Who the f**k is Alice??

I mean Manyata..

Now this one amused me no end. Actually Amar Singh often stands on my last remaining nerve. He’s such a hanger on. Such a wannabe. And so much the picture of the slimey politician – greasy, portly, balding, short and ugly.

I recall sometime ago he was up in arms because Amitabh Bachchan wasn’t given a front row seat at some place. This is before I started blogging or you’d have heard me explode. Why on earth does he have to be so smarmy and kiss Bollywood arse? Why can’t the Big B object if he feels hurt?

The latest is that Amar Singh has taken offence over Digvijay Singh not knowing who Manyata is. Now for a few seconds even I wondered who the hell Manyata was and what the furore was over. It’s amazing how everyone is expected to stay in touch with Bollywood gossip, the clandestine weddings, the frequent divorces and much more. And the best part is that Sanjay Dutt isn’t a politician yet so why are other politicians supposed to keep tabs on him?!

I have nothing to say about the state of politics in this country anyway. We’ve had the Big B, Shatrughan Sinha, Jaya Prada, Govinda, Smriti Irani, and many more people pulled in just for their mass appeal. But Sanjay Dutt by far has to be the worst. The man only got a break in films because of his father. Otherwise he has neither looks nor talent. Even now, unless he’s playing a dumb, crooked Munnabhai, he can barely pull off any other character. A druggie, a criminal, somebody with no experience or interest in the running of the country or civil society, and we want to vote for him? Why? And like Laloo, since he has criminal cases against him, he puts an equally unqualified wife up instead – this can only happen in our country! Errr… why?

How the hell is she in any way eligible to run for elections? I’m even willing (against my better judgment) to say its fine to let children of politicians inherit, simply because well, like the children of businessmen and filmstars you hope they’ve inherited some of the talent/knack/knowledge or simply absorbed something while growing up around it. But this kind of thing is the pits. Cash in on his Munnabhai appeal and fool the idiot fan into voting.

These are the times I’m grateful I don’t live close to a water body because then I’d just drown myself to get away from this nonsense. And oh, if I’m drowning, I’ll do you guys a favour and take the corpulent, ass-kissing Amar Singh with me.

And oh! Welcome to the new joint. Nothing much has changed. Just settle right back in and let’s chat.

PS: A comment left me this link which gives me more reason to dislike the man. His comment on women not taking their their husband’s surname as a sign of disrespect. And the whole comment about sisters never liking their brother’s wife? Really? Did he get that off a survey or is it just his terrible taste?

Argh. Sorry to be so incoherent but really, regressive and asinine is the only way to describe him.


66 thoughts on “Who the f**k is Alice??

  1. I’m glad you’ve gone back to blogging under your nom-de-plume!

    such is the state of our country’s politics. I recently read that cataclysmic change typically occurs when extremists (in the minority) gradually grow their numbers and become the majority because the moderate majority shrug them off as insignificant. Similarly, our country will continue to be run by this coterie of illiterates/criminals (which will grow in number) because the majority of people are not willing to do anything about it.

    Me: aiyyo raama. blessed is the blog which has the OA as the first commenter 🙂

  2. What!!! I wanted to be the first commenter here!

    Me: sorry sorry! that man just insists on being first in my life… what can I do?!

  3. Woah! Congrats on your million hits MM.. thats a huge number 😀 just shows how much we love to read you!
    Here’s hoping this one gets even more visitors ;D
    Happy Blogging!

    Don’t know why but I find it SO cute that OA made it to your blog before everybody else 😀 God bless you two and the little ones!

    About, your post, is this for real!?
    .. all this while I thought only politics in PK were a shameful joke 😐

  4. * Acting like nothing happened and settling right in *

    Well, Munnabhai can nominate his wife for elections because – well, people in this country accept that and vote for them. So Sanjay Dutt is only using the golden commandment “Thou shall use all tricks THAT WORK”

    I don’t agree to politicians kids getting elected on Dad/Mom’s popularity either. The whole point of democracy was to get away from inheriting power!

    Me: I don’t subscribe to that either CC. I quite disagree with bolly kids and business kids inheriting too. But if I HAD to accept it, I’d agree that atleast they grew up imbibing something and what they lack in talent they might have picked up otherwise. Other than that – I’m all for free and fair elections and talent hunts. Democracy seems to be a bit of a farce now… Again, not condoning it – just sadly voicing an opinion

  5. A clever compromise, this shift! I notice your raison d’etre has changed, if nothing else.

    Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan are “misunderstood, but at heart they’re really good human beings,” don’t you know?

