Writing iPhone applications

Oh great. So now it’s no big deal that the Bean can count till ten and knows the alphabet. She should be using the PC better, not just banging on the keys and spilling tea in between them. Damn. How is she going to write iPhone applications in a couple of years? We’re falling behind. I knew it was a bad idea to listen to Pocupine Tree instead of Mozart when she was in utero.


14 thoughts on “Writing iPhone applications

  1. I coudln’t have put it better than comment #1 (collapsedlight). Tension nahin lene ka (munnabhai style) 🙂

    Me: was just kidding.. a sarcastic post 😀 i dont want any of my kids writing code any time in the near future!

  2. Heh! I used to set fire to stuff when I was 9, and steal dad’s cigarettes and smoke em when everyone else was sleeping. Whatte fun!

    Porcupine Tree? Cool!!! What’s your favorite album? Have you heard Voyage 34: The Complete Trip?

  3. Ha ha ,
    Imagine- someone thought you were serious about wanting the kiddo to start coding. Personally, I would never want my kids to code, baba- thoda to madness hai…
    I have this Airtel salesperson who is always calling me to sell some ‘TV educational games’ and I try ( why?) to expolian to her why getting toddler children hooked onto TV/ Computers is bad for them.
    Like anybody cares…

  4. hahaha..
    heck.. children these days..

    well for all u know at age 4 the Bean might be more comfortable with a computer than with a pen! Maybe schools will start teaching the alphabets on computers 😉

    I’m a Sw developer. While I was pregnant team mates used to joke that Junior should well be our next recruit! He’ll be able to debug issues/write code as soon as he pops out thanks to all the training he got while inside!

  5. My colleague tells me her 5 year old daughter is an expert at hacking into her parent’s computer to play forbidden, bloody, gory, first person shooter games! The times they are a changing…

  6. As a techie, I have to speak up for the kid 🙂 OK, most 9 year olds are perfectly fine with the usage of technology, not so much with the creation – but this kid seems interested enough in the mechanics to learn programming (in multiple languages to boot), so more power to him…don’t see anything bad in the story itself (As in, I don’t knwo if he was pressured into learning those computer langs or not), but it actually makes me very happy when kids show such dedicated interest in stuff…

    Writing an app itself need not be tough – there are some simple ones out there.


  7. this concept of falling behind- im sure its cultural because i just dont see it in the west this mera bacha can do this can yours?? somehow development seems to be such a shared thing out there (please feel free to set my limited vision right someone from abroad)

    i have a blinders on approach with nadi- im super impressed with everything he can do and think hes brilliant and wonderful- maybe in comparison hes more of a baby or spends more time absorbing than reacting but i honestly couldnt care less as long as hes well adjusted and happy. as for writing codes, challo woh bhi seekh le ga ak din 😉

    Me: I must do sarcasm very badly if even you thought I meant it Jammie 🙂 will post about how brilliant i think my kids are, in a day or so!

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