I loved it, until I saw the K, looking like a man in poorly done drag…sigh.

    Only other Hindi song I can remember is Jiya Jale from Dil Se – loved the combo of Hindi and Malayalam, until I saw Priety’s efforts at dance in it…she was still cute, but what should have been a sexy song turned silly!

    There is also Aasai Aasai from Dhool – Tamil – loved the song and its Hindi avtar (Rafta Rafta from Hulchul) for a while, but the picturizations of both versions suck.


  2. Dunno why but Dil Deewana from Maine Pyaar Kiya disappointed me. Seeing the song in Chitrahaar I thought the hero jumping around and doing somersaults in the song is enacting a mad guy in the film and hence the lyrics ‘yeh pagla hai’ It was a total anticlimax. I still havent figured out why he did that and also the weird dance steps in others songs in the same movie.

    I saw the whole video of the song u mentioned in your post to see if both of them chin-kiss throughout the song. They did twice in the beginning. Quite erotic I thought πŸ˜€

  3. so you must have seen him on Oye, It’s Friday right? the new talk show he’s hosting on NDTV?

    Me: I caught a bit on youtube (!) I barely watch TV unless its the news. The OA hogs the remote.

  4. Jara jara mehakta hei, behkta hei,
    mera tan badan….
    (Haven’t seen the movie, but they ruined the picturization with the stars just running around here and there). Me, with my perverted mind, always imagined something really hot.

    Another one would have to be ‘Subhaan -Allah’ song with Aamir and Kajol, again haven’t seen the movie, but the video was an apt advertisment/course in eve-teasing.

  5. oh dear…starred him and her?!?!?!!! I didn’t even know this film existed…! Nor the song…so I listened to it patiently because it was Asha πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for the intro MM…but I’m with you…no thanks for the picturization to youtube πŸ™‚

  6. :D.yup!.thats the downside…
    lets see..we didnt start the fire..crappy picturisation(or maybe I watched the wrong video)
    any old hindi songs I dont wanna see the picturisation coz some sidey hero and heroine singing some awesome songs is so off putting..

    new ones?have to think about it:)

  7. Can’t really remember… prolly because I never pay attention to the video hehe. I did devotedly sit and look up ‘Jumma chumma de de’, ‘Gazar ne kiya hai ishara’ and ‘Churake dil mera’ today. Fun times!

  8. Oh and thank you VERY much for bringing up that song… I remember loving it like anything but had totally forgotten about it. Have spent my evening listening to it on repeat πŸ™‚

  9. hah this is a post I wanted to write .. saw Roz Roz Aankhon Tale sometime last year, and died for the rest of the evening! wtf did they do to my fave song.. 😦 😦

    had been listing these dissapointments for a long time – two that come to mind now are the Rabbi Shergill song “Kitni Der Tak” from Delhi Heights and the mellifluous “Aao Na” from the movie with the sucky name (Kyon.. Ho Gaya Na!).

  10. One that I can remember now is Sukhwinder Singh’s “Aa mujhe choo le”. What a catchy tune but so very disappointed with this video.

  11. Akhiyon ke jharokon se from the movie Akhiyon ke jharokon se for me was a total let down… I imagined the picturisation in a much better way and it turned out to be such a dud

  12. Wow, those are my exact feelings…

    I usually listen to this gem of a song on musicindia. The other day since music india online was unavailable (and it sucks big time) I went to youtube. I had never seen the video for this song before and I almost wept..such a lovely song…but such pathetic picturisation…

  13. “Aakhir tumhe aanaa hai, zara der lagegi” – I used to hum this all through teenage and cursed be the day I happened to see it on tv… 😦 took me a good number of years to get back to humming it again, but even now I regret having seen who and what it shows!

  14. Ooh I’m not clicking on that link, love that song too much. I’m mostly a radio/mp3 person, so for most of the songs I love in Hindi/English I have no clue what the picturisation is like and refuse to get curious enough to find out πŸ˜€ Somehow feel the charm is lost once I do that!

  15. ROFL! Just saw the two of them and minimised. Don’t want the song spoiled for me.
    but that page did have a lot of other lovely songs… mera kuch samaan … oof! my goosebumps have still not subsided… Thanks for a lovely hour at work, MM.

  16. On a very very hatke note…I am wondering when this Roz Roz song was made, did the producers have to take permission to film it from Dutt’s big brother and Mandakini’s ex?
    (You traumatized me with this song. Almost 24 hours and I am still seeing images of those two.) πŸ˜€

  17. Am I the only one who thinks Sanjay Dutt looks awesome in the ‘Roz Roz…’ song ??? πŸ˜›

    I think he was likeable till his ‘Saajan’ days…sigh!!

    On the topic, I think β€˜Jaadoo Teri Nazar’ from β€˜Darr’ was a huge letdown. Lovely song but all it had was Juhi running around breathlessly with a goofy grin on her face

  18. That Holi song ‘Ay gori’ from Delhi Heights. Such a fun song and looks like they’re doing some physiotherapic exercises!!

  19. Ho Jata hai Kaise Pyar…najane koi najane koi…

    such a catchy song but the picturisation was a let down with manisha koirala funnily dancing with a guy looking like a chimp.

    Plus all the songs in which Emraan Hashmi is present. The songs are pretty good to hear but he totally ruins it for me in the videos.

    And I think a lot of Jagjit Singh songs lack the quality picturisation that the songs deserve.

  20. Honthon se chhoon lo tum, mere geet amar kar do… was a mind-blowing song by Jagjit Singh till I chanced upon Raj Babbar in a white suit and dalmatian-spotted-waistcoat singing it!

    And yes, Jai Ho as well! What crappy choreography.

  21. I never pass an opportunity to diss the picturisation of this song. So here goes. Im sure nothing can beat this crap. such a lovely AR Rahman song totally ruined by the director whos also the hero! I dont know how Rahman and the singers Naresh and Madhushree have let him live!!


    A clear winner, is nt it? *ROTFLOL*

  22. Not much into TV, so don’t see too many videos. But yes, the picturisation of Rock On the song was a major dampener for me. The song made me feel this rush…like liberation…and the picturisation was just…well…mundane…

  23. I second all of that and the list is endless. Jai Ho Choreographer should be sacked. Recently I saw the song ‘mera pehle bhi tumse tha nata koi’ With Shashi Kapoor and Sharmila fooling around in a skating rink… disgusting!

  24. It is one of my fav songs too, never bothered to find out who starred in it – but these two????YIKES – a superb song wasted on these two!!!

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