    I’m not sure who Digvijay Singh is. (Actually I am, because I’m young and sharp, but ‘was just making a point.)

    Me: 🙂 I just couldnt shift it all Perakath. And I was bored of the old look. This will have new pages. the entire point is to have something new you young, sharp, silly child.

  6. No…I cant act like nothing happened…though it is life altering for me to read your post only every alternate day, I will reconcile because you know, you cannot harm the goose the lays the golden eggs 😉

    Take care of your knees MM, I am sure you have tried most of the stuff, but have you gotten massages? Also in US, you get this disposable heat wraps that heat up for 8 hours when exposed to air. I am not sure how it will help you, but just putting it out..

  7. i am just happy cos all evil thoughts of not blogging seem to have gone
    see. happy —> 😀 😀 😀

    new blog deserves new header.
    soon u will have!

  8. WooHooo 1 million!!!!

    and does Sanjay Dutt think making movies on Gandhigiri absolves him of every wrong he has done????
    He does realise that Movie == Make Believe?? And that acting in a movie like that does not really mean he has turned into a new leaf…I mean really…..
    And Amar Singh will do good as a sidey villians sidekicks driver in a B-grade Hindi/Tamil movie….anything that does not require him to open his trap!! Gah!

  9. Take it easy girl. The OA’s telling you that he’s keeping an eye on you and the amount of time you spend here (by commenting first and all). 😀
    Take care of yourself.

  10. Congratulations on the million hits…. But why did you have to move to celebrate?? Anyways.. but I hope the old url still stays active.. I would like to go and see pictures of Brat and Bean once in a while and also read some of my favorite posts again.

  11. First take care of your health MM, though it will be difficult for us to not get our every day dose.

    The OA writing the 1st comment, is really sweet of him. You are lucky to have him and we(OA + us) are lucky to have you!

  12. What can we do MM? How can we change the system? An online petition? Scathing articles in the blogosphere and newspapers? A million man/woman march? It’s up to us, the people of the country to fight for what’s right and ‘be the change’.

  13. Congrats on the move and the hits! As for Amar Singh, I feel uncomfortable judging people by what they look, like but am totally with you on his obnoxious hanger on tendency and need to act as a body guard for some people.

    Me: Sorry – but even Cassius was judged for his lean and hungry look. This guy just steps on every single nerve I have. Almost as high up as Modi, in my list. Somewhere in the Thackeray category

  14. Welcome back home. While I loved your new digs it didn’t feel like the “Mad” home I’d gotten used to. Am sappy and senti like that, kya karen:-)

    Pliss to post lots of mad, happy posts in future. Good luck with the knee.

    And if I didn’t wish you earlier, a Very Happy New year from NJ to you and yours.

  15. What’s worse is that they’re guessing he has a good chance of winning the elections against Akhilesh Das of the BSP! I’d love to vote for anyone except BSP right now, but Sanjay Dutt? Hell, no!

    And hey, how does it matter where you blog as long as you blog?! 🙂

  16. yeah! .. this name describes u the best;-).. and tt pix of the swing might nt compare to a pix of the babies, but it sure is one of my favs..

  17. Congrats, MM! So only this blog is going to be active huh?
    All I can say is- I’m in awe. The way you write… It touches a raw nerve.
    Way to go, MM!

  18. I didn’t know that you blogged under this address too. I think by the time I started visiting it was BBB blog.

    Aah! so new beginning and how! I just wrote a post on Amar uncle and then came here to see you praising him 😀

    “oh, if I’m drowning, I’ll do you guys a favour and take the corpulent, ass-kissing Amar Singh with me.”


  19. Say, I wonder why didn’t you pick madmomma.wordpress.com the first time round?

    Congrats on the million hits. It looks like you have the OA’s blessing on the new blog, so go on, get 2 million hits this year – or more!

    Me: I did. I made a hash of it and Deej had to help me clean it up. So I went with TBTBAB. Was too lazy to move after that!

  20. ooh you missed out all the Sanjay Datt secret marriage hype. Ooh and you don’t know who she is, ooh( just like saying ooh I guess). You do have more important things to do!

