Thoughts after Ghajini

  1. Well, we can finally put to rest the old grouse that the female form alone is exploited. After Daniel Craig being tortured, Ranbir dropping his towel, Johnny boy with his chaddis slipping off, Farhan in the shower and Amir’s early morning discovery of tattoos, I can say I am satisfied. I don’t know about the rest of you greedy girls.
  2. Jiah Khan annoys me more than nails on a blackboard.
  3. Why oh why does Amir find Asin’s character attractive? What is it with men and silly, childish women who lie through their teeth? I thought people wanted to build relationships on honesty. It’s amazing how much the two main characters fabricate through the movie. The horror of it is the realisation that he is avenging a woman who didn’t even know who he really was. waah.
  4. Jiah Khan annoys me to the extent of wanting to pull my own hair out just to distract myself.
  5. Tell me again, why is Asin a star? She overacts and is rather plain looking. So what gives?
  6. Jiah Khan is so annoying she makes Janice look acceptable.
  7. The movie was too stylised. And too long. And we went on a bad day when I wanted to leave behind my cares. I came back with all my cares and then some.
  8. Jiah Khan is very little beyond the long hair and the awful accent. Actually Asin’s accent pops out at times and pisses one off too. But hey, lets get back to Jiah…
  9. Why don’t millionaire men notice when I am helping blind people cross the road, teaching my maid’s daughter and splashing in puddles? Hey, I can be cloyingly sweet, silly, a liar and annoying, if you want me to. Well, I could try!
  10. Jiah Khan should stick to showing off her long legs in short shorts.

Ignore me. I am a cranky old woman. The movie is worth a watch.


50 thoughts on “Thoughts after Ghajini

  1. I just wholeheartedly agree about Jiah Khan- she annoys me even more!!
    And I think she should stop showing her legs off too- she looks graceless and ungainly (coltish?) in every pic I have ever seen of her.
    I was itching to slap her every second of Nishabd.
    Thankfully, have not seen Ghajini and don’t intend to!

  2. The character that jiah khan played was equally irritating in the tamil version. And Nayantara just added to the irritation.

  3. ah ok! have yet to watch the movie..

    just stopping by to say I *love* your tag line Kidzophrenic mother. One part opinion. Two parts enthusiasm and humour. Shaken not stirred πŸ˜€

  4. Now I have to google and find out which one is Jiah and which one is Asin. Is Jiah the one who died? I watched it because I wanted to see him all ripped.. Thats it. Plain and Simple.:)

  5. I share your thoughts about Jiah. I just felt like closing my eyes everytime she appeared on screen and this was the first time i even saw her…bah..

    but i like Asin πŸ™‚ i liked her character. at first i thought she was overacting, but later liked it as it fit the character she was portraying….

  6. Go watch chandni chowk to china
    u will LOVE gajini

    but still hate jiah- maybe we can start a ” The jiah boycott” club?

    ME: Sigh. That bad huh? IS there no hope this month then? I’ve not even seen RNBDJ because of the bad reviews. One good movie oh Lord.. is that too much to ask for?

  7. Are you sure you want to title this post ‘Thoughts After Ghajini’? Wouldn’t ‘Thoughts on Jiah after Ghajini’ be more appropriate? πŸ˜‰

  8. Hell yeah..Jiah is sooo annoying and ugly. But I loved Asin!! I thought she acts well and is such a natural indian beauty.

    Me: you did? i dont know. she shakes her hands far too much, maybe it was supposed to be in character. all i know is that by the end of it I figured if that if I had a gun with just one bullet in it – i’d be torn as to whether to shoot her, Jiah, or simply myself to put an end to the torture.

    dont know about beauty. she seemed very plain to me. the kind you see hundreds of, in any delhi market. i mean i didnt see a spark of something special. i dont really look for classical looks.

  9. #9: Sooooooo true! all my good deeds gone waste – there was no one to notice 😦 (i mean the rich and handsome types, or perhaps they were too busy chasing PYTs in some pub)

    Hated the movie -esp for this lady named Jiah! All she did was scream and get in the way of this ‘poor’ guy!
    And Amir – well… i wished he had stuck to the usual role that he plays and not experiment with these dumb characters!

  10. I expected all of these irritating things from the movie and more. Therefore I didn’t waste my time and money. Anyway.

    Good to have your old URL back! And I think we all agree that you need some rest. Simply saying that your world runs on very little sleep won’t help. Give yourself more time. We all need to see you healthy and blogging πŸ˜› Lotsa love!

  11. Haven’t seen the movie so can’t comment on that.
    Does this mean you won’t be blogging at the other place any longer?

  12. Things I liked about Asin – she’s got some weight on her bones and that left me so surprised I almost got over the motion sickness that struck me after seeing her act. She mooooovessss too much for ooooonnnnnnnneeee human being, don’t you think?

    Things I liked about Jiah – Got time to go pee without worring about whether i was missing anything important. Also reassuring that even psychology/med students can be dumb. Beats the awe anyday.

