Chip off the old block

Dear Nani,

Mama says I do you proud. No, not merely because I am a carbon copy of your mother, the looker in the family. But because I eat my chicken like any self respecting Bengali woman would. Right down to nothing. Which is like you and unlike her.

The family has usually gotten up and walked away post-dessert but I will be found wandering around the house, my sticky little face covered with gravy and a chicken bone chewed beyond recognition in my hand. It keeps me occupied for at least an hour after dinner and should anyone be foolhardy enough to even attempt extricating it from my grubby fingers, I scream blue murder. Just like you.

I’m thinking of permanently moving to live with you and G’pa since the philistines who gave birth to me don’t know how to appreciate a good leg of chicken.


The Bean


40 thoughts on “Chip off the old block

  1. Hahaha! Please, please let me adopt her… i can cook her all the chicken legs she wants, and we can both chew on the bones, all day long! A lil Bean after my own heart… πŸ™‚

  2. Dear Beanie,

    so your mean mom is feeding you only bones? Come and live with me, I’ll make sure you have decent vegetarian food! Bones are for dogs, not little people! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


    Me: Dear Aunty M,
    You’re lucky its me and not the Brat. He believes veggies are for cows. I chew my bones but also love my potatoes. Ma says she will send me to anyone who has the patience to deal with my mood swings. Are you up for it?!

  3. Ha ha… till the very end, I was thinking you were addressing your Nani and planning to move from Delhi πŸ™‚

    Kids eating chicken is the best! And I am amazed she can have it so well. Many kids can not even manage to take the flesh off the bone!

  4. Oh, so this is a Bengali thing. We were talking of a couple of friends who did the same, recently. But I refused to believe it was a Bengali trait. Ha!

  5. Li’l Bean is definitely my soul sister.
    I chew, crunch & suck at the bone till it does full justice to the simile β€œdry as a bone”
    As far as I know, that *IS* the only way to relish chicken, ok?
    So WTG Beanie !!!!

  6. phew! thank god there is a new post! i get withdrawal symptoms mon-fro if i dont see a new post!

    and LOVED this one too! πŸ™‚ what would I do to get Cubby to like ANY food this much! πŸ™‚

    next we need a picture of Bean holding on to the bone with her dear life! πŸ˜€


  7. Dear Beanie
    Potatoes or Chicken Bones or anything for that matter you will never have a Problem.
    Come home with me Child.

    Note: Am a Veggie. But I promise you what you want.


    Dear MM,
    Mood Swings – No Problem; Now pls tell me when I can come and have her in my small world.
    Be ready MM?

  8. but that’s the best part. it soaks up all the other juices and is meant to be chewed! she’s right, you are a complete philistine.

  9. amio! amio! amio! self respecting bangali bhodromohila indeed.

    amio erom bhaabe khai. i eat my chicken legs just like the bean does. we bengalis love our meat, you know?

    mwaz dear bean. remember, next step. demand the luchi (bengali style) and denounce the puri (non-bengali style). then we shall see. mwahahahaha. πŸ˜€

  10. MM..if i happen to be visiting good ol’ dilli can i and my daughter visit your family????? puhleeezzzzzzz…..or is that only for blogging friends??

  11. i think my mother would like to adopt you and disown me, beanie, but i’d say u’ve got the best mother anyone could … so stick by her and don’t let her get away with that bone before u want to let go of it. prod on girl!

  12. EEeK! My vegetarian brain can’t imagine the little bean baby eating animal carcass [sorry sorry sorry, i dont mean to offend but i can’t help it]

    Me: LOL! its okay. the brat and the bean usually react to people eating green vegetables with equal disgust. what to do – thats the way tastebuds are πŸ™‚

    mm, pl watch luck by chance and dev.d
    i saw 2 movies back to back today [planning to watch benjamin button on my lappie now] and both r beautiful beautiful!

  13. Aaah, a Bengali after my heart! Chicken legs are nothing Bengalis will chew fish backbones to smithereens. In fact we used to have competition- who can make the bones disappear faster! My mite is also a true blue Bengali and he has broken the gender barrier too- previously only women were considered pros at bone chewing! He even eyes the fish head! I told him he can have it when he is older. Whenever he sees me relishing my muri ghonto he heave a sigh and says “aami boro hole macher matha khabo”!
    My brat has become a vegetarian and turns up her nose at everything we eat- truely foodies are born as Nino’s Mum says!
    Looking forward to bean’s pic with her bone!

  14. Darling Beanie,

    Aunty Sue’s damn proud of you for taking after her.

    Do tell your mum it’s only the beginning.

    Aunty Sue

    Me: *groans*

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  16. Oh I laughed so hard at this. Esp. the ‘philistines’ part. ROTFLMAO…
    Bless her, the cheeky doll! Surbhi ‘di is so very proud of you, honey! And she’ll make sure her li’l girl (hope I do have at least one daughter) is just like you, Beanie!

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