    Me: Absolutely. Much more important. Like filing my nails. Or polishing door knobs. Or watching paint dry.

  21. hey I can’t help but also point out that people like Phoolan Devi also made it to parliament

    Me: 🙂 and more power to commoners who make it without a rich father or bollywood connections.

  22. Unsurprisingly, Modi, Amar Singh and Thackeray are very ugly. Maybe something on the inside comes out. But Cassius-I imagine him to be a handsome villain!

    Me: Funny! So do I!!

  23. looks like i’m one in a million! LOL..

    personally, i think that actors or actresses in politics do absolutely no good to the ppl but only for themselves. they can boldly stand in elections knowing that they’ll win cos their die-heart fans will blindly vote for them… sigh..

  24. this is going to be an interesting election to watch. what kind of credentials has the lady now? was she sanju bhai’s secret drug supplier? underworld don lady? please tell me you haven’t met a single person ready to vote for her mm.
    congrats on the million visits. you’re writing is inspiring.

  25. Back home again hey??

    While I don’t know much about Indian politics I have to agree wholeheartedly with The OA’s last line…

    Hope the knee will get better 🙂

  26. Welcome back! Now that you’ve put paid to the chances of a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle (:-D) take care of yourself! 😀

    As for Sanjay..huh, so what’s new. And of course, he chooses the slimiest (?) party around…to think that Amar Singh is being talked about in terms of a future PM-ship – terrifies me.


  27. Congratulations on the move and the hits! Awesome!

    Amar Singh is so creepy, I really don’t know why people would want to even associate themselves with him. As for Sanjay Dutt, the only explanation is that he’s back on drugs and is being manipulated..Did you follow the family drama that unfolded. Priya made some comment on how she was disappointed with him joining SP..so Sanju baba says his father forgave him for all his mistakes and similarly he’d forgive his little sister for hers!

  28. The OA seems to be echoing what I heard Poppin’s dad say this summer. Funny how many think alike, but I guess it’s only natural. Trust you to start with politics. 😀

  29. finally my link to “themadmomma” works again – i had never updated the link in my RSS reader! i knew procrastination worked… 🙂

  30. Hey MM – good you are still blogging even if only every other day! Phew – how do you do it!
    Take care of your knee girl!
    Now will go and google Manyata!

  31. amar singh is a master manipulator, shrewd businessman and politician, plus incredibly well connected with people like Bachchans and Clintons.

  32. The new blog looks super. nice nice. The posts of course have definitely not lost any punch, I can see, maybe added some more. Keep going woman.
    PS – The million hits in less than a year, I am not even surprised. I always told you you are the Amitabh Bachhan of blogosphere!!

  33. it was THE OA?
    (of course the million hits is cool too).
    i am back into my shell and dont know what on earth politics/politicians are all about.
    look forward to the new page!
    take care of yourself now!

  34. Congrats on the Hits! Good Luck to you for the Move…

    Did you see or hear what Sanjay said in his rally? You would have gone in search of a river… 1.He speaks about Gandhigiri a word not coined by him… 2.That too he speaks about Gandhigiri in real life !!!

  35. Good Luck on the move!! A post one in two days, keeps the doctor away! 🙂 take care of urself!!

    This is India. Anything can happen here.. I advice you not to waste your precious energy on thse sorts.

    Neverthless, Sanjay’s comment on the surname things get my f**king goat! Cheap Cheap and very cheap thinking.

  36. The MM is all set for a billion hits now. But we would miss the frequent blogging, which happens to be the first thing that I read when I log in. MM do take care of your health.

    BTW, Sanjay Dutt has lost it completely. Nothing infuriated me more than his comments on surnames and sisters not liking brothers wives.

  37. Now, here are a few more lines of the GREAT Sanjay Dutt’s all set to rip your nerves

    “What was your reaction to a part of your family going against your wife, Manyata, publicly?
    …………. However, Manyata is Sunil Dutt and Nargis’ daughter-in-law, and there are no two ways about that. There’s only one Mr and Mrs Dutt in Pali Hill (in Mumbai), and that’s Manyata and I. Girls who become part of a new family after marriage must assume their new surname and all the responsibilities that come with it.

    Is that a message to Priya ?
    That’s a message not just to my sisters, but to all girls who hang on to their parents’ surname. It’s become fashionable these days. But I strongly feel that doing so disrespects the person they’ve married.

