We, the bloggers…

… are not going to be silenced.

After a long time I blog with a very heavy heart. We’ve spoken about mainstream media robbing images and ideas and plagiarising from blogs. But this takes the cake. Mainstream media targets a single blogger for his opinion of their reporting. This considering not just the blogosphere but many senior print journalists, including Vir Sanghvi, condemned the coverage. But they don’t have the courage to take on a name like Vir Sanghvi. No sirree… Lets pick on the small guy instead.

And so they took umbrage at Mr C Kunte’s post and made him withdraw and apologise. It’s in the cache right now – I suggest we all talk about it. Copy it, keep it somewhere safe, where they can’t get to it and pull it out once in a while when we want to mourn the death of freedom of expression.

Chyetanya, you’re not alone. We’re with you. All the way.
As are:


Goofy Mumma







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Prem Panicker

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I strongly urge, request and beseech you to read each blogger because they’ve all made such varied and relevant points.

You could also fill up this simple form Aditya has created, telling it as it is.

Meanwhile Suraj here, said what I wanted to – that it was a sad Republic Day this year. On the one hand you had the violent moral police taking away your right to a beer at the pub. And on the other hand you had a big bully taking away your right to an opinion and freedom of speech.



38 thoughts on “We, the bloggers…

  1. MM,
    Please read this link by Prem Panicker, and also the comments below it. It will make things clear.


    Also, do click on this link by him again, and please do, coz this one takes the cake.. stupid Ms. Know-it-all and her NDTV

    Me: I’ve already linked to the first one Arun. thanks for the second

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  3. Like the Cellphone silence day..why can’t we go for No NDTV week/year or something like that. Then probably the mornonic network would come to senses. And yes if that starts or features on your site and some of the most popular blogger’s sites it can create a revolution.

    Being in media where they should be the voice for freedom of expression, they have turned the tables. It is outright disgusting!!

  4. I had written about the same 2 days back.

    One blogger was picked to just warn the rest of us. The cached copy of the original is the sentiments of majority Indians about Barkha Dutt’s over dramatic news coverage.

  5. just when I was become awed by India’s democracy and freedom of speech and expression and public opinion day by day

  6. Hey do u realize Sanjay dutt and Manayata can come to get you next.
    Poor things didnt realize, it was going to do them more harm than good. This story is going to spread like a wild fire. And they can stop me from writing but not from forming opinions. And no matter what they think, I am not solely dependent on blogs to form opinions, I also form opinions based on such acts.

  7. In absolute agreement. This incident has furthered lowered the little cred the woman had to begin with. It alarms me, this militant approach to silencing dissent and alternative lifestyles. Whether it be the Sri Ram Sene or a fancy-schmancy media house, the bullying tactics followed are the same. At this rate, I’ll have the Shiv Sena shutting down my blog next, for all the names I’ve called them. It’s a crying shame and we will not stand for it.

  8. Hi MM, it seems the media wants to be like the judiciary, free from any scrutiny and criticism. This is just as bad as moral policing.

    They are bullies all.

  9. I think we should copy and paste that post and send it through mail to as many people as possible.

    I am outraged by their moral high ground. I just read the post. He has made very valid points about the safety of the victims in side the hotels. In stead of shutting up people who are pointing to such glaring errors, the media should be introspecting. And perhaps they should begin with feeling ashamed.

    I think their curtailing of feeedom of speech will help the relevant post spread far and wide. Let’s do it.

  10. I hope the big daddy of electronic media is listening to all this. I wish they come out with some response and realise their folly in making a blogger do something like this. This surely is ‘shoddy journalism’.

    MM, despite your decision to post only on alternate days, I am glad you could just not delay this post for one more day. Also, you have three posts for the day and none of your readers are complaining:)

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  13. Hi, MM,

    I came to say sorry, I used my cellphone yesterday. Not because I forgot. The kids school bus was late, so called his teacher to ask what was wrong, was there a bomb somewhere or what? The bus had a flat, and my resolve not to use my cellphone broke.

