My cliff hanger reply

So I feel better after that last post on whether it would be more attractive if we were perfect people. Because of course I’d be perfect if I were a good cook. I see a pattern actually. Most of the good cooks say they aren’t very good housekeepers. I’m an awesome housekeeper and an awful cook. Great. Mutually exclusive. Thanks so much for your time and replies folks – it’s the end of the day so this is my answer –

Could I love him more?

Who said I love him to begin with? :p

Would we be happier? I don’t think so. In his line of work more money means longer hours and I’ve realised I’m too much of a clingy wife to allow that. The trade off wouldn’t suit me. More money would always be welcome. Less time with him? Not a chance.

Would he love me more if I were a better cook? I don’t think he could love me any more.

Would he be happier if I were a good cook? A resounding yes!!!

Although I must admit he dithered for five minutes over the answer.


7 thoughts on “My cliff hanger reply

  1. Hmmm….this post and the one before it rings a familiar bell and yesssss, i am back MM, more settled in after the baby and ready with my comments…oh goody goody it sure feels goos to be back to ur lovely blog…lotsa catching up to do…


  2. I cook like a dream and can handle a dinner for 25 all by myself, but I really really suck at housekeeping. I mean, I am the kind who would be shoving stuff into the closet if someone came visiting without notice.

    So thanks for resolving the dilemma in my head. Next time K asks, I will point to your post and say I possibly cannot be a good housekeeper!

  3. Completely with you on this … I don’t think BP would love me any better the traditional way (house keeping / cooking etc) …

    But then … the other way round meaning, he doing the house keeping / cooking OR me earning more … what are the possibilities we love each other more ???
    I still think (after some thought) …we’d Love eachother the same way !!!
    But would I be happier if he were a better cook … Oh yeah !! You bet !

  4. Hey…you are right! I am not that good a housekeeper. If someone comes visiting I’ll scramble around trying to keep everything neat. I mean I know where stuff is….just that its not very neatly kept. I think I should try concentrating on housekeeping skills and see if my cooking suffers 🙂

  5. Wow ..
    ur post made me feel good …

    i am a good cook but a lousy housekeeper ( i like to decorate the house – but vacumming, moping, laundry, dish washing – everything is hubby dears job and he loves too – so no complaints )

    but i guess he wud be happier if i did cleaning on my own atleast once in a while rather than the once in a while ” do u need any help” kinda help that i do 🙂
    like yesterday i cleaned the kitchen and today morning he goes to make his breakfast and i am still in bed awake and he runs to me hugs me and kisses me and says i love u and i am shocked and ask “y what happened” – he says “u cleaned the kitchen on ur own .. i am so happy …”..

    married for 3 years and i didnt know that this will make him say i love u

    and i read ur other post today morning ..
    it was all so related 😉

  6. so 70% of my worktime is spent travelling, which means am never home longer than 3 days a week ( and two of those days are the weekend). so on the weekends I cook for the husband ( i love cooking and I rock at it), and i keep a mean home. the husband works in television which is 24-7-365 days business, so he works two weekends a month. Being german, he is lot more open to the idea of sharing housework and does a lot of the stuff i won’t- cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors. would i love him more if he were bringing in more money? nope. i wouldnt. would he love me more if i were a better cook- even though i speak on his behalf,i know the answer would be no because i am a great cook already.
    although i reckon he’d be a little happier if i travelled less than i do!

  7. Great to see your response. Loved reading it. Yups, more money in the household does bring in its downsides too, besides less time with the husband, it could also mean spoilt kids and who knows how much money is enough! It never is!
    Even the ambani brothers fought for the empire when their several generations could live comfortably with all that they had.

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