Dear MM

How do I sun my blankets and quilts without having little feet trample all over them?

Obsessive cleaner and tired mother.


Dear Obsessive cleaner and tired mother,

Suggest to the owners of the little feet that hiding under the blankets is a cooler idea than running over them. Simple




*dusts her hands and walks off airily*


25 thoughts on “Dear MM

  1. Aha. So I see I’m not alone in my midnight blogging πŸ™‚

    My kiddo has decided post midnight is his favourite playtime and is keeping me up. What about you? Up late? Missing the kids?

  2. is tha a new column on the blog? and will you keep it anon even if you know my…errr someone who is asking you questions name?! :p

    the picture is adorable ofcos!


    Me: totally. strict confidentiality will be maintained :p

  3. So this is what you guys are planning to do after sending your babies away.

    Hmm..sunbathing on Patio this Valentine’s Day. —–Moral Police alert—-


    Me: *throws a pink chaddi at solilo*

  4. Do we have any tales from grandparents land about the prince and the princess? Are they having fun going to Gpa’s office and playing there. or riding the bicycle and truck…

    Post only if you are not too busy

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