    Things I liked about Ghajini – Aamir grunting and frowning and sending his spittle flying around. Has any really-pissed-off-guy looked any hunkier, ever? sigh.

  13. Hi
    I’ve been reading your blog on the sly at work for a while now…needless to say i am a fan πŸ™‚
    Totally agree with you there… Asin was a mess and her mallu accent (it takes one to know one!) inadvertently popped up every now and then and the acting was awesomely bad!
    Oh and her helping the blind dude cross the street…Its flicked from the french movie amelie, which is an amazing movie btw…

  14. Ditto about Jiah Khan, although I liked the movie. I’m a totally nutty, full blown, aamir khan fan though

    You should watch Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye. Its funny and intelligent!

  15. You really mean Chandler’s Janice- the Janice of the LAUGH?
    I think i’ll stick to the Tamil version with Surya boy and just give Aamir Khan a miss. I dont like him much anyways, after the Shahrukh, my dog comment.

    Me: Yes, I thought that was a very low blow. Totally unworthy. But then we never know what sorta politics is going on between them. Havent seen the Tamil version.

  16. The Hindi Version SUCKED!!! Hated everything and everyone in it…The Tamil version is way better..Surya Rocks! πŸ™‚

  17. Thank God.

    There is someone else who is just as irritated, if not more, at millionaire men falling for loud and irritating female of species in movies.

    As for the aforementioned millionaires, billionaires and gazillionaires not noticing the rest of saner women, well the sane one are a dime a dozen. It is the stupid, loud lying types that you do not find all that often, hence their appeal.

  18. After having seen Bourne Ultimatum and kinds where they explore consipiracy theories with total memory loss and stuff, ghajini is just passable.

    Take care.

  19. “Well, we can finally put to rest the old grouse that the female form alone is exploited. After Daniel Craig being tortured, Ranbir dropping his towel, Johnny boy with his chaddis slipping off, Farhan in the shower and Amir’s early morning discovery of tattoos, I can say I am satisfied”

    *puts her hand in the air and shouts.. “I AM I AM”

    You are so true when it comes to Jiah, she looks HOT! and Thats IT! Nothing more.. and i am ROFL still on ” Jiah and the Nail & black borad” thing.

    Hey… honestly, Asin is looking better that how bebo looked on her first movie with Tushar..! I dint care much for her in tamil version, but here i tht she did do some acting.

    DO NOT WATCH CCTC !! Pleaseeeee !!

  20. OMG MM,
    you’re feelings totally macth mine.
    both girls irritated me. and Asin especially, since the whole chulbulli girl bit is SO done, and kareena did it MUCH BETTER in Jab We Met.
    Asin made it look so forced.

    and Jiah Khan…all i can say is “WHY?????”
    she looked like she needed to wash her face through out the film.

    i was disappointed by the music too. there was no ONE number that stuck with me.
    i enjoyed “ab ne bana di jori”. better music.

    Me: Thank you. I too thought Kareena did it better and more naturally in JWM. And the music sucked. Guzarish was okay. But the behka behka number with him appearing in 5 diff roles. All just OTT

  21. oh! Ghajini was SUCH a BAD movie! its just ridiculous!! you know if not for aamir it was so typically 80’s B grade bollywood! the kind suniel shetty or sunny deol would do! horrid!

    and i soooo agree about Jiah! wasnt she about the most annoying thing EVA?! and her lips look sooo funny in close ups and i have no idea why anyone would wanna cast her.

    i quite liked Asin though! reminded me of Hema Malini and Juhi in parts. perhaps inexperienced but has potential!

    Me: maybe. but until I see that potential … and I really did think she was rather hammy.

    and isnt it too late for us to jump puddles now?! sigh! 😦


  22. 1) Jiah Khan was indeed annoying… But she was better than 9thaara in tamil who played the same role!

    2) Asin should Quit cinema!!! I support your views!

  23. For all the med school role was worth, she seemed to have carried forward her brains from nishabd. Like she was paid enough for just the body and nothing more.

  24. eh…Give me Surya anyday over overbuilt-up munchkins! Aamir looked ridiculous in the promos…looks like he’s going the Kamal way – taking himself too seriously I mean.

    As for Jiah – burning question – is that hair real? If so, OK, I envy her the hair…


  25. maybe it is a watch, but not as much as the south version with Surya in it. OMG! but the winner clearly is Memento, the boss of all, the original. I think Aamir’s version is such a drab, that I don’t even want to see it, just because, I don’t want to replace Surya in my mind.

  26. I started watching the movie and one look at the millionaire Aamir’s face and I just stopped watching it! He doesn’t come anywhere close to the super gorgeous Surya in the Tamil version.

