Thoughts on Dev D

If you go to watch Dev D for one reason, it has to be the Emotional Attyachar song. The OA and I were in splits.

The rest of the movie – well it was a fresh take on Devdas (as fresh as that old story can ever get) and I liked the way the BMW hit and run case as well as the DPS MMS made their way in. I’ve been reading a couple of Indian writers over the last few days (Ameen Merchant and Anuradha Roy – yes, I knew you’d ask) and while I enjoyed the books and the pace, I love reading about contemporary India and I’m bored with reading about displaced Indians. So to have a Devdas back in this new avatar was good fun.

The scene that really upset me – when Paro sits down to wash his clothes in the dirty hotel bathroom. You have to really love someone to do that – no matter what you say to hurt them after that. Oh – and sunglasses. It’s amazing what you can hide behind them. Tears, black eyes, anger, hurt, blood shot druggie eyes.

A few months ago a tag-ish thing was doing the rounds about what you as a parent would do if your child was gay. I thought it was rather pointless. What can you do? What can your child do? Why would you want to do anything about it at all? I mean you could, if you are that sort, disown them. But for those of us who aren’t, the question seemed pointless. More to the point last night was – what would one do with a son like DevD? A wastrel, a junkie, jobless, spoilt and rude. Now that is when you ask a question like – what would you do as a parent? I watched his parents struggle to deal with him, from being soft to harsh and he just seemed impervious.

I cried through most of the movie. I’d just come from a press event and all my make up ran down my face as I sobbed like a baby. Don’t ask me why. Devdas always made me cry and with its contemporary references it made me cry some more. I’ve known too many junkies, too many people in rehab and too many failed romances to not find something familiar in each scene.

I loved the shots of the streets of old Delhi. The red light areas. The feel of Delhi. Man… I love this city. I loved the three men in hats who kept appearing. I loved that they got two men to do an ‘item number’ in a bar instead of the women. They were brilliant.

And while I live my clean, non-smoking, non-card-touching, teetotallers life, there’s something to be said for the debauched life. Something to be said for those who have experienced it all, hunger, poverty, craving, yearning, roaming the streets at night, finding the shady bars, seeing the other Delhi/city of your choice, while the rest of the city sleeps. I’ve done a bit of it, roamed the streets at night, penniless and hungry, fortunately, not alone (Don’t worry ma, it’s over and you didn’t find out, so all’s well that end’s well na?!) You’ve got to have seen every extreme of emotion to really have lived .. right?

I loved the music. It totally rocked. Loved Pardesi and Dhol Yaara Dhol.. .and .. oh all of them. And now I must go pick up the CD.

Was it a good movie? Well, I didn’t really care for the performances, a lot of scenes and words were thrown in for shock value but then isn’t that what makes it what it is? And I liked Mahie Gill. Kalki seemed to be there to showcase her Tamil and French. Well – it worked.

And I liked the ending.

PS: Read this review for a very nice POV.

PPS: Abhay Deol? Abhay Deol? Him of the ordinary face, jawline that knows no boundaries, and awful, awful body? no no…. I think there’s been some mix up!


19 thoughts on “Thoughts on Dev D

  1. I was thinking of asking you what you thought of the movie, when i was reading your last post!
    Do get the CD – there are snatches of music, which, if u r like me, u miss registering in ur head, caught as u are with wat’s on screen – its beautiful.
    I loved the scene, where, sitting in the changing room of the swimming pool, Kalki speaks of her dad and Abhay Deol reaches out to give her a hug – after having been a self-centred b*****d for the better half of the movie, this is the first scene where Abhay Deol shows his humane side.. nice..
    How’re the Brat and the Bean? The number of posts on them, has been dwindling… 😦 any reasons?

    Me: yes! they’re not in town, not been for a while! so no posts!

  2. Nice Post! I liked what you wrote here, “…its contemporary references it made me cry some more. I’ve known too many junkies, too many people in rehab and too many failed romances to not find something familiar in each scene.”

    I always thought I was the odd one out!!

    Happy Valentine’s MM and keep blogging!

  3. 🙂 sure looks like you liked the movie a LOT. Have heard a lot of others also say its a nice one. And yeah, that emotional attyachar is total splitsville. I had a friend send me the lyrics long back, while we were chatting and I thought he was stoned, seriously.:-D Then I found it was a REAL song from Dev D….

  4. MM,

    Is Kalki of Tamil origin? I thought the name sounded so, but who names their kid “Kalki”? You’re named for the avatar-of-the-apocalypse or a magazine?

    (and yes, I could google her, but haven’t so far…)


    Me: She’s french and brought up in Pondi at the ashram. that explains it na?