    Those are strong words.
    This may sound harsh, but if Manyata had said that she wanted to retain her father’s surname, I would’ve felt offended. “

  38. Nice new web address…how about a change in template too.
    Im gonna miss the daily posts..my daily dose with a cup of tea at work…errr! mean selfish me…but you must must take care of yourself..whats the latest with the knee? You love milk..i read somewhere…so it can’t be osteo. keep us updated.
    and good luck for the new place 🙂

  39. Isn’t having leaders of this calibre anything less evil? Terrorists cause damage openly and these people do so under the guise of serving the nation when they are actually raping it. This and every such uneducated leader/politician calls for a far more aggressive public outcry.
    I am disgusted.

  40. I wonder if you’ve heard this one:

    Amar Singh: Doctor, doctor can you give Amit Bhaiyya some medicine for his constipation…

    Doctor: There’s nothing wrong with him Amarsinghji… If you’ll just remove your head from his ass he’ll be perfectly ok…

    Me: Hi Uncle 🙂 good to see you here!!! and GOOD joke!

  41. eh? what happened to my comment?! 😦
    I had said Congratulations in that and I had also mentioned whether it would be ok if I quote you in my blog on this?
    Mr. dutt’s interview was published in timesofindia as well…

    I have quoted you now and I hope you don’t mind… 🙂
    Please do let me know if you should be un-quoted…

    Me: oh ho. not at all. Go right ahead.

  42. Finally! Finally someone is speaking sense about Sanjay Dutt. I am totally with you on this MM. I have no freakin clue as to why people pray that somehow Sanjay Dutt gets away inspite of his criminal offenses. I dont know why Sanjay Dutt’s trial had become a national moment of prayer and worry. And I dont how how people can over-look the fact of him being a criminal just because he is a ‘good’ entertainer! Even till date, when this large scale politician bashing is going on in our country, one would be hopeful that finally people would show more interest in gaining more awareness…. yet, if you notice, very few people are ready to even see (let alone speak about) the criminal side of this man. I dont usually read the comments in your blog, but this time I read them as I was curious to know how many people would agree with you on Sanjay Dutt. I dont usually know how your comments go, but I felt a very SMALL percentage of your readers acknowledge what you have spoken about Sanjay Dutt (not just Amar Singh). Just wanted to point that out, because I notice the same among my own friends…. some of my friends who are ‘fans’ of Sanjay Dutt, they are just not ready to even think of anything against him….

  43. Pingback: Moving on… « Through the looking glass

  44. a) you’ve moved on- which means i am going to have to bookmark this page now. aaargh MM you slippery little eel you, just when i was settling into the comfort of not googling ”the brat, the bean and bedlam’ and in manner of coolest cucumber, getting used to the comfort of clicking on bookmarks and seamlessly arriving at your page, you move again. Great!

    b) It took me a while but I gather Manyata is Mrs Sanjay Dutt. I thought he was married to someone who shared my name and had a rather overweight child with her. i am so behind.

    c) Manyata Dutt wants to run for a political office and that too for Amar Singh’s party?? What- they ran out of crooks and tax evaders and rapists to field? is their confederacy of dunces running out of dunces?? Oh and that Amar Singh, your words painted a picture MM, and I am having trouble keeping lunch down eughhh!

  45. Momma, I had just calmed my nerves at Aalapana’s after writing about the obnoxious Rama Sene and CM Yeddy when you have woken me up to the facts of the matter yet again. That slimy fellow had lent some money to the Big B when his finances were down therefore he is obliged to have the slime stuck to his side but why us? Even I heard Sanjay’s comment, and Priya Dutt before that saying that he should not have joined the SP. I think the brother sister duo will ruin the name of Nargis and Sunil Dutt. Priya should mind her own business and Sanjay should be defeated so badly in any elections he stands for that he never dares to stand again- leave alone for an election!
    No need to jump in with Amar Singh, why not throw him in instead, if the reason for the suicide exists no more then what is the use of taking your own precious life….have to go to Aalapana’s again to soothe the nerves!

  46. Hi!!Hats off to you for writing such a good post!!!And yes we don’t know Manayta cos we are not interested in C grade movies:)Also enough of Sanjay Dutt too – we supported him when he was into drugs, we were with him when he got stuck in Tada but high time he should become more sensible and matured!!!

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