The patriotic bottles

Look Mama, Beanie’s bottles are an Indian flag! says the Brat pointing at the sterilizer.

I follow his finger and this is what I see.



18 thoughts on “The patriotic bottles

  1. Okay, the Bean’s having her bottles even now right!?? My paed has been scaring the sh*t out of me – that its high time and all. I remember you writing about taking her off bottles sometime back.

    Could you please tell me how to get ’em kids out of this? My baby is 25 months old and she asks for it and refuses to drink milk if I dont give it to her in her bottle. It could actually be high time….!

    How did the Brat get out of it?

    Me: The Bean has only one bottle if she wakes up at an early 5 am. Then its just my way of putting her back to sleep and getting in an hour more of sleep. But the bottles are all stored in the sterilizer until needed.

    The Brat got off it only after 3. and I would have given it longer because it breaks my heart to see him watch his sister. So what i do is not give her any bottle during the day anymore. Only if she wakes up in the middle of the night hungry at which point he doesnt see it.
    I stopped him just as I am stopping her, by moving to the glass and giving two glasses a day.. and just phasing out the bottle. as she learns to sleep better (her eczema creats sleep issues), I will no longer need it to soothe her. I hope to stop the last bottle by two… for now, its the only comfort the poor child has.

    and truly, i’d give it to my son even now if he were a more stubborn child. i dont think its a big deal at all. what does one achieve by cutting down bottles?

  2. amazing..reminds me of the time when j was about 18 months and would watch this TV countdown called BPL Oye on MTV. One fine day – sitting in the car he started saying Oye, Oye – and guess what triggered it ? A BPL logo neon sign !
    guess he was true to his advertising type parents….

  3. MM, just read how you got the brat off the bottle. BB’s off the bottle during the day but only when she’s at home. If we’re out, then she wants the bottle. Oh yeah, and the 1 am bottle is still on. Relieved that another baby has a midnight bottle too, albeit occassionally. I’m glad there’s nothing wrong with my baby. I’ve been talking to other moms who are so surprised about this and also a little nasty.Glad you posted this one 🙂

    Me: gosh on. i know kids who have had bottles till five. i think terri wrote abt it on her blog. and see the comments. ns had till she was 8. who is to tell us how long to give our own kids a bottle?!! how is it their business? and what exactly does one achieve by getting off a bottle? only less milk intake and chasing the damn kid around the house. gah. i took brat off after three. and bean earlier because i think she is ready to be off. you have to decide for yourself. big hug. seeing you after a long time. missed you

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