  5. You did say anything about the best part of the movie (I havent watched the movie yet
    )…. my Abhay Deol! 😦

    Me: You like Abhay Deol?
    *racks her brains for one good thing to say about him and then gives up the attempt and figures its safer to shut up*

  6. whaa? u can’t find a good thing to say about abhay? he’s soooooooo good lookin’!!! has that typical punjabi look that i’d reel over for any day. :)))) but then i might be biased. only if he was a tad darker though. i dun like light men. hmm. where was i?

    yes, gotta watch dev d. whenever it comes out on dvd.

    Me: *gulps with disbelief and considers pointing her in the general direction of John, Farhan and other hotties but then decides to shut up and not hurt Roop’s feelings.*

  7. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. Its a contemporary classic. Hats off to Anurag Kashyap. ‘Nayan Tarse’, ‘Pardesi’ and ‘Emotional Atyachaar’ are my most fav songs.

  8. hehehe u know wha? i am off the farhan bandwagon now. i dunno … am not feelin’ him. somethin very average about him.

    and john .. blah, he looks gay. hehee

    i used to like Ajay devgan once upon a time during his hey day haha. all my friends thought i was weird but, hey, i like dark macho-ish men with a sexy walk. :p

    akshay kumar is fyne, i can agree on that! 😀 again, the punju-bias i tell ya. ;p

  9. “You’ve got to have seen every extreme of emotion to really have lived .. right?”

    Yes, really liked the way you expressed your views about a debauched life. It’s almost as if one can’t help being debauched, causing suffering to one and all. Our emotions can be pretty ruthless I tell you.

    I think I would like to watch the movie.

  10. ” I’ve done a bit of it, roamed the streets at night, penniless and hungry, fortunately, not alone” OMG !

    I loved the movie, and as you said, I loved it for its simple non bollywood touch. It looked beyond what is seen everyday. Well maybe they just had to include the opposite of real bollywood

  11. I loved the movie too and for exactly the same reasons that you mentioned. And BTW the song is Emosanal Atyachar, not ‘Emotional’, that is what gives it the right feel 😀

  12. Well, at least you liked the movie.

    But I loved the performances. They are brilliant. Finally, Indian actors act, and not deliver monologues or scream or ham. I think everyone did a brilliant job.

    Me: I didnt think much of the supporting cast or Kalki. Abhay and Mahie were decent. And I can see they’ll just get better.

    It was a beautifully and brilliantly made movie (editing, music, everything!), with so many details taken care of. So many themes and ideas depicted flawlessly. You are shocked to be pulled into the movie. My only problems with the movie – DevD had no accent whatsoever despite living in UK since he was 10; the BMW accident was for shock value and for forcing reality on you… it didn’t work (I felt).

    Ok, I’ll stop. I’ve seen it twice 😀

    Me: LOL @ no accent. nitpicker!! and yes I loved that so many themes and ideas were brought together. I think the BMW part was well… it added no value.

  13. I liked the movie. Unlike you I didn’t find Paro’s washing of clothes strange. I have seen women take charge of people in their life. I have a friend who came to see me after several years (during which she rarely bothered to talk to me) fretting over my food and stuff for few hours she was with me. I guess being fond is good enough.

    Me: No I didnt find it strange. I loved it. It just said so much. That she still cared.

    Somehow I didn’t cry much in the movie. I could identify with the scenes too, but thankfully I was detached enough to grin and enjoy. I liked the ending too. Here’s what I wrote:

  14. I loved loved loved the movie. I thought it was brilliant!

    Aand Abhay Deol…man, I’m totally in love with him. He’s my fave Bollywood person these days. Have you seen his other movies….Socha Na Tha, Oye Lucky, Manorama SFU…? It’s really difficult not to like him.

  15. i loovvee Abhay Deol. the dude can really ACT! and he is so subtle. one my favouritest people. can you actually imagine somone else in this role?

    loved his every movie. be it romantic socha na tha or funky ek chlaais ki last local! the guy is bloody good!

    but then you would notice that even if you could look beyond a certain FA! bah! :p

    Me: that too!!!

    and yes loved Dev D though M humming EA song for next 48hrs was more than painful! hehe! esp when he didnt know the lyrics and just kept singing same 3 lines with tragedy tragedy thrown in! hehe!

    i didnt really cry. i just enjoyed it!


    Me: You AD fans should watch Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye. Particularly if you are from Delhi. they get the accent down pat, the setting is perfect.. its like sitting out on your balcony and watching Delhi go by instead of inside a TV screen

  16. (grinning sheepishly) I like Abhay too- he is the only guy of the Deol clan who has some sense- and he has Dharmedra’s touch for the comic timing too which his sons and daughter do not have. I liked him in ‘something chalis ki last local’too and in that film with Soha, I forget what the name was- I am really over the hill- can’t remember half the things. Anyhow Abhay looks quite charming to me even though he does not boast of a single ‘pack’.
    I love films set in Delhi- the city holds a lot of promise from treelined avenues to colourful bye lanes- Delhi has it all. In ‘Chashme Badoor’ Sai Paranjape made full use of this beautiful city- I can’t wait to see Dev D!

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