    After reading this post of yours, I feel so lucky. I dint even get to see Jiah on screen much πŸ˜€

  27. Hey MM,

    Like u we were also avoiding RNBDJ coz of the bad reviews we read …
    But due to no releases in Dec and Jan, we ended up going for that and trust me it is a good movie…
    My husband hates Shah Rukh khan (after his Darr,DDLJ days ofcourse) more than anyone else and even he liked the movie …
    the only other movie he liked of Shah rukh in recent times is Chakde India..
    Don’t go by the promos, don’t go by the reviews..just go and watch …
    the story may sound weird, but they have taken it in a goody goody way and what i really liked was they didn’t portray the hunk shahrukh as total yo-yo .. even though he looks stylish he is very stupid and thats soemthing which i really liked…
    the 1st half has some hillarious moments …
    and i CC2C is a total mess … so i guess RNBDJ is a safe bet !!!

    btw i guess it is high time we stopped relying on the professional reviews .. all of them take bribes i guess…
    Jodha Akbar was raved by all reviewers and it is the 1st and only movie that i slept in the theatre..

    so these days we dont judge by the reviews.. we watch and we review and then we judge ..

    sorry for a long comment ….

  28. You hate the Hindi version, wait till you watch the super lengthy Tamil version with a climax that’ll make you really blow your brains out (not just want to!). But have to disagree about Asin. I thought she looked lovely and did a pretty good job on the acting front too!

  29. Haven’t watched the movie …but if Jiah makes Janice accepetable … what a torture it must have been …
    And I am so glad you said Asin is just ordinary … everytime, I saw her, I just thought over and over again what was so extra-ordinary in a slight squint lady.

  30. I liked Ghajini. May be the after effect of RNBDJ which sucked. This comes from a die hard SRK fan. Whole Rab Rab will make you go cuckoo and the girl just gulps half the dialogues. SRK at this stage doing a blunder like RNBDJ is despicable.

    Ghajini is good for one time watch though Aamir’s man boobs were an eye sore.

    Do you like horror? Go catch Emraan Hashmi’s Raaz this weekend :)):))

  31. Go see Surya’s Tamil version.. way way better !! Asin, though she does over act, did much better in the Tamil version. I think the whole ” debuting with Amir Khan” has gone into her head.blehh!

    oo if I dint mention it already, Surya ROCKS!! I love the guy.. such a humble gentle man ( in real life too :))..

  32. LOL – the jiah+asin irritation factor is age independant.
    i dont understand what it is with men and women of no gravity.
    incidentally, you having more experience, do you actually think they like women like that? or is it just the movies? id love to know πŸ˜‰

    Me: I’m sorry to say – men DO seem to like ditsy women. i dont know if its an ego boost. or what it is… but these flimsy, silly, giggly women seem to get the men while the ones with a little more depth are left wondering what went wrong.

  33. NOOOOO. you shouldnt have ended with ‘it’s worth a watch’… it’s not!! it was horrible. jiah, asin, the ghajini chap and every one except aamir khan was idiotic and had a major Tam movie hangover!!

  34. i so beg to differ from wat Anamika said!

    RNBDJ was such a lousy movie!! pls pls pretty pls dont waste ur precious 2 n half hour watching it! it wasnt even silly funny.. it was silly stupid! i was cursing myself for wasting time watching that movie!

    Jodhaa Akhbar had so much of depth, the story line, the history, d actor was hot!! Ash was ..eerrmm.. not too great not too bad.. i’d willingly watch that movie again

    back to Gajini.. if u watch d Tamil version of it, u’d start to like Jiah. Nayanthara was unbelievably annoying and unnatural!

    I but liked d tamil version better (minus Nayanthara) than d Hindi one.. for Surya’s sake at least πŸ˜›

  35. For someone who has watched every aamir movie diligently, we had to give this a miss because of having lots of guests at home.

    Right now,i am glad i did not watch the movie. Should spare ourself the agony here,and try to watch “Memento” sometime.

    Thanks everyone….for saving us the trouble, the money and the calories in caramel popcorn.

  36. Just to set the record straight, no ‘real’ man likes the cloyingly-sweet-empty-headed kind of bimbos. It happens only in the movies.

    I was thinking of saying something else as well but its been 15 minutes and I have forgotten!

    Me: oh. finally one for the men. sorry DKC darling. I’ve seen far too many men go for those idiots. I dont get it. I really dont. This real man thing definition varies though. Your friend, the OA says real men dont wear vests under their shirts. I’m confused.

  37. ref: dipta (dkc) and mm’s reply

    lol girls, i’m sorry but i have to ask.
    real men dont wear vests under their shirts. because they wear the bras dont they?

  38. Yes, real men don’t do more things than they do!

    And if you know too many men-going-for-idiots, then either you know the wrong women or the wrong men!

    Me: ahem. I know you too :p now your wife can beat you up for walking into that one.

  39. Am so happy to see that there’s someone who disliked the entire Ghajini experience and I thought it was only me….I can just relate to your statement, I came back with all my cares and some more…ask me …..

  40. I HATE Asin! I have noooo idea why there’s been so buzz about her. The movie was alright as a first time experience (especially since I’ve never watched Memento) but I wouldn’t re-watch it. It’s a good commercial thriller.

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