Maddy, maddy, quite contrary

(ooh… bet the trolls loved that!)

How does your garden grow?

With … with.. errr, tomatoes and nasturiums

And petunias all in a row.





Yes, we’ve already established that I don’t do poetry. Thats my winter garden. And the Brat refuses to let anyone pick the damn tomatoes so fat lot of good they are to me!

Ps: My ‘poem’ has been edited. You guys refuse to give me creative licence and insist on me talking about only the flowers that I took pictures of. Yes mama, that means you too!


37 thoughts on “Maddy, maddy, quite contrary

  1. helloo.. are you for real?? How on earth do u manage 2 kids, work, home, a blog AND a winter garden? Seriously. I’m really impressed.

    I’m the mother to an almost-3-month old. The day goes by in flash with the baby. I’m wondering how the heck I’ll manage once I head back to work in March. Sigh…

    Me: talk to the lady below who had some things to say about housewives! even without a fulltime job theres a lot you can do in your own home if you enjoy it… and i do believe in giving my all to the house and the kids.

  2. Portulacas? I see Petunias and the plant known here as “wandering jew” 🙂
    Lovely tomatoes…grow bhindi next year – the plants look amazingly like marijuana, and flower beautifully (yellow hibiscus like flowers) – and bear prolifically…


    Me: Look like Marijuana but arent? Some of my friends will sue me for luring them home under false pretexts!

  3. nice! but i can’t see any portulacas or pansies – only nasturtiums and petunias.

    Me: Couldnt upload all the pics… and somehow that seemed more err… poetic? *ROFL at her terrible attempts at rhyming!*

  4. MM, were you talking about one post in two days or two posts in one day? ‘Coz that’s what I have been seeing over the past couple of days. Still, love your blog to bits 🙂

    Me: sigh. can i help it if there’s just so much in this world to be happy as well as angsty about?! 🙂

  5. Know what, your kids are so lucky they get to see what grows in what! My grandpa used to grow beans, bhindi, spinach and more, all around his small house in Chennai and was so heartbroken when they made the house into an apartment.

    Thankfully because my dad also believed in the idea I have seen ash gourd, pumpkin, tomatoes, lemon, plantain and much more grow around our small house back home.

    But I am not sure my daughter is blessed as much, even if we desperately want her to grow up the way we did. Seriously in the concrete world (jungle?) that I live in, I dont know if my kid will ever understand what a creeper or a shrub or a tree is all about!

    Sorry, the comment got too long…..couldnt help getting nostalgic seeing the pics. Lovely, all of them 🙂

  6. i have been a regular reader though never posted a comment.not, married, no kids but with regular peek into your life i am sure i would like it to unfold as it has for you 🙂


  7. You have immense energy to do all this. Manage 2 kids, maintain the house and garden and keep up this blog by posting twice on a day 🙂

    Is enegry ka raaz kya hai?

  8. 🙂

    awesome awesome all the way!

    your home is like a fashion house. you have spring collection, then fall, then winter and so on! 😀

    may the garden bloom bigger and better!


  9. Momma:
    So you finally decided to grow your own veggies. Good going! No herbs kya?

    Oi – how difficult is it to grow your own plants? You get a pot, some soil, some plant food, some seeds. Make a little hole, drop the seeds, water it, make sure it gets just enough sun, and water it once-twice a day.

    The things grow on their own – you don’t have to stand there and stare at them.

    Me: yeah yeah – herbs too. pudina, dhaniya, chillies, tulsi… also the pansies and stuff that i wrote abt but didnt put pics of.

  10. Wow! You really are such an inspiration. I love all the pics you put up, your kids, your garden, interiors… When I do get married, I hope I’d be able to do atleast half as much.
    Have a happy life:)

  11. You give me a dream.. a dream to make a home sweet home…

    Kala Tikka to you first.. so many jealous readers 🙂

    Me: I dont believe in nazar. but funnily i do believe in good wishes 🙂 thank you and I pray that all your dreams come true!

  12. Wow….your garden is so beautiful! I dont know one plant from the other…the only one I could recognise were the tomatoes 🙂 It looks so green and wonderful. Just curious….dont you have trouble with mosquitoes? We had a couple of non flowering plants back home and whenever I used to go out on the balcony in the evenings I used to get attacked by mosquitoes. So just wondering if Delhi has the same problem.

  13. I notice the tomato plants have too many branches. You should strip off the ones that don’t have the fruit growing – it helps the fruit to grow better.

    You probably also need to (if you haven’t already) put a stick in and tie the plant to it, so that it doesn’t fall over with the weight of the plant.

  14. what lovely tomatoes! i love home gardens and especially kitchen gardens. the high of cooking something with stuff that you have grown yourself!!

    could you please write up some tips as to how you went about growing all this? using special seeds or ghar ke seeds, the watering frequency etc.

    there are hardly any gardening websites, with indian weather in mind.

  15. ok! seriously i hate you now! to be able to juggle all these beautifully!

    MM -any crash course on time management to this manager for 4 years?:)

    Me; involve the kids. seriously. it seems like more work but it isnt. in fact because they were involved, the brat wont let anyone touch them. other kids are being destructive but this fellow is guarding them with his life. and it gives you time with them, its more useful than learning ABCD all day.. and you get other stuff done.
    okay gyaan over for the day. now do you love me atleast a little bit?!

  16. Huh..what you edited? Obviously am late to the party..say na. Pretend I’m a troll…gimme!

    Me: ROFL. pretend you’re a troll!! well i wrote this random line on portulacas and pansies. but trust everyone to notice i dont have pics of those up. my mother called me up to ask me what i was going on about. finally had to change and fit the words exactly to the pics!

  17. Beautiful… I wish I had atleast a green nail in my fingers. sigh.

    But this is worse, two posts in a day. You should have stayed back there in bedlam. tsk tsk.

    Me: I know 😦

    *has the grace to look ashamed of herself*

  18. I just lurrve all the plants. i actually liked that pictures are over exposed. it gives such warmth to the pics…and gives that winter sun feel delightfully.

    My house looks like ‘bedlam’, babel (with the kids chattering all the time) and botched all the time, BUT my garden looks lovely. So when you come home – i shall blindfold you and take you straight to my teensy jungle of a terrace. When you do go back in – through those green tinted glasses – hopefully, everything won’t look as bad as it actually is.

  19. Lovely garden, MM! We have a big tomato patch too. Ours are out of season now though, we have cherry tomatoes, got about 14 kg this year!!!

    And we planted pomegranate, cherry and apple trees yesterday! Hope they grow some leaves soon…spring is just around the corner.

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