Flowers and babies bloom…

My garden is in bloom and I can’t help but feel rather pleased with myself. But credit must go to all those who contributed …


…and so I introduce you to my little gardeners. This one in haute couture – Led Zep tee, bloomers and her elder brother’s slippers…


And this one who is a pro. No matter how late they get back from the garden or the park, they do the second set of watering for the day…


And as a result they’ve learnt alot; even being introduced to an earthworm and learning to call it by the hindi word, kechua.


We take green into our dining room…..right on to our dining table,


…with dried and preserved leaves, pressed between sheets of handmade paper, made into table mats and sold at the Aurobindo Ashram..


So – would you like to stop by for a visit and join us for a cuppa tea?!


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Look sharp, Martha

You have competition!


This, is a kurta my mother embroidered for me in the good old days when she had the time. The peacock rose out of the hem and came up to my waist, and it was worn with a full, billowing patiala salwar. I recently realised that even my arm was too big to fit into the kurta and yet I didn’t have the heart to give it away. So this is what I did with it – chopped it into a cushion.

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A rather magnetic tag

No Art, I didn’t forget :)

I’ve always been hung up on a home looking and feeling like a home. And to me that means no minimalist lines. A house chock fullof memories and knick knacks. I grew up in a home where the fridge was covered with magnets and I’d often wander into my kitchen after I got married and wonder what was missing. And then I realised, it was the fridge magnets. Of course I went at it with a vengeance and picked them up every time I saw something I liked. The result is a fridge full of bits and pieces.


And in case you’re wondering – the magnetic frames hold a picture of the OA getting embarassingly amorous while I modestly (hah!) push him away and one of me carrying a few weeks old Brat. The random animals are handicrafts from various countries and for the kids’ benefit. The pedantic sayings – well, I find they are useful to look at once in a while.

Thanks Art – this was nice :)

Maddy, maddy, quite contrary

(ooh… bet the trolls loved that!)

How does your garden grow?

With … with.. errr, tomatoes and nasturiums

And petunias all in a row.





Yes, we’ve already established that I don’t do poetry. Thats my winter garden. And the Brat refuses to let anyone pick the damn tomatoes so fat lot of good they are to me!

Ps: My ‘poem’ has been edited. You guys refuse to give me creative licence and insist on me talking about only the flowers that I took pictures of. Yes mama, that means you too!