    I wonder if I am alone?

    Me: πŸ™‚ you know – i felt like a terror when i contemplated asking people if they switched off. I did, and the OA got this flurry of calls from concerned parties! You’re not alone. I can bet you most people forgot altogether. On the other hand – you and me are keeping each other company.

  14. Anyone remember Harry Potter Book 5? When Harry gives an interview against the Ministry of Magic in the Quibbler and Umbridge bans anybody from reading it..a delightfully smug Hermoine predicts that if there was one thing Umbridge could have done to make certain everybody reads the interview, it is to ban the thing. And sure enough, by next morning, everybody and their uncle has read the interview.


  15. I have never liked B. Dutt or NDTV. In fact I confess that at one time I have felt a very high level of irritation for her and the channel.
    However being a journalist myself I can say that we have been trained not to do any name-callling as it can result in a libel suit for the publication we write for. In fact even while quoting from sources, one has to use terms like “allegedly” or “accused of” because otherwise the publication can be sued. The only time one can actually say that a person has done something wrong is if the person has been tried and convicted in a court of law. These are the rules which any responsible journalist will live by. From what I know, bloggers who write in a public domain also can be sued. Now whether B. Dutt should have come down so heavily on a blogger or not is not something I want to go into…all I want to say is that clearly the blogger did break the law. And if he hadn’t, NDTV would never have been able to sue him.
    It is possible to say a lot of things about people in a clever way, ensuring that the message is spread, but no one can sue. If one wants to that is.
    Personally I prefer to be on the right side of the law. I am wary of even breaking red lights! πŸ™‚

    (I have written this same comment on another blog)

    Me: I understand. as a journo myself i know i walk that line all the time. but making an example of him was just silly… and petty. and just got her some more bad press. as someone in media – she should know what that means

  16. Much as agree with Nita (about staying on right side of the law), I take a strong objection to the fact that very news channels who use “fredom of expression of speech” as time-tested phrase to counter any govt relulation, sue a harmless citizen-blogger when buck stops at them. You cant change rules of the game to suit yourself. “accused” “alleged” are words that are hardly used by Tv channels/print media…I have written about it several times in my blog when it was about Uma Khurana or Gurgaon murder case. Now they stoop so low to sue a blog..not acceptble. I too will vociferoiusly condemn it.

    Thanks for all the links!

  17. If a tv channel or print media prints or says something defamatory the victim has a right to sue. Ofcourse many don’t as they do not have the resources. But I know that a lot of law suits are slapped on publications on a regular basis and also on companies. When rich people sue publications, the publications generally scurry for cover! πŸ™‚ Again, it’s the common man who suffers. 😦 I wonder if Rajesh Talwar carried out his threat of suing the tv channels.

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  19. I heard Ms Dutt a few days ago after the delhi aiport hijack drama on ndtv, she was speaking with the home minister, asking all sort of questions like, whether it was a hijack, who all have been caught, what is the evidence etc and then saying “so you not denying that it could be a potential hijack situation” (what is a home minister supposed to say to that!!) Of course he said “yes” and then she goes on air to say that “a potential hijack on the indigo flight was confirmed by the home minister” what!!!!??

  20. BTW this is not the first time on Indian TV news, and I am not referring to the Kargil reporting. Evidently, the scarlett case was created as a live show with Goa beach as backdrop. The audience was sitting on the beach and particpated as the ‘journlaist’ played judge, jury, interrogator to the hapless mother. It just went so overboard that some members from the audience intervened and asked for moderation.

    A detailed report in the Hindu was published regarding the utter disregard for journalism during that program. The coloumnist didnt mention which channel aired the program (and I thankfully dont own TV so am ignorant on these matters).

    I am utterly disgusted by the news coverage in India. The news channels should put a disclaimer that they are entertainment channels. And worse they consider themselvers as dispassionate journalists, which is farthest from the truth.

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